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Top 5 Power Poll – It’s Gettin’ Meaty!

By on October 31st, 2012 in Member Post 16 Comments »

Hey folks,

I’m taking a stab at my own Top 5 Power Rankings with a little extra and insight as the season progresses down the home stretch.

1. Alabama — Tough call, right?  These guys take the lead and never look back.  Every time you want to think that their opponent finally can test their skill in some facet of the game, the Tide finds a way to jump in front and put things on cruise control.  Remaining Schedule: In SEC talk , their schedule hasn’t been back breaking thus far.  LSU is up next but it’s hard to say that LSU is the same LSU we’ve seen the past couple of years.  Texas A&M has had some hype but they’ve still not won a big time SEC matchup this season.  Bama looks good to hold steady right into the SEC Title Game.

2. Notre Dame — Tough break! The BCS is getting this one wrong.  Notre Dame has played their best defense against their best opponents.  Their wins are more quality wins than Kansas St. to date.  Plus, wouldn’t it be great to see an old rivalry renewed in the BCS Title game – ND-Bama?

3. Oregon — I have to put Oregon here over Kansas St. for the simple fact that Oregon’s offense is so potent.  They might not have top notch opponents, but it still takes some effort to hang up 50-70 points consistently on the opposing team.  Also, I’m not all that excited about seeing Oregon fall, again, to an SEC team for the title but maybe this is ‘their year.’

4. Kansas St. — Impressive to be where they are.  They have a couple of hurdles left, but those hurdles aren’t terribly scary – Oklahoma St. and Texas.  K-State may win out, but they still might sit behind two other undefeated teams.  My odds are on Bama and ND winning out.

5. THE TOSS UP!  In real time we have four SEC teams to pick from for this spot (LSU, UGA, Florida, and SC).  LSU is the first choice – they don’t look ‘great’ but they’ve won two big games in a row.  Their lone loss to FL. isn’t so bad considering FL sat atop the East. They can prove their worth this Saturday, at home, at night… with some luck of course.

Just to round things out:

6. UGA — Mark Richt… This guys is kinda like ‘Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride.’  He’s had some Great teams but manages to lose that one game to keep them out of the National Championship but still in the SEC title game.  Athens has a predicament on their hands.  Is it best to back into and/or compete for SEC Titles, or is it best to break through and compete for National Titles? Bama may be the exception to that rule – keeping things honest – but they do show that it can be done, especially with an SEC schedule.

7. Florida — Ugh!  It hurts to be part of UGA’s yearly signature win to keep you out of the running and them in it.  Florida not only busted their SEC Title hopes but also as an alternate SEC team to play Bama for the National Championship – ala Bama, LSU last year.  I think their shot at a rematch with Bama had they gone to the SEC, lost to Bama for their only loss and then back into the BCS title game would have been pretty high.  Ask LSU.

8. South Carolina — Geesh!!  This team annually falters on the big stage.  Not much to say here other than They are lucky the BCS has kept them so high in the rankings with two losses over a handful of one loss teams and even an undefeated team or two.  Not that any amount of luck will erase those two losses.  Better luck next year?  They might just adopt that as their motto.


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I don’t generally look at national polls too much, so when I read this, my immediate thought was, “SEC Homer!” Luckily, I did some checking before opening my big yap! Except for the order between ND and K-State, that’s exactly the start of the AP poll! And here I thought the SEC was having a sloppy, down year!

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I like your rankings.

    Only mild change I would make is Oregon over Notre Dame. Partially because I like the Ducks over the Irish and partially because of a long standing bias against ND.
    Also, I expect Chizik to be back another year but in case that doesn’t happen, I would like to see Auburn try to lure Chip Kelley away. The guy recruits a lot of players from south of the Mason-Dixon. He could do even better if he were coaching in the Region.

    • KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

      Aub, why would Kelly leave Oregon?

      Same for Peterson at Boise. Those guys walk around town and are loved like Elvis before he got fat.

      We have to be realistic about who is possible. Dream big, sure. But have a realistic plan in place in case those dreams evaporate.

      • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

        I agree with you.

        My comment is in the category of a pipe dream. But the next time we have an opening, I would like to see a strong push for someone like Kelley. However, whomever that might be and whenever that might take place, I will be “All In.”

        DISCLAIMER: The above statement does not include a fired motorcycling, philandering cradle robbing, employer backstabbing coach from Arkansas.

  3. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    My top 5 are…
    1. Oregon
    2. Kansas State
    3. Bama
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Ohio State

    Laugh all you want, but Bama has yet to play anyone with a defense. I could easily be wrong, and they may be so good that they make it look easy, but Oregon would hang 45+ on their “D”. So would Kansas State.
    I am not a believer in Notre Dame yet either.

    • Jonathon Jonathon says:

      I hear ya. The fallacy of Bama being ranked where they are is all setup by the media. ESPN tries to discredit their ‘love for Bama’, but that ‘love’ put them at #1 in preseason rankings and that’s where they stay unless they lose.
      You are also in the ball park when you point out that they ‘may just be that good.’ AJ hasn’t thrown an interception this whole freakin’ year. That’s impressive no matter how you slice it. Offensively they are averaging around 40 points a game. That’s quite a bit for an SEC team. That defense has only given up a maximum of 14 points in a game as well. That passes the eye test for me. LSU and Texas AM should be a couple of good tests for Bama. The downside is that LSU has some QB issues and they aren’t the LSU of the past couple years (Bama looks like Bama of the past couple years with an extra kick). Texas AM has a Freshman QB – he’ll be wide eyed against all the talent Bama’s defense will toss at him. Bama has less to worry about in these games than their opponents it seems.
      I wish it were different –

      • Jumpn Jack Flash says:

        Bama was 3 in the preseason polls, not #1. They moved up to #1 after they crushed Michigan, who was #8, in Jerry World.

      • Jumpn Jack Flash says:

        USC was #1 and was the team getting all the media love because of Matt Barkley and their supposedly great defense.

    • theoldguard says:

      Just a question. Between OR & KSU, have either played a better defense than the turds have faced?

  4. LSU Jonno says:


    “LSU is the first choice – they don’t look ‘great’ but they’ve won two big games in a row. Their lone loss to FL. isn’t so bad considering FL sat atop the East. They can prove their worth this Saturday, at home, at night… with some luck of course.”

    Now LSU is being labeled as “lucky” for future wins that might happen.

    • Jonathon Jonathon says:

      Ah yes, the allmight ‘Luck.’ I think that LSU hasn’t been as consistent as Bama thus far. Not because of their lone loss, but more because of the stat sheet with their QB this year. Without Honey Badger things have been different on the defensive side of the ball also. Maybe that difference has been the lack of media attention comparatively. Because college football shows us that anything can happen on any given Saturday, Luck factors into that. You’re lucky if you catch a more talented team off guard. You’re lucky if the ball bounces your way on a fumble. You’re lucky if you catch that Hail Mary pass that just squeaked through the hands of three defenders for the win.
      Is LSU a better team than Bama? I wouldn’t say so right now. So, that being said, they need some things to happen in their favor to win. Luck is part of that equation. Talent and Game Plan/Prep are also factors. I wasn’t using ‘Luck’ as their only saving grace.

      Just my two cents.

      • LSU Jonno says:

        I’m not going to discount the notion of luck…But your commentary seems to suggest that this is the only way that LSU can win. It’s like you’re helping feed the Bammer machine that “nobody beats bama, bama only beats themselves”. Only you’re doing it before the game is even played instead of at least twisting the facts of how the game was played to fit your preconceived notions.