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What Did Santa Bring You for Christmas?

By on December 25th, 2015 in Football, Memories 17 Comments »

All the gifts are unwrapped, and the living room looks like Santa had a head-on collision with the Christmas tree. Winnie and I both had some Orange and Blue under the tree, how about you? It’s that time of year when I open a thread so everyone at TET can tell what they got for Christmas.

Share what cool things you got for Christmas. It is more fun when you share the excitement with your closest friends like the folks here at TET.

War Eagle and Merry Christmas!


  1. Shirts, pj’s, and Socks, I always get socks. But hey that’s alright, I also got a miniature Auburn helmet signed by all 3 Auburn Heisman winners.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..We had a sleep-in kinda day, as the youngest one in our household is in their 20s this year, and we had Christmas Dinner last Sunday evening. We’ll do a big buffet table sort of gathering this afternoon, but this morning everyone is taking a rare day to sleep in, and are just now getting going.

    …..Don’t know what presents are in the offing, but someone (Santa?) left a box of Queen Anne cordial cherries, and a box of Andes Creme de Menthe Thins on my computer desk! That’s certainly a blast from Christmas pasts, growing up!

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..My wife and I got a couple of gift certificates for a night out at a local hotel we like. That was awesome!

    …..I got a good coffee burr-grinder, to replace my cheap BB&Beyond blade one.

    …..A Seagate 2 TB USB-3.0 hard drive. (Weird, doesn’t even have a power cord! Apparently gets all the juice it needs from the USB cable!) It’s about the size of a billfold.

    …..And finally, an Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator! Can’t wait to precision-cook something with that!

  4. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Well, the good news is that I have presents yet to unwrap. But I am pretty sure there are some notable things I asked for that I didn’t get:

    World peace

    End of hunger

    A defensive coordinator for Auburn

    Incidentally it would appear that Auburn’s maladies are catching attention of national media. We are being painted as the brides maid and unlucky in love.

    Regardless, It seems that this is Gus’s task and he is doing it his way. Mentioned that Lashley and Malzahn are tossing around more names. Let’s hope Gus can decide quickly. Because this will be sad if this turns out badly for Auburn. And if Gus thinks if we are critical now… Just you wait. The noise is going to become deafening.

    It’s been 19 days since Muschamp departed.

    And for all the talk about Lance Thompson… If that is who you’re gonna pick what are you waiting for and why are you continuing to reach out?

    Oh wait, I did get a lump of coal after all!


    • Tiger Tiger says:

      Yeah, the wait is turning out to be longer than I expected. Maybe Gus is waiting to see how LT’s defense does against Memphis. Nothing wrong with testing the waters by talking to the other guys, either. Who knows, really…we can speculate all day.

  5. Got new hunting boots and vest (the old one is pretty tattered). Also got a new shotgun with case and shells. I’m ready to go to the woods. But best of all, got a surprise visit from my daughter who lives in another state. That really makes Christmas for me.

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      Makes me a little jealous PMT. A new gun is what I told Santa I wanted.

      But I did get: A trip voucher to a quail plantation, a case of shells, a new pocket knife,a frame piece of the original Toomer’s Oaks, and an Auburn sweat shirt and matching fleece pants to lounge around the house.

      Also, everyone in my family gets a toy from Santa. My gift this year was a new toy maze game made out of chocolate with an m&m type coated ball to roll around through the puzzle. Instead of throwing it away when you get tired of it, you can eat it. Can’t beat that.

  6. audude audude says:

    I gave my wife a new camera, Cannon EOS, to take to Europe with our oldest daughter this summer. Gave both my daughters cameras as both are going on trips, oldest to Europe and youngest to Washington DC, and my son the PS4 game he wanted.

    I got a couple of heavy sweaters, work is cold up here in the winter, and warm boots as well. Some cooking utensils and a truckload of Love.

    That was my wife’s side of the family Christmas Eve day and my house hold this morning. Now off to my parents and my extended family.

    We are Blessed.

    War Eagle

  7. Im4Auburn says:

    It’s been a great day with the family. Received lots of clothes including a new Auburn sweat shirt. The box it came in also had two tickets to the Birmingham Bowl. War Eagle!

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..We were at my mother’s house this Christmas afternoon, and a potential destructive tornado was bearing down on the southern Birmingham area. Folks’ phones were going off like crazy! Everyone fled to the basement. I and our family IT guy stuck it out in the den on the southwest corner, and watched the storm coverage on TV while the rest of the family hid out underground.

    …..As it turned out, some of southwest Birmingham did suffer damage. We could tell by watching the radar that we were south of the track, and we were in no danger. The storm passed over the top of Red Mountain and basically broke up.

    …..What was pretty cool that after the danger was obviously past, we went down to the basement to check on the majority of the family that had fled. Now… this isn’t some family converted basement playroom. Nope. This space is basically a totally stone/concrete basement, with a furnace, water heater, workbench, and an old coal-bin from the 1930s, when folks used to heat their houses that way.

    …..I was proud of my family. They were making the best of things under a few sparse raw lightbulbs among the subterranean stones. The party went on, and everyone was glad for everyone’s company, storms be damned.

    …..We finished the evening up, and I helped dry the old family real-china dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher. And of course by the time we were through putting all the dishes away, really heavy rains were inundating the area. It was an interesting drive home. Roads in the area are flooding that normally don’t. Some guy in front of us kept slowing down every time we hit a puddle. It was crazy! Dude, if you hit a deep-water area, you’re already screwed! Punch it! Don’t stop and let your engine flood!

    …..We managed to slog home, and are safe on a hillside in Homewood, high above any potential flooding. I had a great time with family. One thing that really shocked me was the realization that my cousin, ten years younger than me…. This cousin has a kid that I always considered a bright little munchkin. Well, the munchkin is now a foot taller than me, and has a driver’s license! Crazy! And he was a fine, well-mannered young man, too!

  9. Tiger Tiger says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone. It sounds like you all are having a lot of fun.

    I received a Tiffany-style lamp to go on the end table next to my couch. Now before you judge, just let me say that this, and one painting on one wall, are the only two decorations in my otherwise spartan home. But dang, this thing is pretty. I’ve got it turned on now, the room lights are dimmed, and the lamp’s green, blue, turquoise, and purple are all reflecting off of the corner walls. My Christmas wish for next year is to have a pretty woman to look at it with me.

    I’ll get to see the rest of my family tomorrow. Should be a great time with funny stories and loud games! Maybe I’ll even win once or twice.

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