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The Taste of Dawg Tears is Bittersweet in Tracker’s Crystal Ball

By on November 17th, 2013 in Member Post 6 Comments »

Maybe I’m spoiled. Maybe I’m delusional. What I really feel is that some potential joy has been taken from me and it can’t be gotten back. I’m ecstatic over the fact we finally beat the dawgs. So what if we knocked them out with a horseshoe. That was bonus joy and their tears should be hydration for my soul. We tore them up with 2 quarters of body blows, but getting FG instead of touchdowns was killer early on.

Kudos to the their D and a learning opportunity for our offense. Our complacency in the second half was a heaping helping of humble pie for our players. Take your focus off your task even for a moment and the wheels can come off in a hurry. That speed bump was well timed and thanks to the immaculate deflection we have a looming showdown with the tide.

Here’s what no one wants to hear. Their is a cap on just how much joy we can get from the remainder of this season and that stinks. This is the part where I guess I’m spoiled. We’re bringing our horseshoe, still covered in blood and dog hair, back into JHS and hunting larger prey. We’ll beat bama and it will feel awesome. We will beat Mizzou in the SECCG and HOLY COW! Talk about TigerTrek: The Wrath of Malzahn what a blockbusting turnaround. Hey Auburn, you’re SEC champs. I mean the SEC has won 7 national titles in a row. Winning the SEC is like Charlie unwrapping the golden ticket to Wonka’s factory. I mean other than the first few plays of the LSU game and last night when you kept stepping on your  own#@$% you guys have been getting consistently stronger every week. You’re in! <RING, RING> Sorry man, I hate to take calls when I’m standing in front of someone, but it’s 2004 Auburn calling. I mean I can’t ignore those guys right??

And this my friends is why for me these Dawg tears are bittersweet. Because the inevitable is coming. I’d like to thank CGM and the Tigers for their effort and sacrifice. In total 2 Auburn teams will have approached the precipice only to see a “Tigers not allowed” sign posted a safe distance away from the edge. The BCS has smitten us before, once during an undefeated season and again when the Tide backdoored a championship without winning the conference.

It’s only fitting it gets in one more haymaker before its demise. And that is why I’m so confident we will beat both bama and mizzou and we will still be denied the mere possibility of that pinnacle of joy that we shared in 2010.  So with that I say farewell BCS and pour some of these dawg tears on to douse the flame.

Come on Tigers and lets ride some momentum into 2014 and a top 5 ranking to start the year. I’m not mad at you. Just mad at the system and it’s finally going away! Bring on the playoffs, BEAT BAMA, and let’s at least squeeze all the joy we can out of whatever happens!


  1. spanky says:

    Nice up except I think we’ll be playing the Game Cocks instead of Missouri. I doubt they will be able to beat aTm.

  2. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Just win baby.

  3. DaZeD DaZeD says:

    Here is a DogTear Cocktail…if only we can find the following 4 ingredients…

    Okie State downs Baylor @ home this weekend…
    Mich State trips up Ohio State in the Big “whatever” CG
    Auburn beats Bama
    Auburn beats the * Faux Beast from the East Division in our CG

    We would jump ORE in a Malzahn Minute…no doubt! Problem for me is “does anyone” really want FSU right now? Give Malzahn 30 days to prepare, and Auburn will be their huckleberry. War Eagle! Just beat Bammar and let the chips fall where they may!

    * After UGA, I don’t see anyone (missou or usce) else in the East that would instill fear in our Tigers

  4. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Maty Mauk reminds me of Aaron Murray. Mizzu’s other QB, the original starter, is a baller too. A game with them could devolve into an all too familiar shoot out scenario. I’m not sure about their defense, but from what little I have seen of them, our only obstacle would be ourselves.

  5. DadeCityEagle says:

    How bout we just work on beating bama and worry about the rest later? This season has already exceeded everyone’s expectation. It’s all down hill from here.