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The Prognostication Stipulation: (predicting college football winners for week 7)

By on October 8th, 2014 in Member Post 3 Comments »

1965 Auburn versus Mississippi State

Many fans get excited when they see their team climb in the Top 25 polls. Speaking for me, I don’t plan to take them seriously until we get an invite to the playoff. Why? Simply because polls do nothing except demonstrate anomalies in teams that are resolved or answered during the course of the season. But isn’t it funny that now, Auburn get’s some love from the voters?

Poll Release:

USA Today Coaches Poll:

  1. Florida State (44)




  1. AUBURN (16)




  1. Baylor (1)




  1. Ole Miss




  1. Notre Dame




  1. Mississippi State




  1. Alabama




  1. Michigan State




  1. Oklahoma




    10.  Georgia




AP Poll:

  1. Florida State (35)




  1. AUBURN (23)




  1. Mississippi State (2)




  1. Ole Miss




  1. Baylor




  1. Notre Dame




  1. Alabama




  1. Michigan State




  1. TCU




    10.  Arizona




Don’t take the polls too seriously. Look for them to change again this week as we sift the wheat from the chaff.

This week’s game schedule:

Thursday night game:

Washington State versus Stanford25: These pesky Cardinals from California have lost two very competitive games by a grand total of 6 points against USC and Notre Dame. While most are impressed that people from California even like football, I find it absolutely amazing that Stanford recruit as well as they do. An SEC school like say Vandy could learn a thing or three from Stanford. Now if they could only get a coach from there! On Thursday night on ESPN the mad old Pirate Mike Leach brings his hungry kitties to town. They are trying to right their ship by looking for a win against a ranked team and find their way back to post season play. They have lost four games by a combined score of 22 points. These kitties aren’t such an unranked lollipop that some might think. If you want proof just ask the Utah Utes who only last week scalped UCLA. They lost to Leach in week 4. With all this parity in college football it makes picking football games pretty tough! The official line is Stanford -17. My only problem with that, even though the game is at their home stadium, Stanford’s offense has a mental block in putting points on the board against teams that have defenses. As a result, I think the mad old Pirate and his defense gets it done. A vast ye Mate! In a first half battle that will put a smile on Bluebeard– the cougars will find a way to drag the bird’s carcass back to the boat! In a close one! Washington State!

Washington State 31 –Stanford 28

Saturday games:

Florida State1 versus Syracuse: In another ho-hum game against another no-name ACC opponent the Seminoles gallop up to New York to scalp some orange men. With the entire ruckus about Jamis Winston getting staler than a brick hard loaf of bread he has all but ruined any chance for him to be considered again for the Heisman. It’s gotten so bad that here lately brother Jimbo is picking fights with ESPN media moguls in order to keep his merry band relevant at all. Anyone want to bet that next season FSU pay’s closer attention to their schedule? I predict they will be replaced at #1 next week in both polls. In a blow out!! FSU!

FSU 63 – Syracuse 3

Auburn2 versus Mississippi State3: This game is the GAME OF THE WEEK since it is a valid battle of SEC unbeatens. Last week, the cow bell banging bull dogs dominated the Aggies from Texas A&M from start to finish. While the Aggies added window dressing late to make the score look somewhat more reasonable – it was obvious from the expressions on A&M fans faces that they had stepped in something nasty when they found themselves behind in points against a very good MSU team. To date, MSU has played Southern Miss, UAB, South Alabama, LSU and A&M. In all these matches they have yet to face a balanced team. That changes on Saturday. Normally when MSU plays at home the edge goes to them namely because they are used to the noise generated by their bell toting fan base. It’s a definite game changer. This week a familiar face returns to Starkville: the Tigers from Auburn. The last time they were in Starkville Auburn lost by 18 points. Auburn has a decent team that has a pretty good memory. Last week Auburn dispelled the previous myths about its long time nemesis LSU. And while noise can bother the meanest kitty, it won’t bother Auburn. Why? They are proven by fire from battle field in Manhattan against a ranked KSU team and coaching genius of Bill Snyder. That venue was just as loud as Starkville. Both teams are healthy so in the end, it comes down to coaching and preparation. Mullen is a decent offensive minded coach with the difficult task of coaching in Mississippi. This week he has been celebrating and obviously enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. I believe he is ogling the soon to be vacant Florida job. Beat Auburn and it’s his to decline. Lose, hey, there is always a job open in Kansas. But his opponent is Gus Malzahn an offensive genius in his own right. He has taken Auburn to the top of the mountain last year and appears to have this year’s team ready for a repeat ride. Mullen’s and the MSU bull dogs some noise but in the end they get thrown under the Gus Bus by these tested and tough tigers! Auburn wins by two TDs pulling away in the 4th QTR!

Auburn 42 – MSU 28

The rest of the Top 25 and a look at how we did with last week’s predictions after the jump:

Ole Miss3 versus Texas A&M14: Hugh Freeze and the Black Bears of Mississippi take a trip down I-20 and travel South as the crow flies finding themselves in College Station, Texas. Still high from last week these same bears mauled a decent bama team in front of their head coach Nick Saban, the committee selecting the final four, and the Gazillons bama fans the world over. I’d lay odds they would come close to walking on air. Mississippi lost to bama in nearly every facet of the game except where it counts – the score board. This week they are paired against a lesser Texas A&M team that was demolished last weekend in Starkville. Unbelievably, the Las Vegas odd makers predict A&M as a few point favorite. No doubt they have a good offense… but Ole Miss has the best secondary in the SEC. Kevin Sumlin will have the Aggies and the 12th Man ready to play but it will be Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze in the end that walk off the field victorious! In a close one: Ole Miss

Ole Miss 42 – Texas A&M 41

TCU9versus Baylor6: In a battle for supremacy in the big twelve this week’s matchup has Gary Patterson’s horn frogs facing Art Briles Baylor Bears. Can you say awesome? While I know that Baylor has a great team, I think Patterson has the frogs ready to play. This is the perfect statement game. Last year, Baylor won by a 3 point margin in Dallas. This week, TCU travels to Baylor’s new on campus stadium on the Brazos river. It will be a tough, defensive battle. I think it comes down to quarterbacks. Since Bryce Petty is a senior I am going with him. In a close one: Baylor!

TCU 31 – Baylor 34

The rest of the Top 25 and a look at how we did with last week’s predictions after the jump:

North Carolina versus Notre Dame6: The tar heels of North Carolina and Larry Fedora come traipsing into South Bend to face the Irish of Notre Dame. You may remember Larry from Southern Mississippi fame. Since his arrival at North Carolina he has yet to do anything. This trend continues on Saturday. Irish win big at home!

North Carolina 10 – Notre Dame 28

Alabama7 versus Arkansas: You never know how you do after a loss. I seem to remember this from someone important recently? Oh yeah. It was Nick Saban after the Ole Miss loss last week! We learned a lot from that game. Namely – bama may have talent on the roster but its a few years away yet. If Nick doesn’t watch it – bama could end up 9-3 or 8-4. Make no mistake, it could all start this weekend. This razorback team has a great stable of running backs. And did I mention a decent offensive line? Bama could once again find itself in trouble and playing from behind. Perhaps this is where Blake Sims becomes famous? Or maybe Bret Bielema gets his first win? Or maybe Lane Kiffen finds a way to redeem himself after last week’s debacle? If Arkansas continues to lose I think Bielema might fall victim to the coaching hot seat at the end of the season. The Kiffen’s probably shouldn’t unpack either because if the vibes I am getting are to be believed he will narrowly escape being let go before the end of the year. This game sure doesn’t have the same mystic as it had in the preseason does it? In a close one: bama!

Alabama 28 – Arkansas 24

Michigan State8versus Purdue: When was the last time Purdue was a competitive program with the major contenders of their conference? I am thinking Drew Brees was the QB. That was a long, long time ago. Sparty comes into this game on Saturday understanding what’s at stake. I think they get it done. Again. And in so doing they keep the Big Ten’s hopes alive.

Michigan State 35 – Purdue 14

USC versus Arizona10: What did anyone think about a first year head coach; did they think he could potentially win the whole thing? Come on. That just doesn’t happen. Oh wait. Well, maybe Steve Sarkisian can do it next year, with a lot of help from Pat Hayden. I say all that because the travel to Arizona won’t do much for USC’s chance on Saturday. Looking on the other side of the field, Rich Rodriguez is battle tested. In another word: proven. He has run big time programs at Michigan and West Virginia and took an apparent down grade to be happy. Regardless of where he is – whatever he is doing seems to be working wonders. I think the trend of dominating the PAC 12 continues this Saturday. Arizona wins!

USC 17 – Arizona 24

Texas versus Oklahoma11: Can anyone else believe that the Red River Rivalry doesn’t mean squat this year?? When is the last time that happened? It doesn’t get b movie status! The big game in the big twelve is in Waco – not Dallas. I can only imagine the chagrin of those in the Jerry dome! Oh the audacity! Still, Strong has his self-culling team playing even if they are losing. Texas has been competitive in a couple of games.However, if he keeps it up and has a losing record – he may find himself on the wrong side of the ledger at the end of the season. I don’t care who he knows in the NFL. In a blow out: Oklahoma!

Texas 10 – Oklahoma 35

Oregon12versus UCLA18: Oh the mighty have fallen! Last week these two teams were wondering who to invite to the big party at the end of the season being teams getting to play in the first ever play off for the National Championship. This week? They are clawing to stay alive in their conference. In a battle that will be underappreciated until later – UCLA wins in a shootout!

Oregon 35 – UCLA 38

Georgia13 versus Missouri23: Have you noticed that these two teams have quietly crept back into the Top 25? While Missouri has the better QB Georgia has the better running back. I am not sure who has the worst defense. It’s not scientific but the loser is potentially out of the running in the SEC East and playoff picture. Regardless, I think the home team wins! Missouri in a squeaker!

UGA 28 – Missouri 35

Ohio State15 idle: The buckeyes prepare to face the scarlet knights of Rutgers. Meyer has done well to keep this program hanging around.

Oklahoma State16 versus Kansas: Considering the competition it would be a sin for OSU to lose on Saturday. Kansas is already coach-less. If you are a Jay hawk expect the bad news to keep on coming! I look for OSU to clean house and head home early! OSU in a blowout!

Oklahoma State 42 – Kansas 7

Kansas State17 idle: Bill Snyder and the wildcats of Kansas State are quietly inching higher. Next week they meet Oklahoma.

East Carolina19 versus South Florida : In a conference that simply doesn’t matter you got to give it to East Carolina, they have done so well this season that it’s actually a bit scary. I think they continue their winning ways this weekend against the bulls from South Florida. The Pirates scuttle the bulls!

East Carolina 28 – South Florida 17

Arizona State20 idle: ASU begins preparation to face Stanford next weekend.

Nebraska21 idle: Cornhusker loss didn’t go well last weekend. Nebraska gears up for a bigger game than most realize as it prepares to face Northwestern in Illinois. If Pelini loses… he might need to get in the unemployment line behind Brady Hoke.

Duke versus Georgia Tech22: In quiet game in the ACC another battle takes place on Saturday between the blue devils and the yellow jackets. Both teams seem evenly yoked. Ah, the pageantry of college football! Can Tech make it past David Cutcliffe’s blue devils? I think so. Since coming from Navy Coach Paul Johnson’s offense can keep it away from the blue devils. Do that – and FSU has some competition at the end of the season. In a close one: Georgia Tech!!

Duke 21 – Georgia Tech 35

Utah24 idle: Utah is off this week after defeating UCLA. Next week on Thursday night they take on Oregon State.

The rest of the SEC schedule for Week 7:

Since we are starting to see a bit of separation in the SEC, we need to keep a close watch on our cousins in the conference:

LSU versus Florida: After all that’s been said about its under-achieving coach it’s ironic to say that the only team with a fighting chance for post season play in this game on Saturday is Florida. Just so everyone is on the same page after the embarrassing loss to bama illuminated Florida’s lack of offensive production and poor quarterback play what was Muschamp to do? The Gator’s promptly rolled into Knoxville and let Jeff Driskell work out his demons for nearly three full quarters. Then Muschamp played the only card he had left: he pulled him for a freshman QB that promptly came in and put Florida in a position to score the only points it was able to muster all day. It was enough to beat Tennessee bad refereeing calls aside. Then what happens? Well, this week that freshman QB was identified as a prime suspect in a sexual assault that occurred in his dorm room. What is it with Florida and its quarterbacks? Florida’s administration did the only thing they could do and they did it immediately: indefinitely suspend said QB. Obviously, they didn’t want to be associated with what’s alleged to have happened last year at FSU with another sort of famous QB. Still, Florida wasn’t through. The Gainesville police were called to the athletic facility to break up a fight between players. Yeah. Them Gator’s are as peaceful as a church pew. Because of all this I believe that Muschamp is done at Florida. Either the administration is done with him or he is done with them. The marriage is over. LSU and Les Miles on the other hand are definitely in a rebuilding year. They simply want to get a win in the SEC. I assume it will be the kid who started against Auburn who will get the nod again this week. He is the future. Besides, who wants to be like Arkansas – and that is a real possibility for them. A tale of two coaches: One has political capital from past experience and job productivity and the other one doesn’t.   Still, I don’t think we will have seen the last of Muschamp should Florida decide to shop around. I believe they are eyeballing Dan Mullen. He is a known commodity and a true Urbanite. Saban’s prodigies haven’t been able to work out too well (except for maybe Jimbo Fisher).

LSU 38 – Florida 10

UL Monroe versus Kentucky: Pretty much a gimme game for Kentucky against a Sunbelt conference team. Kentucky and Mark Stoops has plans of upsetting the apple cart in the SEC East. I think they got a shot! Wild Cats Win!

UL Monroe 7 – Kentucky 41

Chattanooga versus Tennessee: In a disappointing loss last week at home Tennessee picks itself up against cross state sub-competitor Chattanooga. Let the coon skin cap bloodletting begin!! Tennessee wins BIG!

Chattanooga 3 – Tennessee 45

Charleston Southern University versus Vanderbilt: I can only look at this team and shake my head. At one time so competitive under James Franklin and now not so much. Once again, it’s the designated arm pit of the SEC. Very disappointed in this school. So much for the analogy if it “looks like a cardinal, quacks like a cardinal, and flies like a cardinal – it’s a cardinal” bit. Just goes to show you not to go through the process blindfolded when you are hiring someone – you always get “Larry, Moe, and Curly”.  

Charleston Southern 0 – Vanderbilt 3

South Carolina idle:  Those clucky roosters from Columbia are reading to gang up on Furman next week to show them who is the head bird in the yard! 

Here is a look at how I fared last week with my Top 25 picks:

*Oregon 41 – Arizona 31 / Actual score: 24 – 31

*BYU 35 – Utah State 10 / Actual score: 20 – 35

FSU 63 – Wake Forest 10 / Actual score: 43 – 3

*Ole Miss 28 – bama 31 / Actual score: 23 – 17

*TCU 13 – Oklahoma 35 / Actual score: 37 – 33

Auburn 42 – LSU 28 / Actual score: 41 – 7

Mississippi State 35 – Texas A&M 28/ Actual score: 48 – 31

Texas 7 – Baylor 52 / Actual score: 7 – 28

*UCLA 52 – Utah 20 / Actual score: 28 – 30

Notre Dame 35 – Stanford 31 / Actual score: 17 – 14

Michigan State 21 – Nebraska 17 / Actual score: 27 – 22

Georgia 52 – Vanderbilt 10 / Actual score: 44- 17

*USC 28 – Arizona State 14/ Actual score: 34 – 38

*Northwestern 21 – Wisconsin 24 / Actual score: 20 – 14

*Maryland 35 – Ohio State 21 / Actual score: 24 – 52

Oklahoma State 35 – Iowa State 10 / Actual score: 37 – 20

East Carolina 42 – SMU 6 / Actual scores: 45 – 24

KSU 55 – Texas Tech 20 / Actual scores: 45 – 13

*- Some ideas that never came to fruition!

Team’s that dropped out of the top 25:





Future Auburn Opponents:

Week 8: USC: The Ole Ball Coach and the Roosters from Columbia travel to Jordan-Hare for a good old chicken fry. USC is definitely playing the role of spoiler. Auburn better bring it’s A game. We should revel every time we beat Steve Spurrier.

Week 9: Ole Miss: Malzahn better open up the play book at this point and let these Tiger’s eat! This game will be in Oxford. Are you going?? This will probably be the game that decides the SEC championship if all goes well in Starkville!

Week 10: Texas A&M: It will take a great offense and defense to beat the Aggies. Auburn needs to dispel the myth promulgated during our first meeting since they joined the conference – we need to give them a good beating to get that 2012 taste out of our mouth.

I hope you enjoyed week No. 7’s installment. Please give me feedback! My goal is to always focus on the Top 25 and future opponents that Auburn will play that take place two to three weeks out.



  1. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    wde 1988,
    GRRREAT up again! For a youngster, you still sound like Leonard Post Tosties, kinda in reverse. I really enjoy your predictions. Sure am glad your Auburn vs p&g tigers came out all right. I dreamed that we won by the biggest margin in the series and it was almost right. Needless to say, I am still walking on air in Big br, LA. My face hurts from smiling so much. This will be a great year for me from now on. The LA/MS War Eagle Express is headed to Starkvegas on Friday. Sure hope we can bring home some dead dogs. I really think you are right about that game. They just haven’t played the schedule we have. But, win or lose:
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      War Eagle! Glad you enjoyed it. Personally, I think writing is the most difficult art of self expression. It’s not easy for me. But I do it to provide an example for my kids. And I love college football (Auburn).


  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:


    Richt didnt need this news. Think this all but seals UGAs fate this weekend. Game must still be played.