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Waiting to see it

By on January 1st, 2014 in Football 7 Comments »


I’m waiting to see something on January 6th. Not just the BCS title game. Not just the chance for Auburn to play for a national championship for the second time in four years and the third in half a century. Not just to watch the coach of the year and his miracle team perform on the highest stage imaginable immediately after many of those same players suffered through possibly the worst Auburn season in five decades.

I won’t begin to claim that I can predict much about this game for certain – who will be the MVP, who will score, or even which team will win. Like everyone else I have my hopes and desires, but try as I might I can’t with any reliability predict how this game will play out. I can only hope and watch it unfold as it happens.

But there is something I can affirm with utmost certainty, and I am waiting to see it on the some faces during the game. It’s something that I’ve seen several times throughout the season, and it has me on pins and needles in joyful anticipation.

That thought is what I’m really smiling about a week before the game, and it is sustaining me throughout the many hours between now and kickoff.

At some point in the game, a germ of an idea will begin to form in the minds of the Florida State players, coaches and fans. It will be a small thing at first, but it will begin to weigh on their minds as the minutes pass. As the game progresses, that idea will grow into a nagging misgiving that something is amiss. Something is not quite right. It will worm its way into their psyche, like a mental itch they can’t seem to locate to scratch.

Somewhere in the middle of the game that vague feeling will expand uncomfortably into a full fledged concern, and then a certain aura of doubt will arise. Then in a thunderous fury, the stark realization will suddenly hit them.

Auburn isn’t slowing down. At all.

Like I said, I can’t predict the winner of the game, the final score or even the course of events. But I am absolutely certain that I’ll see that spirit-killing realization on the faces on the other side of the field as the Tigers begin to hit their stride. I’ll be able to see the effect of the Hurry-Up-No-Huddle* Offense clearly on the faces of the FSU coaching staff, the people dressed in Garnet and Gold and most especially in the body language of the players on the field.

Just like in the last half at Baton Rouge. Just like at Knoxville, Fayetteville, College Station and Atlanta.

Then they will know what we’ve known since the start of the season:. This team is unlike anything they’ve seen before, and this offense is nothing like they were expecting. It runs faster, hits harder and doesn’t seem to know any other speed other than all out.

And they don’t seem to tire. If anything, they seem even fresher in the fourth quarter than the first.

I’ll bet my last dollar that look will soon become common around the stadium no matter what the outcome.

And it will be glorious. War Damn Eagle

*Trademark Gus Malzahn – The Hurry-Up, No-Huddle: An Offensive Philosophy


  1. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    I had posted this comment on Jays article before I read yours Sully but I think it is appropriate here as well.

    Fact: FSU gives up 2.3 sacks per game against ACC competition
    Fact: FSU has not played a team who averages over 200 yds per game rushing
    Fact: FSU has not played against an offense with so many moving parts as the Tigers
    Fact: FSU has not had to play hard, deep into the game

    Add those up and it sure looks like we have an edge on both sides of the ball.

  2. dzer13 says:

    The one thing I keep telling people is that Winston is still a freshman because he has really yet to face any kind of adversity or pressure type situation this season. I’m quite sure we will get some hits on him early and when this game is in doubt into the second half I’m willing to bet we will see some freshman mistakes from the Heisman winner.. I am convinced that we will be able to run on them and will therefore score some points. As long as we don’t turn the ball over a bunch I really like our chances in this game.

    War Eagle!

  3. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:


    Thanks for a great article and some hilarious pictures. There are many intangibles in this game and most of them are on our side. This game is much like the Iron Bowl where all the pressure is on the #1 team and little on our team. Does anyone believe that our tough Auburn Tigers give a hoot about what the ESPerts have to say about the time favoring the Seminoles preparation for us? What does everyone think Coach Malzahn is doing in the time off? In his press conference, you could tell that his mind was going at a fast pace. Another intangible is the “no quit” attitude of this bunch of Auburn Tigers. I was confronted by some LSU people who asked me if we were going to win THE BIG GAME. My reply was that I couldn’t guarantee that we would win but I could guarantee that our team won’t quit playing even if there is only ONE SECOND left in the game! That brought out a big laugh, since Saban is the most unloved person in Baton Rouge.

    AND, as I always say, WIN OR LOSE, EVERYONE KNOWS:


    WAR EAGLE !!!



  4. sweetau says:

    War Eagle! We live in ACC land as well as, our home is flanked to the left with Alabama graduates and to the right with Missouri grads. It has been an interesting year! Both know we have a 12′ Toomer’s legacy oak growing on the front lawn, which, btw was rolled after the 0.1 marvelous victory! It is the unspoken rule..we remain respectful. So..I must admit, I graciously say, we are happy to be playing in the BIG GAME and hope for the best! But deep in our hearts..this ACC community with neighbors less than supportive..WE WANT TO WIN!! WAR EAGLE!! GO TIGERS!

  5. GRT2BAUTIGER says:

    Love the article. I agree there will be a moment during the game when all the doubters and experts who bought into the fsu hype will get the sinking feeling that something is wrong. I am prepared for the announcers to act shocked and amazed. They will say it was destiny, luck, a miracle maybe or perhaps all of the above.

    Anyone else notice how Miami and Boston college got smoked in their bowl games? I am trying so hard to give fsu credit, but seeing these two acc contenders perform so poorly makes my dr evil laugh comes out.

    Furthermore, did anyone see ole miss beat Georgia tech? Y’all GT beat Duke….

    Call me crazy, but ole miss could run the table in the acc. Think about it.

    Trying to contain my hubris. War eagle

  6. auburnteach99 says:

    I’m looking forward to the game more than I can express. I didn’t know how much until I was with over 100 other Auburn fans this afternoon to greet the tigers when they got to the hotel in California. I almost cried tears of joy. The team has worked hard and they deserve this. No one knows what will happen on the field Monday and whatever it is, I couldn’t be more proud to be an Auburn Tiger! WDE!

  7. rn4au rn4au says:

    I would love to say that I know we will win this game but I think that anyone who says that is just out of their mind or doesnt watch college football. However, I do think it will be interesting to see just HOW good FSU REALLY is… I think that the jury is still out on that one.

    War Eagle!!! Let’s bring home another crystal trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!