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Tre Mason Doesn’t Win Heisman – but still trying to accomplish a dream

By on December 15th, 2013 in Football 13 Comments »

                   Tre Mason stands in front of pictures of Auburn’s three Heisman winners.

Running-back Tre Mason came up short in his quest to become Auburn’s fourth Heisman Trophy winner. Thrust into the Heisman race late in the season after a record setting 304 yard performance in the SEC Championship game, Mason finished sixth in a tight race with the five guys behind winner Jameis Winston – who finished way ahead of the field.

Funny thing though…

You might have thought the Florida State quarterback was from Auburn the way he thanked Auburn Receiver’s Coach Dameyune Craig (twice) for his guidance while Craig was on the FSU staff.

Mason received more first place votes than …

Andre Williams and Johnny Manziel who finished ahead of him. Yet due to some third place votes he wound up behind them in the final tally. Another thing that hurt Tre is some voters sent in their ballots early. So I have a suggestion for the Heisman committee:

No votes should be allowed until after the conference championship games.

Even though no one can argue with the numbers put up by winner Jameis Winston, one has to wonder how last year’s Heisman-winner put up better numbers than last year, and not win or even finish second.

Mason’s numbers included rushing for the second most yards in school history for a single season (1621) behind Bo Jackson and breaking Bo’s all-purpose yards record with 2,137. His 22 rushing touchdowns are also a school record.

Auburn people can be proud of Tre …

For not only what he accomplished on the field but the way he represents Auburn University. He handled himself in the Big Apple with class and grace. Everyone that was around him over the weekend had high praise for the Auburn star.

Winston said he bonded with Mason and looks forward to playing him in the BCS Championship Game. Johnny Manziel told Tre he would be pulling for him and Auburn. A.J. McCarron remarked that Mason caused him to actually say “War Eagle” for the first time in a very long time, “Show’s what kind of guy Tre is,”said McCarron.

Humble, down to earth, and a fierce competitor. His dad Vincent said Tre has, “A tremendous love and passion for what he does. He’s just Tre. He’s not trying to be Bo, or Cam. He’s just Tre, and trying to accomplish his dreams.” 

One of those dreams, Tre tweeted about to the Auburn Family after the Heisman ceremony; he said he was going to give all he had in Pasedena to bring the Crystal ball back to Auburn. Of that we all have no doubt.

War Eagle Tre!


  1. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Nice read this am. Tre is an AU ambassador for sure. He comes from a well balanced, and hard working family. Phillip Marshall did a great post on the Mason’s recently.

    Color my glasses Orange and Blue, but I don’t see FSU stopping the AU run game. Make it 8 in a row, and the natty comes home to Auburn, Alabama.

    Someone will have to do a 30 for 30 story on how the BCS trophy hasn’t left the state in half a decade. Plus two Heisman winners, two more finalists, and the winner from out of the state was born in Alabama.

  2. allanonj allanonj says:

    Very proud of Tre. I believe that he will accomplish his dreams. I have to honestly admit that i didn’t think he would get to 1500 yards. Not because he wasn’t capable, but due to him sharing the load. He did what he said he would and my hat is off to him.

    Concerning the Heisman, I believe it should go to the BEST college player, not the best player on the perceived best team. If all the pundits want to give it to the best player on the best team, then wait until after the CG to award it to the MVP of that game.

    Again, GREAT job Tre.
    War Eagle and beat fsu

  3. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    There is no way he should have finished 6th. The only reason is that a lot of voters cast their ballot before the Iron Bowl. If it had been after the Mizzou game he would have finished 2nd at worst.
    Next year it is yours Tre.

  4. CapnVegetto says:

    The Heisman means very little to nothing. Jameis Winston was going to win it all year because that’s what ESPN wanted.

    It lost all meaning to me when Charles Woodson won it over Peyton Manning because ESPN wanted him to.

    Tre did us proud, and that’s all that matters.

  5. Mike jimithing78 says:

    What if Tre were the front runner all season and Mizzou shut him down? Should that ONE game have cost him the award? No. It’s a season award, not a championship weekend award. I’m bummed Tre didn’t win, but that one game shouldn’t make or break any candidate. Change the voting time frame, but that one weekend shouldn’t be the deciding factor. The time frame isn’t the problem. The voters’ mind set is.

  6. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..This is a win-win situation for Mason. He was a last minute invite, and he wasn’t going to win it. A lot of the votes were already in. Going forward, he’ll have a tough decision after the BCS Title game. Regardless of what happens in that game, Tre could be drafted, probably on day one. That’s a six-figure income, minimum. As hard as he runs, his career could be over on the next play. And there’s a limit to how many NFL hits a body can take. Ask Rudi Johnson, who took a pounding for about 5 years as Cincinnati’s feature back.

    …..I’d love to have Tre back for another year and have him take a run at the Heisman. Realistically, I think he needs to go pro, bank that money, and be set for life. That’s the key. Save most of that NFL paycheck, and invest it. Auburn will survive without him. We’ve got CAP and Grant coming back, plus some talent like Jonathan Ford in the wings.

    …..I’ve really enjoyed watching him over the past three years, and will cheer for him in the NFL. He’s the consummate team guy. I know at 20 years old, I’d never have been able to keep my mouth shut on the lack of carries, last season, when he was basically our only consistent weapon. Tre’s a class act, and we’ve been fortunate to watch him play at Auburn!

    • sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

      Personally I think it might be a mistake for Mason to go pro. While I freely admit I’m biased as I would REALLY like him in this offense next year, he was off the radar early in the season, and even now is talked about (mistakenly) by NFL insiders as a product of an offense rather than a talent himself. But let him start next year like he ended this year and have a great senior season and you’ll likely hear about him as a wire to wire Heisman favorite and his NFL draft status (and starting salary) will soar.

      In many ways, Mason reminds me of Emmit Smith with the same style of running, ability to follow his blockers, leg strength and terrific durability. I would give and arm and a leg to keep him for his senior year at Auburn, but I understand the opportunity that awaits him in the NFL and wouldn’t begrudge him if he decides to go. I just think he can do better in the draft with a dynamite senior season.

    • win4au says:

      I can’t wait to draft him for my fantasy team!

  7. restless6 says:

    AJ seems like a class act. I’m sure this infuriates Updykes, but the reasonable Bams probably agree with him.

  8. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    One of the things that I love best: Tre always thanks the O-line. He’s incredibly talented, but shows humility and respect to those who help him out. War Eagle, Tre!

  9. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Has anyone ever heard the explanation of why Sully’s jersey number in his Heisman portrait is orange instead of white?