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Tidbits around College Football (with poll)

By on December 3rd, 2014 in Football 12 Comments »


It’s purely speculation as to whether or not he takes what is now being called a ‘true’ offer extended by Malzahn to be the next Auburn DC.  Up to this headline I felt that pigs would fly before Muschamp returns to the Plains for a DC position.  Here’s why: Muschamp now has a taste of the HC position. Granted, his interview surrounding his performance in that category would not be highly praised, but maybe it’s beneficial to teams outside of the SEC looking for that SEC flair. 

I know that’s a stretch, but it’s a thought before I say he just regresses back to an old role.  It does seem as though a DC position is his immediate fit (possibly in the NFL as well).  The other thought is (and I’m no history buff on this note) to name an SEC HC who was fired and immediately returned to an old position at their former SEC employer.  Yes, he has some time in between the two stops but still.  With those thoughts I just did not see his return as a real option…and it still may not be.

CFP Latest Rankings

Am I the only one who sees FSU falling to #4 as a clear sign that EVERYONE outside of Tallahassee wants to see them lose?  How’s that you ask?  Pitting them against the #1 team in the first round of the playoffs would prove their mettle, whoever that #1 team ends up being. I also like the situation which puts FSU vs. Bama first, so that BOTH teams have that opportunity to lose in the inaugural playoff. Unless you’re one of the folks who would still pull for Bama to keep the SEC reign over trophies.

Auburn’s Bowl Game

Let’s get some speculation on this – Music City, Outback…?  Louisville, Wisconsin?  What in the heck will our defense look like?


Which Bowl invitation do you think Auburn will receive?

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  1. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    If Bret leaves Arky for Nebraska, maybe Arky should hire Petrino back to add to the SEC carousel.

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..There could still be movement in the rankings. Oregon, FSU and Bama all play division winners this week. As does Ohio State. My guess is that TCU’s position is precarious, given that the Big 12 doesn’t have a championship game.

    …..My hope is for Auburn to end up in a bowl game where my work schedule doesn’t interfere. The Independence is on a Saturday afternoon after Christmas. The Liberty would be bad. It’s on Monday, the 29th in the early afternoon. I might get to see the 4th quarter. The Music City is on Tuesday the 30th, again an afternoon game.

    ….The Chick Filet has moved to noonish, on New Year’s Eve. Outback is early New Year’s Day. I don’t see us making as good as the Cap One or the Cotton. The Birmingham Bowl is on Saturday afternoon, Jan 3.

    …..So, Independence, Outback or Birmingham are my best bets to watch the whole game live.

    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      As my slightly less fanatical Auburn wife says, “That’s why you record games!” Hope you can make it to watch ’em live, but just replaying it and pretending you don’t know what happened is a close second.

      • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

        …..I can’t do that! I’m a spoiler guy. Even if I’m unable to watch, I’m going to be cheating looks at the online scoreboard whenever I can!

        …..If I actually go to the theater to watch a movie I’m interested, you can bet I’ve researched the plot…

  3. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    – Who knows…maybe Muschamp figured out he’s not cut out for the HC position and he got paid to figure that out. He didn’t seem the type to play the PR role that is needed for the HC position. Maybe he will be happy going back to coordinating. We shall see wherever he goes.
    – How about FSU falling out of the top 4 even if they win the ACC and get bumped by a Big12 champ with no CC game…? I personally would love it but maybe it’s better for them to get drummed by any of the group so we can close the Winston college football chapter.
    – Hope we get the Outback so I can go.
    – I’m enjoying the coaching carousel since we have our HC in place but what is UF thinking? Colorado St??? Am I missing something? I know they had a good season but its the Mountain West. Looks like McElwain might end up in a bidding war with UF/UM/Neb

  4. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    At this point I was just assuming that the rankings stay ‘as-is’ through championship weekend (understanding that anything can happen). I’d bet that FSU jumps to 3rd anyway after it is all said and done considering Gtech is 11th or so, correct? That would be a good win in the eyes of those who take rankings seriously.

    I hope that we can make a move on a DC quickly so that those talks don’t interfere with the Bowl Game outlook and readiness.

    McElwain would bring the Saban lore with him. Still a hot commodity is anyone that has coached with Saban in T-Town. I think it was clear that FL wants to move in a different direction with the hire, so an Offensive guy seems to be their main focus. McElwain has improved the program at Colorado St. since he’s been there so he has that going for him as of recent.

  5. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I’m not surprised Muschamp would want to come to Auburn. His family loved being here before and it’s closer to his wife’s family in Georgia, but – was a little surprised that we would offer him. I voted for Gator Bowl, just because it’s been a while since we played in Jacksonville.

  6. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Any speculation on who we’d play in said Gator Bowl? Who takes the reigns of the D for the bowl game?

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      Possibly Maryland. I would guess defense will be run by New DC with a lot of input (if he is retained) from Charlie Harbinson who is a former DC himself.

  7. friedca friedca says:

    I really don’t want to be that fan, but I just can’t root for a Bama team to win out no matter how good it makes the SEC look. My dad is a life long Alabama fan and I know it broke his heart a little when I didn’t go (Bama doesn’t offer Navy ROTC). So throughout the years, unless it has benefited our respective teams, we root for each others squads. We usually give it a week after the Iron Bowl before we talk to one another again to give the loser a time to cool off.
    I can’t root for them this year though. Alabama’s alumni are made up of great people who are good fans. Unfortunately for Bama (or fortunately if your the AD) Bama has a fan-base that extends far beyond alumni. Those fans make up some of the worst in the country in any sport. It’s embarrassing for the state when these fans make headlines for sending death threats to their players and coaches, poisoning other teams property, and literally killing each other over a game. I think the whole program could use a good kick to the nuts, and a loss in either the NC or playoff game would do that. I will however pull for them vs FSU if that is a semifinal game. Jimbo Fischer should have a cameo as a Sith Lord in the new Star Wars movie.
    As far as our bowl game my only wish is that we get an interesting opponent and we get to see JJ lead a couple of plays. Of course give Nick Marshall most of the game, but I think it would be a good preview of whats to come if they gave JJ the reigns for a quarter.

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I’ve always said, I can’t lose when Bama plays someone other than Auburn. Either I can watch ’em with a bit of state/SEC pride if they are winning, or I can snicker if they aren’t doing so well!

    …..My dad attended Alabama, my mother is an Auburn alumnus. My dad supported both teams, while my mother really didn’t like Bama at all! Of course, most of her family were Bama fans, and gave her a pretty hard time.

    …..Jimbo Fisher is no Sith Lord. He’s more like one of those whiney Trade Federation leaders. “I assure you, Jameis is perfectly legal!”

  9. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Good ‘ol Jimbo… Man he got dealt a devil’s hand. Takes over a great program after a legend with a Heisman trophy winner and National Championship ring only to regress in the decency department the very next year! Winning has got to be great at FSU right now but at the same time Jimbo has got to have his own Winston countdown to draft day on hand. It’s like one of those ‘be careful for what you wish for’ stories… The Monkey’s Paw. Jimbo has been downgraded as a likable person in my eyes.. Ugh, the shiver just thinking about him and his golden ticket QB. Boo That Man!!