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The Turds are melting down

By on December 11th, 2012 in Football, Member Post 16 Comments »

Big news on Finescum today. Turns out the rumor is out that the BCS Championship game will be Satans last. Needless to say there is a meltdown going on in Turdaloosa.


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I listened to a bit of that on the way home, and even Finebaum admitted that he thinks it’s really a load of hot air cooked up by a Boston “journalist” looking to fill a dead week with some college football “news.”

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    While it would be funny… and somewhat poetic, I honestly could care less what Saban does.

    I mean he is a good coach and hires good coaches to work for him. He knows how to recruit and develop talent. If you want to emulate someone… I think you could do much worse than him. He sets the bar pretty high.

    Still, I seriously doubt if Steve Spurrier is still kicking… why we would expect any different from Nick Saban. I would imagine that his life is wrapped up in the game. At this point, while he is on top, it would be difficult to walk away from it.


  3. spanky says:

    Details please???

  4. mikeautiger says:

    He is scared like all the other gamers that with Malzon running his full offense he will not be able to keep up especially as it looks like we might have a decent defense too.

    For him not to stay and try to beat out Bear’s record of NCs would show he is a quiter and a looser.

  5. bigdaddyweave says:

    With out Sabans influence bama was lost. He is the reason we watch bama more than LSU.We have been challenged thru his coaching.Its put up or shut up time.Just don’t make Gus bigger than GOD when it gets turned around.

  6. wilderr wilderr says:

    Makes sense to me. It will take a turd to take the browns to the Super Bowl! Pun intended.

  7. TigerintheHass TigerintheHass says:

    Hmmm… interesting Finebaum would say this rumor is unsubstantiated. I seem to remember the phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire” being used on his show a LOT in 2010 in regards to Camgate.

    If Saban leaves I will not blame him – when every win is just a relief, no fun anymore. He may want to prove he can succeed in the NFL.

  8. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    Since I don’t listen to Finescum and rely on a friend who can tolerate it to give me the highlights I will mine some more info from him later after todays show and see if there is anything substantial. I doubt there will be.

  9. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    What right thinking individual listens to Finebaum? Thats really a rhetorical question.

    Well if Saban leaves….and I can’t imagine why he ever would be so stupid since he could win another 5 championships before the end of the decade….I doubt it would be for the reclamation project that is the Cleveland Browns. I know Tuscaloosa is no garden spot, but Cleveland??? The only job in the NFL I could possibly see him leaving for would be the Dallas Cowboys….IF Jerry Jones agreed to give him total control, which aint gonna happen. A challenge? Sure, But it isn’t a challenge that his personality can succeed at. Saban truly has the best job in football. He is winning championships at a place that only cares about winning and thinks he is on par with their other God….is there a better situation for a narcissist like Saban? I think the guy could get away with commiting murder in front of 100 people in Tuscaloosa, as long as they had plush or plastic Elephant hats on. “He/she had it coming. Probably loves Scam Newton!! We LOVE YOU BEA…er NICK!!!”, they would say.

  10. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    So, I was listening to Finebaum yesterday (and Col., I’m more ‘left’ thinking…for the record); I’ve become a bit of a WJOX addict. I tuned in during the coaching search, and now I can’t turn it off. …I’m not proud, but it is what it is….MOVING ON…

    I was seriously shocked by the amount of TIME that Fienbaumenites spent talking about a hypothetical apocalypse (yes, hyperbole is totes necessary)….literally hours. It was full of hilarity. Particularly, when Finebaum said, ‘You know, Saban can end this speculation right now. It’s simple, he can call the show and end the speculation right now. He’s got my number. I don’t know why he doesn’t call and settle things.’. It wasn’t just his listeners melting down….Finebaum might need valium.

    …Now the trick will be to convince Dear Paul to hold his breath until Saban calls…two birds, one stone,people. Don’t ever think that I’m not looking out for the greater good….

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Article in the paper today that saying that Nick ain’t going nowhere.

      I guess that is Finebaum’s way of keeping things real. He knows they are an ungrateful bunch.

      BL: the neckkers don’t need to uproot their mobile homes. Can you imagine what that would do? I – 65 would look like an RV park. God forbid!