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Auburn Softball SEC Review: Tigers Topple Tide in Jane B. Moore Field

By on March 20th, 2018 in News, Other Sports 6 Comments »

Auburn softball players celebrate after defeating Alabama March 18, 2018 at Jane B. Moore Field (photo: Julie Bennett/

The Auburn softball season has been a roller-coaster of sorts under first-year head coach Mickey Dean. After a record-setting start of the season that saw Auburn win its first 15 games, the Tigers jumped out to a 28-3 record before starting conference play. 

Auburn began the real season in Baton Rouge against LSU. The two Tiger teams began the series with a 14-inning thriller. Auburn’s hitters were unable to get anything going for eight innings, and the walk-off run by LSU in the 14th was just too much for the Tiger defense to handle.

Auburn’s pitching has been beyond fantastic, and the staff is likely the best in the nation. Without run support though, Auburn was swept despite giving up only seven runs in 28 innings of play. Auburn’s bats aren’t just down from the Clint Myers years, they are just pitiful. Mickey Dean’s first SEC series loss made for an inauspicious start to his SEC career at the Plains. 

Things didn’t get much better to start the series against Auburn’s arch rival, Alabama. Tide pitcher Alexis Osorio may be the best in the country as just a week ago she struck out 21 hitters in a single contest. Osorio beat up on the Tigers, allowing just one hit while recording six strikeouts on the Tigers. Auburn’s Kaylee Carlson is also one of the nation’s best, but she earned her first loss of the season by allowing two runs on seven hits. Auburn had chances to take down the Tide due to the seven walks given up by Osorio. In what could become a troubling trend, Auburn stranded runner after runner, and the Tigers couldn’t manufacture a run, losing 2-0.

Auburn earned Dean’s first SEC win on Saturday by bouncing back against Bama’s Madison Preston and Courtney Gettins. This time, the Tigers stranded just one runner  thanks to

doubles by Washington-transfer Taylon Snow and third baseman Kendall Veach. Tannon Snow earned an RBI on a walk that scored younger sister Taylon. Makayla Martin continues to make a case for being the best No. 2 pitcher in the country as she went the distance for the Tigers, scattering four hits on five K’s and allowing just one run. The Tigers won the second game 3-1 despite two errors, a troubling trend that has plagued Auburn this season. 

In Sunday’s rubber match, the two aces were back in the circle for the rivals. However, Osorio didn’t finish the first inning as she was struck on the crown of her head by a line dive off the bat of Taylon Snow. Victoria Draper, who walked in the previous at-bat, halted at second, and Snow was kept at first in a show of terrific sportsmanship as Osorio was helped off the field.

Osorio entered the concussion protocol and was watched by Auburn’s medical staff. Word from coach Pat Murphy was that she was fine but being carefully observed. Murphy has long been known for his comments about refusing to let players wear face-masks in the field. Gettins came in cold for the Tide and despite having pitched the night before was fantastic.

The Tide’s Bailey Hemphill struck first as her single to center scored leadoff speedster Elissa Brown, who quickly stole second base before scoring on the Hemphill shot. Fantastic pitching on both sides and defense added zeros across the board until the seventh inning as the Tigers entered their final at bat of the game down 0–1.

Last year’s All-SEC freshman player Alyssa Rivera came to the plate as the first hitter of the last frame. She had been in a severe hitting drought, but with a 2-2 count Rivera sat on a Gettins’ changeup and pounded it over the fence to tie the game.

With Auburn’s inability to put runners aboard and move them, most fans felt extra innings were in order, and the game would likely be ended by a moonshot. Morgan Podany walked but was held at first when Draper was called out on a bunt attempt, thanks to a new rule that awards an out to the defense if any part of a hitter’s foot is outside of the box at contact and may destroy slapping. Slappers cannot reach a low outside strike without stepping towards the plate. The old rule allowed this as long as any part of the foot was still inside the box or on the line. With the new rule, pitchers can throw low and outside indiscriminately to slappers without fear of allowing contact. Both Alabama and Auburn were stung by this rule, but it was Draper’s bunt, which advanced Podany to scoring position before being called back, that looked to have stolen momentum from the Tigers. 

Taylon Snow reached on a fielder’s choice as Podany was put out at second. But fate helped the Tigers as a wild pitch advanced Snow before Casey McCrackin came to the plate. With a 3–1 hitter’s count, McCrackin smashed a liner to left field. As Snow rounded third, left fielder Merris Schroder did the unthinkable and checked McCrackin as she rounded first. The moment’s hesitation was all Snow needed to score the winning run as the ball came across the plate to give Auburn a 2–1 victory. Auburn’s players mobbed Snow and McCrackin. Auburn has now won seven of the last nine meetings with the Tide, one of the nation’s blue-blood softball programs. 

Missing among the fanfare was Dean’s meeting with Alexis Osorio. This wasn’t an exchange of pleasantries but a real moment of sportsmanship as he embraced the injured player, offering her a lengthy apology and wishing her the best. 

Auburn will welcome Alabama State into Jane B. Moore Field on Wednesday before taking on Kentucky at home this weekend. First pitch is 6:00 CT Wednesday evening on SEC Network+. 


  1. TigerWoman TigerWoman says:

    Thanks for the coverage of softball Zach. Always appreciate reading these but I have one question: How do you see this year so far as a “roller-coaster” season when Auburn is 28-6 and the LSU losses were all one run games that could have gone either way?

    • Zach Taylor Zach Taylor says:

      In the non conference schedule, Auburn rolled through competition with shutouts and it covered how the hitting has degraded. I think it gave fans an inflated idea of how the season would go. For example, program record start followed by a 4 game skid.

  2. Tiger Tiger says:

    I was keeping up with softball over the weekend, and I have lots of questions, Zach. Feel free to answer any of them, or none at all. You’re a busy guy.

    Thoughts on why our batting is so poor this year? We’ve always been able to replace departing hitters before now, and I thought Clint Myers put an emphasis on hitting during his last recruiting class. Is this year’s downturn due to coaching, or needing better hitters?

    Speed. Do we have good, all-around athletes? Except for the outfielders, a lot of our girls seem kind of slow on the bases. Also, do you happen to know a measure of how fast Victoria Draper really is, maybe a 40 yard dash time? She can scoot.

    Lastly, predictions – putting you on the spot, haha. Given that the losses to LSU were really close, are you worried about our upcoming conference play? If so, who most concerns you?

  3. AUFan1 AUFan1 says:

    From what I’ve read from guys like Phllip Marshall over at AUC hitting will drop off for most of the SEC teams this year.

  4. Zach Taylor Zach Taylor says:

    Alright. I love some questions.

    Ketelhut likely has a different plan on hitting than the Myers. I watched them warm up earlier this year and it was a lot of tee work and soft toss. In my experience , that helps hitters see the ball but doesn’t translate to power. As a result, they can work the count but csnt drive the ball.

    I’ve actually asked Draper some questions on Twitter but she’s never responded, no surprise there. But it’s something I’m going to track down. A lot of her speed is likely perceived because, as a slapper, infield contact is the norm and she never watches it. She’s also 3 steps closer to 1st.

    In terms of the whole team, we have to remember it’s a very mixed bag. Just look at Ashley Swindel. She’s a Myers recruit and was highly touted. She came off the bench early last season but is buried this year. She met Myers expectations but not Deans.

    The loss to LSU was eye opening. But beating bama was too. Kentucky swept lsu and we get them this weekend. That’s going to say a lot.

    Personally, this team is one big hitter away from being a contender. Alyssa Rivera was our best overall hitter last season but she’s struggling with expectations. If she can hit .400 again, we have a real powerful team.

  5. Older Whiskey says:

    Hitting did not just turn down this year; it has been going downhill since 2015, when the team BA was .339 with 99 homers. In fact, I believe this year’s team is hitting better than last year’s. The current team BA is .315, with two players (Draper and TaySnow) over .400. Last year’s team average was .277. Taylon Snow is the real deal. Before she leaves, she will be talked about in the same sentences with Carosone and Cooper.

    Shea and MacCrackin, in particular, have improved performance at the plate this year. Perry is hitting over .300 in her first year to start. I agree with Zach in that Rivera is a key piece that needs to get plugged in. One other point: we’ve already faced three of the best pitchers we’ll see this year. Moss for TN and Show at A&M are probably the best remaining.

    And lastly AUFan1 made a good point above; who’s hitting in the SEC this year, other than Georgia, who is crushing it? I like our chances going forward.