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US Open and Jason Dufner – (updates under comments)

By on June 19th, 2015 in Other Sports 4 Comments »

Jason is again in the early hunt at the US Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course outside Seattle. The course suits him well because shot making is at a premium, and Jason is a great ball striker. His problem is putting, which is mediocre at best. Jason is at 2 under after the first round (only 3 behind), just teed off (Pacific Time at 2:47) and just made a solid par on number one.  The telecast is on Fox Sports. Tune in and watch. More later.


  1. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Day 2 recap.
    Jason finished both sides Friday with birdies but in between he sandwiched 5 bogeys, seven pars, 3 more birdies and a double bogey. After the math was done it added up to a 2 over par 72 which left him at even par which is a score that will win most US Open tournaments.

    The birdie on 18 was amazing. The hole is playing 514 yards as a par 4 with a green that is like putting on a skateboard course with more slopes and valleys than you can count.

    Chambers Bay is living up to its reputation as a beast of a golf course and it eating up the top players in the world. Just ask Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and the top player in the world Rory McElroy. Tiger and Bubba are packing their bags to go home and Rory barely made the cut.

    Jason has a great shot at this one. He is one of the best ball strikers on tour and the course demands it. One thing that actually helps Jason is the greens which are pretty bumpy. Jason is only an average putter and greens like these levels the playing field with the great putters. They are a combination of fescue and poa annua. Poa grows tiny flowers as the day grows on that Henrik Stenson said was like putting on Broccoli.

    All Jason has to do now is keep away from the big numbers and he will be right there on Sunday evening.

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I’m on the road and can’t see the tournament but I’m pulling for the Duf. Thanks MyAuburn for the updates.

  3. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Tough road ahead for Jason. Chambers Bay abused the field today and the leaders made no progress. The lead player actually fell one stroke lower to par. Jason had a average day shooting a 3 over par 73 which is not great but when you consider only a third of the field matched that score or did better, I would call it not too bad.

    He is now 7 behind and while that is almost impossible lead to overcome, the Open has not been played on a course like this before. Only a couple of wayward shots and you can post a huge number pretty quick.

    The Texas boy Jordon Spieth is still the guy to beat. I can easily root for him because in his freshman season at Texas he sunk a 30 foot putt to win the national championship and beat….guess who….Bammer. Either way, Jason in a historic comeback or Jordon (bammer beater) Spieth, I will be happy with the outcome

  4. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    One more hole today for Jason and he is even par for the day. Birdie on 18 which is a very likely score for him and he finishes at plus 3, a very respectable showing. Probably will be at least top 20 finish. Not a win, nor even a high finish but approx. 100k will make it easier to pay for dinner.
    After the wild off season for Jason, (injury, divorce, losing 25+ pounds) he is back and will be on any leaderboard he tees it up in.
    I heard several War Eagles from the gallery today and smiled every time. It is great to hear hat during a golf tournament and not a football. At least for me it is!

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