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Will Missouri be SEC’s 14th Member and Push Auburn to the East?

By on September 20th, 2011 in News Comments Off on Will Missouri be SEC’s 14th Member and Push Auburn to the East?

The tremors from the earth quake started by the arrogance of the University of Texas; continue to send shock waves almost daily through every corner of the college football world.

Big East heavy weights Syracuse and Pittsburg are moving to the ACC and the school’s left in the conference are reaching out to the Big 12 for a possible merger.

Four Big 12 teams are in talks with the PAC 12 but one of them, Oklahoma, has said they might not move to the PAC 12  if restrictions can be placed on Texas’ new Longhorn TV network and  Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe can be fired for dereliction of duty. The Okies are just registering their disgust because neither of those demands will be met.

The latest tremor comes from the Kansas City Star. The news paper  reported Tuesday  that the University of Missouri has an offer on the table to become the SEC’s 14th member.

Multiple media outlets ran the story which prompted the SEC’s Associate Commissioner Charles Bloom to release a statement denying an invitation had been made. However, what he didn’t say may be just as telling as what he did say …  namely that he didn’t deny that talks have been on going between Missouri and the South Eastern Conference.

Several media outlets have contradicted Bloom’s media release including a Birmingham News report late Tuesday that said,

“The Southeastern Conference and the University of Missouri have informally agreed that, barring new developments, the school will join the league and that Auburn University will move to the SEC East Division.”

If Texas A&M and Missouri do become the SEC”s 13th and 14th members respectively then only one SEC school will be affected, Auburn. The immediate impact of Missouri membership would be the stacking of the East with traditional SEC powers Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia as well as the new muscle kid on the block, South Carolina.

Of course Auburn will want to keep it’s game with Alabama in any new scheduling, so the Tigers move to the East most likely would precipitate a change in the date the Iron Bowl is played. Playing the game earlier in the year would keep the schools from having to play each other in a possible Championship game on back to back weeks (in the event the two wound up as Division Champions).

A possible new date could be the third week in October since Alabama will be forced to lose traditional rival Tennessee on that weekend.

Auburn is apparently on board with a plan that would place them in the East. Both Athletic Director Jay Jacobs and President Jay Gogue have gone on record in recent days saying they are willing to do, “whatever is best for the league to make it work.”

In light of Tuesday’s news, The Missouri Board of Regents announced it will  be  holding  a meeting Thursday to discuss conference realignment. And in what has to be the epitome of hypocrisy Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton is also  Chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors.

Chancellor Deaton has made statements to the  media that he sees no conflict of interestin him working to hold the Big 12 together as Chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors, while at the same time shopping Missouri around to other conferences.

That’s like being in marriage counseling and telling your wife  “I want you to know that I love you but I will be looking for another suitor just in case we can’t work out our differences.”

So since the SEC is dealing with that kind of representative from Missouri, who knows what they may do. Are the Mizzou Tigers really looking for greener pastures or are they using the SEC to make sure the one they are currently married to, will work hard to keep them?

Meanwhile the Texas tremors keep on rolling across the land.

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