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We can play with anyone in the country?? Bizarre statement, Gus!

By on November 2nd, 2015 in Member Post 1 Comment »

When you accept the job as Auburn’s football coach you do so knowing that this is a place where you can win championships. Auburn people are realistic and we understand that we won’t win or even play for a championship ever single year. (Although, I do believe Dye won or tied for 6 of 10 in the eighties,  but for the most part that’s an unreal expectation.)

What I find particularly disturbing were Gus’ comments yesterday after losing another close game to someone we traditionally beat where he said “We’ve proven that we can play with anybody and I think the rest of the country can see that.” 

First off, Auburn didn’t hire you with the expectation that the best you could do would be to be competitive with anyone we play. Auburn hired you to win. We understand that you aren’t going to win every game but to make a statement like this is just mind boggling and it’s this defeatist attitude that has no doubt crept through our whole team, which is exactly the reason we keep losing ALL of our close games.

I understand you need to be positive but there’s also a time to jump on some players and tell them this is not going to work! Also, you keep bringing JJ in the game, and you are  probably the last person on earth who still believes he can play at this level. WHY?

Please, stop using the excuse that we’re young. You’ve used it for the last 3 years, and the clock has run out on that being an issue. Every team has young players and has to deal with injuries.  We drive the ball down to first and goal from inside the 5-yard line three times and come away with 3 field goals.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Well Gus, your play calling from the goal line was certainly insane. By switching everything up you took away the team’s momentum, and it  was glaringly obvious that we weren’t going to push it in.

I hope you can correct some of these things and change the mental approach of the entire team or it will be more of the same for the rest of this year……

War Eagle for life

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