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Who Will Be Auburn’s Quarterback in 2019?

By on April 15th, 2019 in Football, News 8 Comments »

Todd Van Ernst/ Auburn Athletics

Joey Gatewood arrived on campus as the face of the future for the Auburn Tigers. After being recruited hard by over 20 top programs, the highly touted quarterback chose the Tigers over Florida State, Texas, and Oregon. At 6′-5″ and 233 pounds, the dual threat drew comparisons to Cam Newton, causing many to view him as the heir apparent to Jarret Stidham.

However, that was a year before Auburn signed Alabama’s Mr. Football, Bo Nix. The five star pro-style quarterback (6′-2,” 200 pounds) led Pinson Valley to back-to-back state championships the last two seasons. He, too, has been compared to a legendary Auburn quarterback: his father Patrick Nix.

After watching A-Day Saturday, I know the rest of the off season will be full of fan talk favoring one over the other. And sure enough, the campaigning for the favorite guy began almost immediately on Facebook and Twitter.

Gatewood fans were bolstered by postgame quotes from Auburn receivers,  including Seth Williams, the A-Day offensive MVP, lauding the redshirt freshman. “I’m telling you. He’s another Cam Newton back there,” said Williams.

In truth, both quarterbacks made a strong case to be the starter. Despite sharing the position with three other QB’s, the two put up impressive numbers. Gatewood completed 8 of 12 passes for 130 yards and two touchdowns while Nix was 11 of 17 for 155 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. 

I heard plenty of comments from fellow fans leaving the stadium Saturday on who should be the starter. But the only opinion that matters is Coach Malzahn’s. “I’m not ready to say right now anything other than we have good information, and next week we’ll assess everything to kinda see where we’re at,” said Gus. “We want some kind of order after spring, and I think that we’ll be able to get to that point.”

This writer just hopes “that point” comes before August and doesn’t linger into the first two or three games of the season.


  1. hello2196 says:

    I think we can’t leave out Malik Willis. He was Stidham’s back up last year.

  2. dyingculture dyingculture says:

    The guys at 247 just put out an A-day podcast (mostly Marcello and Niehbur were talking), and they were positively giddy about the QB situation, in a way that wouldn’t come across in their regular print articles. Bottom line: it’s neck-and-neck between Nix and Gatewood, with an edge to Gatewood.

    It would be hard to overstate just how pleased they were with Gatewood. Gatewood, it turns out, actually can pass and he’s especially good throwing downfield. It appears that Gatewood has been working really hard to improve and he’s displaying a level of maturity not seen before. Case in point: he has earned back his coveted #1 jersey and he is no longer wearing #13.

    Nix, on the other hand, appears to have spent a lot of time in the weight room and he’s a lot faster than advertised, to go along with his usual touch in the passing game. For now, at least, it appears that Gatewood and Nix have gotten into a virtuous cycle where they both push each other to new heights. I’m not sure I can remember any Auburn team that has ever had this kind of “problem” at QB.

    My guess is that Gatewood wins out — for now.

  3. AUFan1 AUFan1 says:

    Willis wants to always take off and run instead of throwing the ball And when he does throw it, he’a not always accurate. I would like to see Cord Sandberg before Willis and then Gatewood or Nix be No.1.

  4. WDE7385 WDE7385 says:

    I have no idea who will be the next quarterback.
    Saturday I saw two exceptional quaterbacks with a LOT of potential. I also saw a Potentially good quarterback who reminds me of JJ.
    I’m not comparing Gatewood or Nix to Newton or Stidham, respectively, but the offense is going to be similar.
    So, I’m guessing if Malzahn wants to try to recreate the Newton style offense, we’ll get Gatewood at quarterback. if it is going to be Stidham style offense, we get Nix at quarterback.
    IMO, I think Malzahn will try to catch lightning in a bottle, again.

    • dyingculture dyingculture says:

      When you talk about the potential of a QB and make the JJ comparison, which JJ do you mean? Do you mean the JJ that we all saw go down in flames, or do you mean the JJ who clearly had the physical gifts to be an NFL star?

  5. With an experienced O-Line, I expect Auburn to have a high scoring offense with either Nix or Gatewood. Bo has an accurate arm and he could give Auburn a continuation of the offense that Stidham showed us in the Bowl game.

    But I expect Joey to get the job. He’s been in the system a year and he’s a big guy who can not only run but showed Saturday he can also throw the deep ball. I think Bo will play in 4 games under the new rules without losing a year of eligibility. If he plays in a fifth game, I look for him to be the back up for the entire year.

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