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What if This Happened at Auburn?

By on July 8th, 2013 in Football 15 Comments »

Has there been a bigger phony to reach the pinnacle of college coaching than Urban Meyer? While Meyer continues to portray himself as a holier than thou figure, his track record continues to be called into question.

The latest controversy involves Meyer’s tenure at Florida and his handling of former Gator and alleged murderer, Aaron Hernandez. Whether the former tight-end skated around team rules while there is still open for debate.

What’s not open for debate is that Meyer built a team of thugs while coaching in Gainesville. The New York Times reports that 34% of Meyer’s 2008 roster was arrested while playing at Florida or shortly after.

“A roster on the university’s Web site lists 121 players, 41 of whom have been arrested, either in college or afterward, and sometimes both. That number included 16 players on that season’s final two-deep roster, nine of whom were starters, as well as a kicker, punter and returner.”

In full disclosure, Cam Newton was one of those players. In light of how things turned out, I think it’s ok now to give Cam a pass.

Can you imagine the media attention Auburn would have received if one of Chizik’s teams had that many arrest. The burglary arrest of five players in 2011 garnered 10 times the attention that these 41 arrests have received.

A quick check of shows the Meyer story buried at the bottom of the website. Yet, Selena Roberts, who produces her own website using the free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, garners headlines on ESPN for bogus reporting about Auburn.

Just four years ago, I called into question the quality of recruits that Meyer was bringing on campus. The Orlando Sentinel called my words racist and insulting. Today, I just call them true.

I relayed a story about a recruiting trip to Florida that a friend of mine took with his son. That son now starts for a prominent SEC program. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

“I talked to a recruit who attended the Florida-South Carolina game last year and he said he actually put his wallet in his front pocket because of the recruits who were there visiting. He said they were cast straight from the streets of Miami. The only thing Urban Meyer is trying to do is win football games. Don’t give us this crap about graduation rates and academics.”

The now obviously wrong and misguided Orlando Sentinel r took exception, writing,Straight from the streets of Miami? That comment couldn’t be any more racist or insulting. Whatever issue you have with Meyer, it is completely ridiculous to start calling their recruits “straight from the streets of Miami.”

Four years later, I rest my case.


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Completely agree. Total phoney.


  2. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I’m sure you’re wrong Jay. I’m sure Hernandez really went to Auburn–no wait, he *really* wanted to go to Auburn, but he had “standards”. EVERYONE KNOWS that all teh thugz goez to the Barn. Duh.

    I don’t have anything nice to say about Urban Meyer or ESPN….I believe that there have been issues at The OSU since his tenure–not that we would have a lot of details, because of all of the shenanigans going on down on the Plains. How would the overtaxed journalists at ESPN have time to cover it?? It must be so so hard. Poor babies.

    So, how’s the weather with you guys? We had a spectacular lightning storm with rain last night. I’m pretty sure that the rough weather was Cam Newton’s fault.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      ……Believe it or not, it’s been nine straight days in late June early July without hitting 90 degrees. And it doesn’t look like it will for the rest of this week. It’s been mostly cloudy with occasional rain showers every day. We’ve gotten our share of the wet, but pity any folks that hit the Emerald Coast/Redneck Riviera last week. Panama City got ten inches of ran in one day, last week. Floods, and double red flags at the beach. I hope this pattern has cleared out by the time I take my trip down there…

      ……Pretty astounding numbers, Jay.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        PCB was waterlogged last week. Naturally the weather cleared the day we left!

        • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

          We have a beach trip planned shortly, and I’m trying not to jinx the weather.

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        I believe it! It’s weird, because I think that we have been warmer than you guys for the last few days. What a nice summer though!!

    • MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

      Too much rain here for much golf TOTM. Heading to New Joisey(isn’t that the correct pronunciation) Wed to try my hand at a tourney there. If I can get lucky and win, this redneck will not give the northern contingent much slack when it comes to who plays better sports, the South or the North.

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        …You are a paragon of correct pronunciation.

        I haven’t even been the driving range in quite some time. Our long, wet Spring led to an insurgence of buffalo gnats–when I get bitten by them, I can swell up. If I get bitten on the face-i get really really swollen and I had to go to the ER once. It’s SO annoying! Anyway, I’ve been bitten twice this season, and they are typically worse out of at the golf course. I’ve refrained from wearing a full body bug suit….although, I bet if I posted pictures of that it might inspire WEA to come back and play…….

  3. LSU Jonno says:

    “In full disclosure, Cam Newton was one of those players. In light of how things turned out, I think it’s ok now to give Cam a pass.”

    Why? Because he won a lot of football games for your alma matter?

    • domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

      NO. Because Cam was completely and thoroughly investigated by the NCAA, FBI and everyone else and NOTHING was found and the NCAA said so. If you would read a little about Cam and what he did at Auburn, other than on the football field, you would know that he is a true Auburn gentleman.


      WAR EAGLE !!!

      GO BIG BLUE !!!

      domaucan1 from Big B.R., LA

  4. bornatiger says:

    I am not crazy about urben my self but how can anyone blame him for an idiot I beleve in todays world of football winning is king and I think he probably tried to put him and many other kids on the right track cant save everybody

  5. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Meyer doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would be welcome at my place. That being said, I haven’t met many college coaches that would be.
    Unfortunately, winning and only winning is what matters in college football these days. Education, personal growth and development are not important. Keeping players eligible and out of the crime stoppers section of the news is what matters and there is where I believe the problem lies. Coaches have been put into a situation where they have to win or else. I believe the situation itself attracts and creates personalities like Meyer, Richt, Petrino, Stoops, Kiffin, Carroll, etc. If I’m going to point a finger (and I am), I begin with the NCAA and SEC. They can deny it all they want but preferential treatment is rampant within both organizations. Next is line is ESPN. Outside of Washington D.C., I’ve never seen a more ethically and morally challenged group of people. End of rant…at least for the moment.

  6. sparkey sparkey says:

    Cam turned himself around and that’s why he gets a pass. Hernandez doesn’t get a pass because he has been accused of murder and now he’s been implicated in other shootings as well. I’m sorry that the facts show Cam turned himself around now. My apologies to fans of other schools around here.

  7. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Good post.Jay, couldn’t agree more.