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Too good to pass up…

By on October 31st, 2012 in Member Post 11 Comments »

On rivals there is an article that talks to the situation facing Auburn.   There have been several suggestions…  but nothing definitive.  This article focuses primarily at Dr. Gouge and the decisions facing him in the next few weeks.  It’s the first of its kind that I have seen that talks to the pitfalls that await.  Without stealing its thunder, I will simply state what should be obvious to everyone:

1) It identifies the iron clad relationship between Chizik and Jacobs. The two are tied at the hip. They are inseparable.

2) It lists out the parameters of the decisions facing Dr. Gouge and what is at stake:

a.   “He can sit tight and wait for the season to end before making changes, which may aid in keeping this recruiting class assembled, avoids an in-season spectacle and gives him more time to assess his next step. Downside? A blowout loss to Georgia will have critics wondering why action already hasn’t been taken. “

b. “He can take action now, which must begin with Jacobs and likely ends with Chizik removed shortly thereafter. That gives Auburn’s influential people to work expeditiously in their search for successors without the hassles of covert negotiation. Downside? Chaos. “

c. “He can choose to stick with what he has. The downside there is weathering what likely would be a tidal wave of disdain. Auburn isn’t a 1-7 program. It will not remain in that state regardless of who’s in control – of the athletic department or the university itself.”

I guess the  jury is still out on the path ahead…. only time will tell. As usual, nothing is ever as it seems. I had pretty much given up that the decision had been made to keep things in place for the next few seasons… now, I am not so sure. 

It’s the not knowing that drives one crazy!!!

War Eagle anyway!!! 




  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Firing Chizik and Jacobs before the season’s end isn’t going to change anything. Do you really see Auburn rising up under assistant head coach Trooper Taylor and beating UGA and/or Bama? Chizik won us a national championship. Let’s at least give him the courtesy of a year-end evaluation and proper procedure.

    …..I doubt Auburn will pursue Strong, and I doubt he’d take the job. He’s dominating where he is. My guess is that Auburn will take the path of hiring an up and coming mid-major coach. Gus Malzhan would be a target, although you’d figure that he’d prefer the Arkansas job, if he’s offered it.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Acid, I appreciate the comment.

      Interesting you put it that way… I am just curious if you expect anything to change or improve by keeping Chizik/Jacobs?

      I have stated this before, but I will say it again, I think AU keeps Chizik (and Jacobs) until Chizik’s contract has no more buy out. But… with speculation like this brewing… I am no longer 100% locked on that idea.

      Chizik is his worst enemy. His interviews are probably the worst examples of dry coach speak that I have ever heard. He never really wows the listener with much wisdom… and when he is asked a pointed question it’s almost like he knows how to push buttons of those who are in his base that are supposedly “all in”. I get the impression he is doing it intentionally.

      Like you say… nothing is going to change regardless what AU does. I find it hard to believe AU puts up much of a fight in any game left on this season’s schedule. Further, I think it is clear Chizik has lost this team.

      There was another comment in that article that I wanted to bring to your attention:

      “That relationship creates another level of complexity for Gogue, who now must consider overhauling the university’s entire athletic operation in order to replace the football coach. ”

      I don’t think many President’s want to “change” much when they are at the helm of any large organization… even a University. Why? President’s normally have to steer around events and protect the organization from every form of disruption from apathy to treason. So. With that said… with the state of Auburn’s athletic department being in rather poor health… at least in the big three sports… do you think this carrot becomes to tempting to pass up?

      I honestly don’t have a clue how this is going to go. Again, I have stated before I have seen no action by the University that would signal a change is forthcoming. I like hearing from those that are in the know.

      Appreciate the comments… and WDE

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Interesting, thanks for posting this ’88,

    I still think despite all the rumors surrounding the program that Chizik stays one more year. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see breaking news before Dec.1st. Like you say, “As usual, nothing is ever as it seems.”

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      I would agree ATM. I think things are status quo until something major happens that tips the scales. What that would be – considering what we currently know – would be the story of the year.

      Thanks again for the comment.


  3. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Yea the jury is still out but I expect a verdict will be pretty swift if we look against Ga. and Bama like we did against T.A&M. I want Chizik to get one more yr. but I don’t see how he survives three big SEC beat downs at the end of the season.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      I agree. If we drop to UGA or bama by 30 or more… or in other words… fail to dress out like we did with A&M… I suspect the orange seats in the executive suites will be even more empty. And that is never a good thing.

      The power elites are already rumbling. And then you got Mean Gene giving stellar inteviews…. saying he is focused on one thing… going over tape.


      This can’t pass quickly enough. It kind of reminds me of a wisdom tooth extraction…. coupled with perhaps a root canal.

      It’s no fun.


  4. AUownsU says:

    I’ll say this, if Auburn were to decide to keep Chizik or hire a up and coming mid-major coach over hiring Bobby Petrino it would probably be the lowest point for me in my 34 years as an Auburn fan. The thought that there is even a chance CGC is allowed to keep his job beyond this season is utterly the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in all my life. BCS Title be damned, I seen CTT get ousted when his ’08 team with Tony Franklin would be beat this team today by 3 TDs. Hell this team couldn’t beat the ’98 team with Bill Oliver coaching as the interim.

    Is CGC a fine man? Without a doubt and believe me when I say I wished it would’ve worked out more than anyone. However, I am not willing to let Auburn football fall to bottom dweller status just because of a man’s character.

    • Connie4AU says:

      @AUownsU…….Sweetie, we already are bottom dweller status. Let’s don’t read those statss again. We are the bottom. War Eagle.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Though I think you and I are in the minority.


  5. Connie4AU says:

    I stayed until the last seconds ticked off the clock at the Texas A&M game. Wow…I know. However, I believe it told a story. A story of a fired football coach. Chizik was apathetic. The players were. All of the coaches except maybe BVG were. Chizik blowed bubbles. Most of the players just wanted it to be over. We have been told Chizik was told after the Vandy game, this is his last season. I didn’t know if that could be possible, but gosh look at the signs last weekend. Also, Jay Jacobs is said to be leaving as well. Of course, that leaves two vacancies. Who in the world does Auburn hire? I don’t know. But, I have enough faith to believe that the President knows Auburn depends on it. If they fail, a lot more money is at stake than a mere buyout of some non-performing coaches. A lot more money. Folks, truth is……everything really is about money.

    I believe in Auburn and LOVE IT!!

    War Eagle!

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      When you think about it… the football program is a huge money machine. When the machine doesn’t function… it stops producing money.

      I believe AU has that figured out.

      How they get there… well, I am not sold either way yet. I think it is possible that Chizik get’s fired… and that is why I wanted to share the story.

      Right now… we have rumors. That is all.