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Track Em Blog Poll

By on October 2nd, 2012 in Football 8 Comments »

                                Will LSU still be in the top 5 after they play Florida?

Boy, as if starting the season 1-3 wasn’t bad enough, not having any Auburn football at all last week was even worse.  This had to have been our earliest BYE week in a season for quite a while. I didn’t like it. Maybe it’s the old adage about no such thing as bad publicity. Good, bad, or ugly, just give me some Tigers to watch. Sitting on the sidelines is no play for a true fan to be, unless, of course, you’re literally sitting on the Tigers sideline watching the game.

It wasn’t all bad. I was able to switch back and forth between a contingent of games without the distraction of being pinned down watching ours.  The SEC game of the week, Georgia and Tennessee, was a wild one. no sooner had I complained online about the putrid Big 12 defenses in West Virginia squeaking out a win over Baylor 70-63 than they put up their own score fest between the hedges that made you question all that talk about playing D in the SEC.

Auburn and Arky kick off at 1121 hours this Saturday. You know it’s early if one uses military time to reference it. As Jay mentioned yesterday, there’s no better barometer of how your season is shaping up than the number of breakfast tee times you get on the SEC Network. And if there’s a program in the conference that’s in a steeper free fall than us, it’s Arkansas. This match up is so uninteresting, I’m surprised we’re not playing it on Friday night, where we might lose out viewership to some high school action.

Whoever set the line on this one at Auburn -9.5 ought to have their head examined. Clearly Auburn has a chance to make a statement in this contest, but eking out a win is probably the way this one will play out.  Tyler Wilson throwing 60 times for 450 yards still keeps me up at night, and I’m not so sure our secondary is still prepared for that kind of onslaught. If you use the LSU game as your yardstick, it’s tempting, but Zach Metteneberger just doesn’t seem to me like he’s any better at quarterbacking than he is at growing moustaches–both might have peaked in high school. Maybe I’m wrong, but there’s a reason why LSU is dropping in the polls despite still winning and it isn’t the rest of the team.

There’s no better time than to jump into launching our own Track Em Tigers Blog poll than week six. Actually, I hate preseason polls and think, as do many of you, that the first ones shouldn’t come until at least about 3-4 weeks in. But since no one is ever going to heed that advice, we’ll simply roll in casually late and run with it. No longer affiliated with SBN, our results will only be tied to ourselves–including you fans, so be sure to weigh in and tell me where I’m wrong.

Week Six

1) Alabama, 5-0: Got to see my first complete Tide game Saturday night against Ole Miss and Bama just seemed to phone this one in. There’s little doubt that they simply played down to the level of competition in front of them because I had seen a more motivated team in the win against Michigan. The Tide is off this week and play at Missouri the following. This is still the most complete team out there and a consensus number one pic in the AP poll this past Sunday.

2) Oregon, 5-0:  Watched all of the Duck-Washington State game, okay, most of it since it lasted until past my Saturday night bedtime. Mike Leach had the Cougars gunning for an upset but Oregon simply overpowered them.  The Ducks have no problems on offense and I could easily see them running the PAC 12 table

3) LSU, 5-0: The Purple Tigers seem to get no respect lately, dropping down to #4 in the AP poll after lackluster performances against Auburn and Towson State. I don’t like to drop teams while they’re winning, especially teams like this. As I mentioned above, QB play could be the culprit as the offense has trouble scoring on their lone conference opponent so far. Back to back games at Florida and then South Carolina at home will certainly set the record straight.

4) FSU, 5-0: The Seminoles have the high powered offense but the defense is still a little suspect. that shoot-out with Clemson showed their resolve playing from behind and FSU could have a legitimate top 5 team at the end of the year.  The rest of their ACC schedule looks weak and their only stumbling block could come against Florida on the last game of the season.

5) Georgia, 5-0: The Dawg offense looks solid and I thought their defense was too until they allowed Tennessee to do what they did, Still, Georgia remains an explosive team that is very capable and only really has two games in the east that will decide it–USCe and the Gators.

See the rest of the top 25 after the jump.

6) Kansas State, 4-0:  Coming off an impressive win over Oklahoma two weeks ago, this is yet another high octane offensive team that could reach the top. The only two obstacles remaining in their path in the Big 12 is West Virginia and Texas.

7) South Carolina,  5-0: The Gamecocks seem to be a consistent team now that the offense seems to have gelled. Playing on the road Saturday night, they showed poise in their second half comeback. I should probably rank them higher but I still think they’ve got a little more growing to do. A win over Georgia at home this weekend will be all the impetus I need to launch the Gamecocks in to the top 5.

8) West Virginia, 4-0: Again, offense galore, but no defense. How do you score 70 points and still not cover an eleven point spread? Yet watching the Mountaineers is fun and this team could pick up some steam and be a legitimate top 2 contender with wins over Texas this weekend, K-State, TCU, and Oklahoma.

9) Texas, 4-0: Still awaiting the meat of the Big 12 slate. I could easily bounce the Horns into the top 5 with some wins against the usual suspects.

10) Florida, 5-0: Seems like the Gators are quietly on a run and can gain some momentum before hitting the brunt of their conference schedule here soon. I’m not sure they’re up to South Carolina and Georgia level of play but we still have time to see.

11) Ohio State

12) Notre Dame

13) TCU

14) USC

15) Clemson

16) Oregon State

17) Oklahoma

18) Louisville

19) Stanford

20) Miss State

21) Nebraska

22) Rutgers

23) Northwestern

24) UCLA

25) Baylor


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    WEA, again, I am with you.

    I think its funny that Tyler Wilson, while his team was getting pounded by bama, said that they quit. I wonder if that created some anomosity on his team? They turned right around and subsequently lost to Rutgers. Then i saw him play against Texas A&M… they got pounded again. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are many problems at ARK. Still, they are a dangerous adversary. And AU and ARK are both trying desperately to stay out of the cellar of the SEC west. I hope our defense can compete this week. If not, it’s going to be lonely at the bottom of the SEC.

    Still, I can tell you – there are some folks that impressed me last week: namely Ole Miss. Yes, they got the crap beat out of them by bama… but their defense put some licks on ’em. Not trying to insinuate anything here… especially knowing to the last coach we stole from Ole Miss… but I thought the guy did well. He is definitely an up and comer.

    Teams that surprised me: UT. Say what you want about Dooley… but that team is doing better. And UGA. Hey, the dawgs were lucky to win that game. They absolutely do have an offense… but their defense was atrocious.

    If I had to judge this week who would be the SEC champ: bama. Hands down. Nobody in the SEC comes close to the talent they have. And I can’t tell you how difficult that is for me to admit.


  2. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I didn’t mind not having a game last weekend. After being cooped up for WEEKS, we took advantage of the opportunity to get out and enjoy the Fall weather. Plus, I knew there was a 100% chance that Auburn would not run that damn off tackle run play on Saturday; the hidden bonus of the bye weekend.

    FSU seems really strong to me. Watching Bama is boring, but for all the wrong reasons (at least from our perspective). Dooley looks like a petulant child roaming the sidelines. Watching WVU in the Big Ten is way more fun than I anticipated and I hope Holgerson makes Brown rethink his retirement plans…..

    Good to see you back WEA. I kind of missed you and stuff…..

    Big game this weekend! I’m brewing the coffee now! War Eagle!

  3. LSU Jonno says:


    The new site looks great. I’m glad you added the subscribe function so that I could put you guys back on my RSS feed and remember to come check out your stuff daily. Thanks for sticking with it, I really enjoy reading you guy’s stuff.

  4. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Good job WEA

    Been missing your blog poll. I’m interested in the Fla. – LSU and the Ga. S.C. games. I think LSU may be upset this weekend. Don’t know what to think about the Ga. game after last weekend.