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We Don’t Want a Consolation Prize

By on November 11th, 2012 in Football 10 Comments »

I think everyone pretty well knows that there will be some major changes in the AU athletic dept for 2013. What I don’t want is the consolation prize.

Everyone on here knows I am a golfer. I play in an organization that promotes historic golf and we play only with clubs made prior to 1935. That’s right, hickory shafts and yes we all wear knickers, Scottish hats, and argyles. I just finished my tournament season. BTW, eat your heart out Capn, it was in Pinehurst.

There is a season long competition that earns you points depending on how you played in the tournaments. I finished second in the Open Division and second in the Handicap division, trailing the same person in both. Since you can win in only one division the guy who beat me of course chose the Open division. That moved me up to first in the Handicap division. You might think I am carrying home the gold medal for first in the Handicap division. I am not! I chose to accept to accept the second place medal in the Open Division. Why? I was not willing to settle for first place by default.

That is exactly what Gouge should do right now. He should fire Jacobs and get a first rate Ad and let him do the same thing with a Head Coach.

At AU we should never settle for the consolation prize, obviously Chizik was just that, as was Loeffler. In truth, and in retrospect so was Jacobs.

We want a home run hire for AD and a home run hire for Head Coach. We are Auburn, we don’t like the consolation prize, we don’t like second place in anything that happens in Auburn. We need a coach with major college head coaching experience, not an up and coming coordinator. We need an AD that can actually run the dept. like the business that it is.  We all know AU is not very attractive right now but we are a great program in the SEC and would be a great place for a coach to put his stamp on the program just like some of our great coaches from the past.

We do not want the consolation prize. The only thing the person (or program) is that finishes second, is the first loser.

Notice Loeffler is pointing to the short side of the field.

My thanks to Derrick who supplied the Photoshop work on my pics. As you all have figured out by now, he is the best.

War Eagle!


  1. mikeautiger says:

    Historically we are in the top 14 football programs in the country. We deserve the top prize and we should go for it!

  2. plains74 says:

    No offense, but golf bores me. I won a trip in a marketing contest once that resulted in my wife and I staying at the Lodge at Pebble Beach. I loved the atmosphere as my wife and I stayed in the chalet by the first hole.
    However, I did not pick up a golf club the whole time I was there! On the rest, I could not agree with you more.
    Think back to Jacob’s speech when he accepted Tubervilles’ resignation. Jacobs stated that we would get the best coach in America. In the next breath he stated that Tuberville did very well considering we were the land grant school and that we were at a disadvantage. There was your sign. Jacobs does not really think. that Auburn can be a dominate force because we are in Alabama’s shadow. I want a new athletic director that
    only will settle for first place and nothing less! That goes for football,baseball,basketball and the rest. I love Auburn as I graduated there and that degree and the Auburn creed has resulted in a blessed life for me and my family! I am reminded of that everyday as I watch the sunset in my retirement from our lake house. There is no reason that Auburn should be in the situation we are in. Instead of playng politics for his job, Jacobs should read the Auburn creed and admit his failure and step aside. Shame on pass board members and alumni of influence for taking up for for him! If Jacobs had this type of catstrophic failure in one of their enterprises , he would already be fired! Auburn deserves much better and yes we can be number one!

  3. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Excellent piece. Loved the photo shop… especially of the three stooges. Very fitting.


  4. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Get ready to be disappointed. I’m not sure where these visions of grandeur come in regards to our football program but it is NOT a great job and we are not going to get a “home run” hire. I please ask you to be objective when making these statements because we look utterly delusional when we bring up the names of Harbaugh, Cowher, Schiano, Peterson, Patterson, Strong, even Petrino. None of these guys is going to take our job and its because Auburn is NOT a great job to have. Auburn is a great school and I love it with my heart and soul but remember…its in the rear end of south central Alabama….strike 1. It is a land grant university and does not get the same funding as its competitor ‘State” schools in the SEC, we compete financially due to the contributions from “the good Ol’ Boys” who naturally want to have a say in how things get run with “their money”…..strike 2. Auburn is in the toughest rivalry, in the toughest division, in the toughest conference in America bar none. Winning 8-9 games with our yearly schedule is a daunting task, even with top 10 recruits. A top 10 class still will put you 5th or worse in the conference. Have I mentioned our fan base wants to win…win now….against our biggest rivals? Strike 3.
    Nobody…not even Bobby Petrino, will want anything to do with our program for those very reasons…..and I haven’t even got around to Jacobs and Gouge yet. For those of you who think I am being overly pessimistic, I ask you to remember your history. Was Pat Dye the home run hire we all wanted? No, hardly. Was Terry Bowden? Surely, you jest. Was Tuberville? He was the most high profile of all, but again he wasn’t an established winner. And of course you have Chizik, of 5-19 fame.
    We got lucky to have success with every one of those hires but they all had glaring weakeness that were eventually exposed. Auburn unfortunately is one of those programs that is very good, but its not a destination program where a great coach will want to end his career like a Texas, USC, Ohio State, Alabama, etc. There aren’t many, and we aren’t one of them. If we were to bring in a big name, you would have to give him the moon, stars, …total control AND pay him a ton and let him walk whenever he wants. In case you haven’t noticed money is tight and we won’t be able to do that, not without the help of “the good ol’boys” and they won’t want to give up the money AND the power. So basically we would be hiring a mercenary, that would be answerable to very few if any in the administration. Sound like a good plan?
    To be successful, we will have to find an up and coming coach or co-ordinator who is as close to projecting the total package of coach, disciplinarian, recruiter and administrator as possible and hope for the best. That candidate will need to show exemplary moral character, be tough as nails, audacious enough to compete against Saban and the very best in the SEC, while also humble enough to stick with Auburn if he is successful and BUILD a long term program. Basically we are hunting for a needle in a haystack with tens of millions of dollars hanging in the balance if we fail. Oh, and its up to Jacobs and Gouge to make the pick.


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