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Tigers Dump the Dawgs! (with unit grades.)

By on November 17th, 2013 in Football 51 Comments »

                                                 A miracle throw and catch saves the day!

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s time now for the Acid Reign report, on Auburn’s heart-stopping 43-38 win over the Georgia Bulldogs. It was a game that was over early in the 4th quarter for the Bulldogs, then it wasn’t when Georgia fought back from 3 scores down. It was over for the Tigers on 4th and 18, then the play of the year made it over for Georgia, except that they weren’t done. It was over for the Tigers when Georgia drove to the Auburn red zone with just seconds remaining. We’ve seen this before, 11 years ago, when Georgia hit a hail Mary TD to take the game away from Auburn. On the last play of the game, Dee Ford slammed the door on Aaron Murray, the ball fluttered harmlessly to the turf, and Auburn had won one for the ages, 43-38!

     Conventional wisdom regarding the outlook of this game was that Georgia would not allow Auburn to run the ball, and the Tigers would have to win this on on the arm of Nick Marshall. Auburn did attempt nearly 4 times the number of passes that were thrown during the Tennessee game. However, Georgia did not stop Auburn on the ground, as the Tigers piled up 323 rushing yards. Auburn’s run game is a deadly multi-headed hydra, with Tre Mason, Nick Marshall, Corey Grant and Ricardo Louis all doing damage on this day.

     Every week on the Auburn boards, we get some wacky comments about Nick Marshall not being an SEC quarterback. Can we finally close the grave on that notion? Against the best defense Auburn has seen all year, Marshall finished with 318 total yards, no turnovers, and three touchdowns while hitting 57 percent of his passes for a gaudy 8.8 yards per pass. Folks, Marshall is up to 8th in the SEC in total offense, and he missed a whole game and most of a second. He’s ahead of guys like Connor Shaw, and A. J. McCarron.

     All was not superlative with the Auburn offense, however. The Tigers nearly threw the game away in the 4th quarter, and aside from the 73 yard touchdown bomb, it was an offensive melt-down of epic proportions. We had offensive linemen downfield on passing plays, holding penalties, guys whiffing on blocks or getting blown off the ball on short yardage, pockets collapsing on a 4 man rush, and a pair of dropped passes. On one play, Ricardo Louis collided with ball carrier Tre Mason and knocked him down in the backfield on a crucial third and short.

     The defense similarly collapsed in the 4th quarter. They did a good job of limiting Georgia for 3 quarters, then opened the gate in the 4th. Auburn gave up 231 yards in the 4th quarter, on 26 plays; an 8.9 yards per play average. It was a tough day up front for the Tigers, who managed just 2 tackles for loss and 1 sack on the day.

     Auburn won the special teams battle on the day, but it was not the game-breaking performance this unit put on a week ago. Another blocked kick is troubling, and Steven Clark’s shanked punt with a slim 37-31 lead was nearly a back breaker. On the plus side, Cody Parkey drilled all 9 kickoffs for touchbacks, and Georgia did not have a single return yard on the day.

    I’m not going to get into too many specifics on the officiating in this one, but I’m certainly going to be wondering how Penn Wagers and his crew still have their jobs after this horrendous season. They are absolutely baffling to watch.

Unit Grades after the jump!

Defensive Line: C. The line got pressure on Georgia at times, but had little success getting Aaron Murray on the ground. Pressure means nothing if the opposing quarterback is drilling your secondary for 415 yards at a 67 percent completion clip. The defensive line contributed just 13 total tackles, on a day when Georgia ran 74 offensive plays. The good part is that the Tigers did limit the run a bit better than in previous weeks. Todd Gurley had 79 yards on the ground, as Georgia largely relied on its aerial attack, and Auburn’s total inability to shut down short passes.

Linebackers: D. By any measure, this was a very sloppy game for the Auburn linebackers. They tallied only 16 total tackles in 74 offensive snaps. Time and time again, Aaron Murray would dump the ball off short to a wide open back or tight end, and the Auburn linebackers had that same deer in the headlights look Tennessee’s defenders had last week. Short passes turned into way too many 20+ yard gains in this one. Passing grade is mainly due to a few good stops in the run game.

Secondary: C+. Auburn’s secondary has had to make the lion’s share of the tackles this year, and it was certainly true in this game, as they contributed 31 total stops. It has taken its toll over 11 games, though, as often the first arriving member of the secondary didn’t get the ball carrier down. In their defense, Georgia has some big, strong receivers and running backs like Gurley, Michael Bennett, and tight end Arthur Lynch. Lynch was a big problem in coverage, and honestly, Murray didn’t go to him often enough.

Punting: C+. Steven Clark only punted 3 times in this one, allowing no returns and putting up a 40.0 yard average. Clark’s first two punts were good, traveling 48 and 41 yards. The last was a disaster, shanked for just 31 yards. It gave a surging Georgia offense the ball at Auburn’s 45 yard line, which the Bulldogs promptly cashed for a 38-37 lead.

Punt Returns: C+. There were no dropped balls on the ground on four Georgia punts, but the Tigers did run into the kicker once, which Georgia curiously declined. I’m not sure why they passed on 15 yards of field position, unless they were really THAT worried about Chris Davis. Davis did have 1 return for 6 yards, but Georgia largely did a good job of kicking away from him.

Kick Returns: C+. Georgia kicked off six times, and the best Auburn could do was 23 yard return by Tre Mason. An 18.0 yards per return average looks pretty poor on paper, but Georgia was using some non-standard kicks in this one, bouncing the ball, or sky-kicking it short.

Place-kicking: B+. Cody Parkey hit all 9 kickoffs for touchbacks, which means that Auburn didn’t have to worry about a kick coverage score. There was one blocked field goal attempt, but Parkey hit the other three attempts, plus all of his extra points. For the season, the senior is 13 of 17 on field goals, good for 7th place in the SEC in scoring with 89 points on the season.

Offensive Line: B+. It’s hard to fault a line that paves the way for 332 rushing yards against Georgia, and a 556 yard offensive day. However, there were problems late in this game, including an ineligible man downfield call on Reese Dismukes that wiped out a first down. Much like Auburn, Georgia rotates its defensive linemen liberally, and I think they somewhat wore the Auburn line down.

Running Backs: A. Again the Auburn backs ran hard, lost no fumbles, and made plays. I counted a few points off for a Tre Mason false start. Corey Grant got a bit more work in this game, and responded with some big tackle-breaking runs. Mason continues to close in on some Auburn records, and he posted 115 rushing yards.

Receivers: A-. In a year with a lot of dropped passes, Auburn receivers caught the ball in this one, including Ricardo Louis’ amazing grab to win the game. Louis was also a weapon in the running game, gashing the Bulldogs for big yards on speed sweeps and reverses. Auburn continues to block well on the edges, and the return of Brandon Fulse gave Auburn even more power running the ball between the tackles. Points off on a crucial holding penalty that killed a drive in the 4th quarter, on Melvin Ray. Quan Bray was also called for a hold earlier.

Quarterback: B+. Georgia did a better job than most teams at defending Nick Marshall, but he still finished with over 300 yards and no turnovers. Granted, his last pass was the wrong read, and underthrown, but it still added 73 yards to the stat page. I believe you have to throw deep some, and try to let your receivers make a play. Thankfully, it happened at the perfect time for the Tigers yesterday!

     Who predicted that Auburn would take 10 wins into the Iron Bowl, this year? Certainly not I! These Auburn Tigers have put together a pretty special year, whatever happens from here on out. And this team can go to Atlanta to play for the league title with a win over Bama. It’s not a conversation I figured we’d be having, that’s for sure!

     The 4th quarter of this Georgia game was one of the more gut-wrenching games I’ve watched in a while. It rivaled the first half of the 2010 Alabama game, where we all had high expectations, and it seemed to be all crashing down. Somehow, some way, these Tigers found a way to win a game against a rapidly improving Georgia squad. With 4 losses, Georgia is likely looking at an Outback bid at best, and possibly falling all the way to the Music City Bowl. They’ll have more time to heal, and they’ll be an even better team by then. Look for a mismatch in that one.

     The Auburn Tigers have played themselves into contention for SEC and national titles. My hat is off to this team, and they have my admiration and awe. It’s been one of the more fun teams to watch in my long tenure of watching the Tigers. War Eagle, folks! It is truly great to be an Auburn Tiger!



  1. restless6 says:

    Excellent analysis.

    I would give Jake props for defending that pass near the end, though.

  2. CapnVegetto says:

    We got lucky. Nothing more than that.

    For 3 quarters Auburn absolutely DOMINATED Georgia on both sides of the ball. Auburn looked like a BCSNC contender for 3 quarters. Better than Bama. Better than anybody.

    Then, in the 4th quarter, it was a TOTAL collapse. Beyond terrible. Both sides of the ball completely fell apart, and even Steven Clark shanked a kick. Every thing that they could possibly screw up, they did.

    Then a miracle happened on a misread, under thrown poor decision that won the game, and we walk out of there 10-1.

    I tell ya, for the first 3 quarters, I was thinking “FINALLY!! We are kicking the crap out of them! We’re not making mistakes and looking FAR superior to a VERY GOOD team that is getting healthy again. We had turned the corner. We weren’t just good, we were DAMN good. Then we collapse. Fall apart. Die. Piss it away. It was a collapse that the word ‘epic’ doesn’t even encompass.

    Thankfully the football Gods saw fit to bless us and repay us for Penn Wagers’s incompetence. As much as the leg humpers will whine, they blew a LOT of Auburn calls too.

    We won, but we’ve got a lot of work to do before the turds. Make no mistake, we CAN beat them. I would like nothing more than to lay a big steamer on their season.

  3. sparkey sparkey says:

    First of all, we didn’t run into the damn punter. The guy did an amazing acting job, but the only touch he got was his foot kicking a guy in the face. Damn, you took off points for that?!? You should really reconsider that comment if nothing else. Sorry, that comment just really irked me.

    Your decision to not mention the officiating by presenting specific blown calls is a mistake in my view. You simply cannot grade this game accurately without mentioning the refs of this game and their blown calls such as the phantom touchdown or the catch by Coates that somehow became an incomplete pass after it was a fumble ruled on the field both of which were garbage.

    Next, why is it nobody wants to address the elephant in the room? Holland was the glaring weakness that Georgia went at during the fourth quarter. Can someone explain to me why the hell he was on the field so damn much? Georgia kept going right at the middle to Jake Holland and he was powerless to stop it. If we want to beat our biggest rivals, we have got to stop playing Holland. We especially have to stop playing him in the fourth quarter.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled we won but there were some things about this game that made it much closer than it should have ever been. For one thing, I’m about damn tired of going conservative when the game is not out of reach for the opposing team. That reminds me way too much of how Tubberville would cost us victories. Next, we bring JJ in for one pass he makes a perfect throw and he never sees the field again? What the hell?

    It was a great win but I honestly think this was Gus’s worst job coaching all season. He blew several things against Georgia. Why did we not use Cameron Artis-Payne more? In the fourth quarter, that big strong guy would have been too much as the linebackers and secondary were exhausted. Fumbles maybe? Hell, with the punt that we had a fumble would have simply given us more time to drive down the field and not need a freakish play like that.

    The truth of it was we got complacent. We were much better than them. We got cocky and we stalled with the conservative play calling. I think you should put a C- on Gus this game. We have got to stop going so conservative when we get a lead. I don’t know, maybe he’s worried about our depth issues? Anyway, War Eagle everybody! Regardless of the frustrations that were there against Georgia, it is damn good to be 10-1! Now it’s time to go after the giant and see how special we can really make things!

    • mikeautiger says:

      Holland had to go in eclipse the starter hurt hids shoulder on a good stop solid tackle, maybe another stinger.

    • Jeff Holland Jeff Holland says:

      “Next, why is it nobody wants to address the elephant in the room? Holland was the glaring weakness that Georgia went at during the fourth quarter. Can someone explain to me why the hell he was on the field so damn much? Georgia kept going right at the middle to Jake Holland and he was powerless to stop it. If we want to beat our biggest rivals, we have got to stop playing Holland. We especially have to stop playing him in the fourth quarter”

      I’ve learned that everyone has their opinion and their right to have it. I have no issue with that and I am offering this response in a respectful tone. That said, if you can point out to me, specifically, any facts to support this general statement and blame directed toward Jake, I will support your statement. Yes, I am his dad but I also coached for 16 years, played myself and have another son that played college and professionally. I know the game. I know what we are doing defensively and I know when Jake makes a mistake and when he doesn’t. here are some facts:

      Jake graded very solid against UGA. The official stats show him with 6 tackles and 2 pass breakups. He had more on the coaches grade. If you watch the replay – even grading very strictly – most would score him with between 9 and 11 tackles. He did not have A SINGLE busted coverage…not one…for the entire game. That’s not my “opinion”. That’s just a fact from those that do it for a living. He did have two missed tackles. Neither hurt us but those were his mistakes. Jake also has a ton of responsibility pre-snap and anybody on the team or any coach can tell you his value there. They trust him and he gets it done there.

      On Georgia’s go ahead drive – the last 4 downs inside the 10 – Jake made plays on 1st, 3rd and 4th down. On 1st down, he tackled Gurley (assist). On 3rd down, he hit #82 very hard and broke up the pass. On 4th down, he tackled Murray (with Ryan Smith) at the goal line. Of course, they gave him the TD but it was clearly a stop.

      There is just no possible way I can even fathom how a trained eye could conclude he was the “glaring weakness” in the 4th quarter. It’s really quite the contrary. He get’s a ton of criticism and it’s often unwarranted. Sometimes it’s deserved. Not this time.

      We are Blessed he’s had an opportunity to play at Auburn. He loves Auburn from tip to tail. I would appreciate you taking my reply into consideration.

      War Eagle!

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        “On 4th down, he tackled Murray (with Ryan Smith) at the goal line.”

        Yes, it was a stop…’s just thoroughly unfortunate that the camera angles weren’t quite enough to overturn that call…….

        It is incredibly easy for us fans to sound off on what should or shouldn’t have happened on the field. It must be much harder to execute to perfection during a game. My heartfelt apologies for forgetting that every kid out there plays with their heart and soul on their sleeve. Jake is as much a part of this magical 10-1 season as any other Tiger out there on the field. The largest part of what has made this season successful is the chemistry of the team as a whole and not the strengths *or* weaknesses of one player or another. With that said, there’s no way that this season would have happened without Jake’s contributions. I am most appreciative! War Eagle!

        • Jeff Holland Jeff Holland says:


          What you said about chemistry; that’s so very true from my seat. I’ve seldom seen a bunch of players so unselfish and playing together as one unit. A lot of that has to do with the leadership – coaches and players – but it ultimately starts with the head man. It’s been special to watch and have an opportunity to be close to it. Your kind words are much appreciated.

          War Eagle!

          • sparkey sparkey says:

            I am not going to argue with a family member. I am not saying anything about him personally. I’m speaking about him on the field. I thank you for your son’s efforts for Auburn University. I have several plays that I have in mind but as I said I’m not going to argue with a family member. Thank you for your son’s efforts and War Eagle. I hope he has his best game come Saturday.

          • sparkey sparkey says:

            Next Saturday I mean.

      • Jeff Holland Jeff Holland says:

        Sparkey – thanks for taking my commentary into consideration. That’s all I was respectfully asking. No argument. Also, I agree, we need all hands on deck in maximum capacity for the last one!


        • sparkey sparkey says:

          I respect your son. I wrote an article on another site where I said he is easy to pick on for various reasons that aren’t his fault. Buck Fama! I hope Jake knocks Yeldon out of the damn game for what that jerk did and how he did his little flip right before he came to Auburn. Let’s give them something to think about for the last game!

      • zotus zotus says:

        Dear Mr. Holland,

        Common sense says that if a person is going to evaluate an Auburn player’s performance for a specific play, the evaluation would be very difficult, if not impossible, to do competently unless the person knew, prior to giving the performance appraisal, exactly what the player’s specific assignments, responsibilities, and objectives were for that play. Good to have someone join this discussion who has access to that knowledge. Hope you come back again soon.


        If you don’t mind giving us more of your insight about what happens at the Auburn Football Complex, I’d like to hear your comments about the following play involving Jake in the UGA game:

        ===> I might not have this play exactly right, but this is close: After the snap, UGA #3 (Gurley) came out of the right side of the UGA backfield and cut left, running at a shallow angle in front of Jake. Jake flows to his right — keeping distance — but, attentive to #3 … as, AU #24 (Smith) is closing on the outside edge, to Jake’s right. In the meantime, Dee Ford is getting pressure on the UGA QB. Then, bang, Ford gets there and Murray gets rid of the ball. The ball is out early (the sack avoided) and is traveling in the general direction of #3. The pass turns out to be thrown behind (the still on-the-move) Gurley … and, more in the direction of Jake. Jake reacts when he sees #3 react (as #3 might have reacted if a ball was thrown his way but behind him) … and, then Jake reacts to the ball (itself) as soon as the ball enters his field of vision. Jake gets his hands on the ball while it’s still in the air … but, he is handcuffed by it at his shoe tops … and, it falls to the ground as an incomplete pass.

        Q1: If you can tell us, what were Jake’s grades he received from his coaches, for that entire play … and, what were Jake’s specific responsibilities for that entire play?

        Q2: If you can tell us, what do you think Jake’s grades would have been from his coaches for that play, if Jake had decided to take his eyes off #3 for a second, turn his head more to the left in order to get a line of sight into the UGA backfield … and, then was able to see that Ford was closing in on the QB … and, then was able to see Murray’s pass when it was released … and, then was able to see the flight of the ball in time to move on it & catch it … and, then was able to score an Auburn touchdown?

        NOTE: It would not surprise me in the least, if a sizable percentage of football fans would give Jake much higher marks for a PICK-6 in that situation, than the grades that they would give him for the way he played it, regardless of Jake’s specific assignments on the play.

        P.S. Obviously, you know your X’s & O’s and what’s going on right now with the Auburn Tiger Football team … but, you may not have as much experience with football fan web sites. So, I’ll share with you my long running experience: I’ve observed that except for the LSU, UGA, and UAT trolls, most folks that post at Auburn football blog sites really wish the best for Auburn people … especially, those young men who proudly wear the burnt orange & navy blue. But, that doesn’t keep some Auburn folks from directing some ill will at some Auburn folks. It’s not the rule, but it happens … and, sometimes it gets to be personal. That’s the way college football blogs seem to work nowadays. Not excusing it, just thought you ought to know. WDE!

  4. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    You know it still irks me to hear Auburn described as one dimensional (Jesse Palmer and ESPN looking at you!). And Marshall? He’s phenomenal. Not a classical QB, but certainly has given us a spark and needed talent at that position.

    As much as our Tigers faltered in the 4th (excruciating doesn’t even cover it), Bama played a game that Even the Bullies could have won. The difference? We had 3 quarters of dominating football. These Tigers now know the feeling of what it means to have it all taken away. And they still managed to figure out how to get it done…even if it was dumb luck. But I will also say, that if Louis stopped running his route or had taken his eye off of the ball, there’s no way we would be having this conversation today. I believe it: it’s a new day! And those Updykes: Ready or not, Auburn’s comin’.

    With a bye this weekend, I think we escape having a let down game. It will take the full 60 minutes to beat the Tide; don’t squander it, you Auburn Tigers! War Eagle!

  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Did we deserve to win this game? Hell yes!!
    Did we deserve to lose this game? Hell yes!!
    Luckily Ricardo Louis took a solid gold, 4 leaf clover infused, horseshoe enema prior to the game and took advantage of a huge bulldog blunder by catching that tipped pass. What a catch by Louis, and other than Trovon Reed, if there was one player that I would NOT want to be in that situation, it was Louis. He has dropped SO many balls this year, its hard to imagine him making that play. But what a game he played. I’m glad he got a chance to atone for knocking down Mason on the 3rd and two.

    What a game.

    The only bad thing I can say is that when it got to crunch time we folded like a cheap suit. The first time all year we got outplayed in the 4th Qtr. I got to say, I am disappointed in Gus’ playcalling, late in the game. Other than showcasing Louis more than before, we really didn’t see anything new and certainly nothing that caught UGA off guard when we needed it in the 4th Qtr. They were giving us the middle of the field in the passing game and we kept throwing to the sidelines…..why? Oh well, we won, that’s all that matters. I hope Gus has something special on tap for Bama. After watching last nights game though, I wondering what he’s waiting for.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      BTW, you did an excellent job yesterday in the open thread. Lots of crazy emotions in the 2nd half….lots of negative thinking and you handled it all with aplomb. War Eagle!

      • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

        Thanks. Its not hard for me to remember that we REALLY stunk the last two years, so its kind of stupid to feed into that negative mentality when they really are trying hard and doing their best.


        • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

          RIGHT??!!! I realize that we aren’t world beaters, and I’m trying to go back in time and figure out when it happened that being 9-1 and potentially losing a tight game to a huge rival is grounds for the world to come crashing down…..I don’t get it. Now was I disappointed when Georgia went up to 38 at the end? Hells yes! I needed a giant chin wheel.

          Anyway, I don’t want to be that fan who thinks that anything less than an MNC is a gigantic waste of time. You know what total suckage is? 3-9, no SEC wins, big blowouts delivered by the most hated of rivals. That feels horrible. This season? Amazingly fun! I hope that some folks can look at the warts on this team, appreciate the copious amounts of positive things (eg 10-1, ripping victory from the jaws of Georgia–related: eat s**t Richt) and just stop long enough to remember what a truly crappy season looks and feels like, and recognize that this season (even with Jake Holland) doesn’t resemble suckage at all. I mean for crying out loud, we were picked last in the SEC. Last. Now we are playing Bama for the right to go to the SECCG. Anyway, I’m preaching to the choir on this one….but yeah, you know what I’m saying.

          • AUAlum69 says:

            AMEN TotM!!! I hate that it was close, but it felt wonderful to tear UGA’s heart out at the last minute. They’ve kicked us too many times. I would love for the Tigers to put Bama down, too. I so hate the snotty Bama and Dawg fans. If AU doesn’t put Bama down, I will be disappointed; but, I will still be totally proud of what the coaches and Tigers have done this season. They have So exceeded my expectations this year. I hope it doesn’t spoil us for next year.
            I just want to reiterate what has been said by so many… It’s Great To Be An Auburn Tiger.

  6. broken_towel broken_towel says:

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Bear Bryant

    Feed that one to any updykes that try to take away from this win.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I think that quote is attributed to Seneca. The Updykes probably plagiarized it much like they created imaginary national championships. I think their SID employees moonlight in North Korea.

      • TheFan says:

        Third Gen Tiger is correct, I’ve also seen it attributed to Darrel Royal but never the bahr. You’ll also see the Lombardi “this is the beginning of a new day…” quote mistakenly attributed to the bahr a lot as well…they think he said every notable quote in the history of man starting with the book o Genisis. Sad really.

  7. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    My thoughts

    I am glad Gurley was not 100%, he is a stud
    Aaron Murray will play on Sunday and play well
    Nick Marshall is a cool a customer as there is
    Penn Wagers does not belong in a striped shirt. That was the worst called game I have ever seen
    The “Immaculate Deflection” (my vote) should not have even happened. Murray did not score on 4th down
    We can beat Bama but not with a 4th quarter like that one
    Gus Malzahn is coach of the year hands down
    Thank goodness for a bye week
    Karma is a bitch
    Look out folks, Auburn is back!
    That is all

    • aufaninbr says:

      Well put!!! War Damn Eagle and, as always, BEAT bama:) We even have these fickle LSwho fans pulling for us now…that’ll change next year when we decimate them @ Jordan-Hare! Haha! Can hardly wait!

  8. SandMountainTiger SandMountainTiger says:

    The Immaculate Deflection. That’s really all I have to say.

  9. GRT2BAUTIGER says:

    I for one could not be more proud of this team for what they have accomplished this year. TRUE fight and determination is what you look for in a team and this team has got it. I will not second guess the play calling in the fourth quarter. Penalties and mistakes slowed us down – not play calling. Great teams make mistakes and battle back.
    I also don’t buy the notion that luck alone was the deciding factor in this game. Louis and this team play till the whistle is blown – that’s a sign of good coaching. UGA demonstrated poor discipline all night and when the game was on the line the defenders gave up on the play -also poor coaching. Someone please correct me as I am not a defensive back coach, but in that scenario aren’t players supposed to bat the ball down and weren’t both UGA defenders trying to make a play on the ball? If they bat the ball down they take over on downs on our 20? Run out the clock, whatever. Point is UGA’s coaching should be held accountable for sloppy fundamentals rather than diminishing what Auburn accomplished.

    War Eagle…Beat Bama

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Fundamentally, the UGA players should never have let Louis get deeper than they were. That’s a big boo-boo. Trying to intercept the ball on 4th down also isn’t smart, but it would have ended the game, and a coach will live with that.

  10. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    In the future, it would be very interesting to see how you would grade game officiating, and how you would grade each team’s coaching efforts.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      ……I’m not as certain on grading coaches. I’m in management myself, and really there’s no “ideal” way to coach. Different folks are motivated by different things. I’ll usually note dumb strategy or sloppy play that clearly reflects on the coaching, but that’s about it. For instance, I thought Georgia was crazy to decline the roughing the kicker penalty, and not kick it again, especially considering how many times Chris Davis has muffed the ball. Their guy routinely hits 50-yarders. They could have picked up a good bit of field position.

      …..As to officials, Penn Wagers has stuck out like a sore thumb for years, and I cringe every time he’s mentioned. The officials that do a good job, it’s hard to notice. Guys like Tom Ritter are like offensive linemen, very under-appreciated. Steve Shaw was a good one before he was bumped upstairs to run the SEC outfit.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        While there may be no certain way to coach, there may be some measureable fields that would be intetesting to gripe or rave about after the games. Clock management, drive killing penalties, 3rd down play calls, 1st down play calls, etc.

        Officiating in the SEC ia very difficult job, but some of the guys officiating (Wagers, Owens) should maybe be reassigned to the replay booth.

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        Acid, the penalty was running into the kicker not roughing the kicker. Running into the kicker is only a 5 yard penalty and is not the same as roughing the kicker which is a 15 yard penalty and an automatic 1st down. Had I been Richt I would have declined it as well… No need to give AU a second chance at an explosive special teams play with little chance to put AU in much worse field position.

        Good up… Just glad we won and the officiating was pathetic.

        • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

          …..Vince Dooley would have kicked it again. I remember Georgia winning at least two major bowl games in the 1980s because they punted late, trailing, and the returner dropped the ball. It did help us that the Dawgs didn’t want Mason, Grant or Davis to get a decent chance for a return.

      • mikeautiger says:

        I’m thinking it was a 5 yard running into the kicker call instead of a roughing the kicker penalty worth 15 yards. So therefore it would not have been enough for the first down.

  11. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    It was really looking like my 44-17 predixtion was going to happen at tge start of the fourth quarter. Coulda woulda shouda. I was IRATE when louis collided with Mason, Marshalls fault all the way. And the Murray TD was about as legit as a folex.

    But the memory made last night will be one I remember for the rest of my life. Those are the moments that we watch sports for. In that way it was far better than 44-17.

  12. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    Sorry to be so late but I just got back from Auburn. I saw it with my own cataract-less eyes and I still can’t believe it happened to Auburn. It’s usually someone else that has a play like that one. It was the greatest play I’ve seen since the field goal that defeated Oregon in the 2010 BCS Championship. It will stand right up there with “Punt ! Bama Punt!’ and “Bo over the top!”! I have been an Auburn Tiger for fifty years and I couldn’t be more proud of these wonderful Tigers of ours, down to the last man. They have heart and don’t know what the word “quit” means. They believe they can win and they have won. One game at a time and one more Big One to go. On paper, it doesn’t look good, but, the game will be played in Jordan-Hare Stadium on Pat Dye Field. As Pat Dye said when he was hired, “It will take 60 minutes to be Bama!” These 2013 AUBURN TIGERS know how to play for 60 minutes. It can happen.


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

    BEAT BAMA !!!

  13. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    My afterthoughts:

    My hangover got better around 11AM today
    The replay official in the booth yesterday was Stevie Wonder
    What is the difference between Jay Prosch and a bulldozer…nothing
    Gus is a class act….”Waffle House night”, I love it
    Anyone got Penn Wagers email address, I want to ask him what game he was watching yesterday
    Good coaching makes great things happen.
    My Toomers tree got rolled big time last night, my yard looks like a Halloween prank
    I love TOTM’s fire for the UGA game
    I am now in full out Hate Bammer mode. Got to get my neon AU signs out, one for the house window and one for the car window

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      You’re welcs……don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of Fire for the Updykes. The thing is though, there’s something ‘safe’ about hating on Georgia. Perhaps they get a little hostile, but you never truly fear bodily injury or have to worry about any landmarks getting outright destroyed.

      The whining about Cam was one thing, the defamation of a coach’s wife was another. But, then there’s Toomer’s. After we lost the Oaks, my relationship with that rivalry is different……there’s still hate, but it’s this calm steely smoldering loathing for all things crimson and white, for all things Saban (unless he decides to go to Texas), for the high road and the dirt road contingencies. Can’t stand them. Any of them. Found myself rooting for the Bullies last night…yuck! Oh, it’s on! IT’S ON!!!!!!

  14. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I was with friends during this game, a fair amount that don’t care about football, and some Crimson-affiliated folks. When Auburn went up 37-17 in the 4th quarter, I was confident that everyone had survived any histrionics from me. Wow, was I wrong! I was a pretty bitter, critical man as Auburn blew a 20 point lead. It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t running the play-by-play on the live thread on this one. When that hail-Mary tip drill happened, I remember being dumbfounded and lost for words. Folks around me swear that I shrieked for 30 full seconds, jumping up and down on a small wooden chair. I’m not sure I believe all that, but I sure was elated! It didn’t take long to realize that Georgia still had timeouts, 25 seconds, and Aaron Murray. I was a tense, pacing maniac till Dee Ford ended their dreams.

    …..I don’t eat out much, but I do appreciate Waffle House. It took me years to figure out how to match, then surpass what they do with hash browns. I’ve loved those things since I was a kid. They use vegetable shortening to cook those things in. A mix of bacon grease and real butter is better! Well, not better for your arteries, but for taste.

    …..I’ve watched the game a second time while frying up some Florida okra, quick steaming some frozen Green Giant Broccoli, and grilling some cheap Sam’s Club sirloins this evening. I probably owe Penn Wagers an apology. He and his bunch did get a few calls right, that looked wrong on first glance. His grade jumps from an F minus to a D+.

    …..From here on out, we lay it on the line for Bama, and may the team that plays the best win. I’m looking forward to it, for a change. Inside, the last two years, I’ve known we had no chance. The team will have to have great play all around, but this team can do it.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      I actually had to leave the room for the last minute…granted there was a poopy diaper that simply would not wait. Fastest diaper change of all time. Heard my husband screaming and made it back for the replay. I asked him if it was a joke… he had been propping me up the entire 4th quarter. When Georgia got the ball back…..well I was the one that kept saying, “No. They’ve come this far; they aren’t giving up. Not now”. Still didn’t feel safe until the clock hit zero………

  15. restless6 says:

    Off topic, but the Mobile Press Register has a article on, calling Auburn a refuge for criminals. It’s infuriating and insulting to Auburn, and I plan to the editor tomorrow and probably call too. I hope the Auburn media dept. caught it too, and will act accordingly.

  16. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    We comin’

  17. mikeautiger says:

    I am proud of our team. And I am proud to say I predicted a 10 win season with a possibility of more. My dad used to say I was overly optimistic bit I just believe in the Auburn Spirit. Let’s look at the facts we had 3 years of offensive players Gus had recruited supposedly as teller class each year. Then we had some talent on the defensive side of the ball according to the recruitment gurus. We knew offense would get in line bit we needed a QB and I felt like Gus could bring Wallace along, but Frazier lost his confidence so if Wallace could be a Todd I felt like we could be pretty good on offense. Defense we got EJ and he had a history of doing well even with first year D. I felt if we could get past a few games early we could get 8 games. Then the Auburn spirit and know how we could get 2 of the big 4 LSU, TAM, GA, or, AL of the D matured by the end of the year. Then if we could get a few breaks we might get a shot at bigger things.

    The bakers have been telling me all year we would not beat GA or bamer….bit that’s because they do not understand the Auburn Spirit. Gus has renewed that spirit and the sky is the limit and .almost everyone is coming back next year!

    I picked AU over GA 43 – 30 & if you don’t count the no touchdown I only missed by 1. We will beat Bama by 8 or 9 points or 15 or 16, got to listen to the gut a little more before I confirm the score. But we will win.

    PS Jake Holland, commonly know as Mashmallow Boy around my house because he is big, white and slow and soft as a marshmallow, he tries hard, actually stopped GA QB in his tracks and pushed him back til the knee went down on the bad TD call. Proud of that effort.

    Do you believe. I believe…see you at the Iron Bowl for another victory celebration.

    • War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

      Im with you bro. Im feeling better about the uat game by the minute. I’m thinking a 5 to point win sounds about right. Im betting AJ is scarred to throw the tough balls due to his poor show against the Bullies.

  18. friedca friedca says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster. That game was freaking incredible, no doubt about it. It has been said before but the turnaround this season is nothing short of amazing. You could tell halfway through the season last year that the players had given up on themselves and their coach. For Gus to come in and take those same players and get them conditioned and focused and back to a cohesive unit is coach of the year stuff. Are we perfect? No absolutely not. Was the 4th quarter terrible? Yes, however this was our first bad 4th quarter this season and we survived. Very happy my mom got to see her first BIG Auburn game live.

    Alabama is the final exam as far as I’m concerned. I hope the players take everything they have learned and put it to perfectly to use. I hope Gus gets less conservative with his play calling when we are up. Until they can prove they can stop the run and hope we just pound the ground as much as possible before going to the air. Marshall can pass now, no doubt about that, but the run is our bread and butter.

    I keep up with running game thread each week and sometimes i question whether some posters are fans or not. Does the board have many fans who aren’t Auburn fans?

  19. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    Their are just some who aren’t happy unless they’re b!tchin.