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The SEC, BCS and Playoffs

By on October 18th, 2012 in Member Post 2 Comments »

Aside from Auburn’s woeful season, I’d like to look at the situation regarding the SEC in the BCS and moving into the 4 team playoff system.

The first week of the BCS standings this season revealed 4 SEC teams in the top 7.  Bama – 1, Florida – 2, LSU – 6, SC – 7.  What does that tell me?  It says that the SEC is in better shape for an all SEC title game than it was a year ago when Bama ended up playing LSU.  It also says that a four team playoff could very well showcase three SEC teams, heck maybe even four. Especially so, had SC not lost to LSU.  The top three would have been Bama, FL, SC.

As it stands Bama’s backup plan is LSU out of the West and Florida’s backup plan is SC out of the East.  Let’s assume Bama stays undefeated and plays an undefeated Florida in the SEC title game.  If Florida loses then a one loss Florida should play Bama again in the title game, right?  I mean, LSU’s only loss last year was to a #1 Bama team. 

What if Bama loses to LSU and then in the SEC title game?  LSU should be in the NC game with its only loss to #2 Florida right?  And maybe an undefeated Florida is the team to beat Bama in the SEC title game so Florida would be playing LSU for the NC, right?

I’m not even taking into consideration an undefeated Miss.St. team and a one loss UGA in all this either.

All this effort to get a playoff and a 4-team playoff isn’t looking all that promising for anyone outside of the SEC.  It’s just a matter of time before everyone is shouting for an 8 or 16 team playoff.



  1. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I agree. If the SEC continues to place at least two teams in the 4-team playoff model, It won’t be long before cries will be coming forth to expand the MNC model to eight teams or more.

    However, it won’t get much traction because the new plan has contractual tie-ins for the next 12 years. Of course, wouldn’t it be nice to see a lot of Big 10 and Pac 12 schools going to court to try to take away from the SEC what they can not do on the field?

    Good post Jonathan.

  2. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Yes, it is pretty crazy how all of this has unfolded over the past decade. Just when the ‘know it alls’ at ESPN claim the SEC’s reign is coming to an end this year, it produces even more machismo than ever before as the season has worn on. Although I can do without the Bama love that ESPN shells out on a minute by minute basis then tries to deny it on TV… example – Kirk Herbstreit claiming that Bama at #1 year in and year out is out of their control, but it’s funny that pre-season polls are developed and created by the same guys who diss the notion that they have no control.
    With schedule performance to-date you would have to really wonder where everyone would be ranked starting at week 8. Heck, ND would probably be #1.

    If you really wanted an even playing field, do away with pre-season top 25 polls, only rank in conference predictions preseason, and then use the first BCS poll in week 8 to sort out the top 25 across the country.

    I just it, I’m not able to implement it. I’ll be here all week though [bow, bow – “Peace Out”]