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The Polls are in!!!!!

By on October 21st, 2013 in Member Post 7 Comments »

What a week of college football.  The genesis of upset week I think actually started last week when teams that were unbeaten started to lose in upsets.  That remained true this week as more teams who had been relative fixtures in the top ten were knocked out.  Others who started their slides earlier… picked up speed this week and dropped out of the top 25 altogether.

 This week the top ten teams in the AP top 25 are:

1)      Alabama (7-0)

2)      Oregon (7-0)

3)      Florida State (6-0)

4)      Ohio State (7-0)

5)      Missouri (7-0)

6)      Baylor (6-0)

7)      Miami (Fl) (6-0)

8)      Stanford

9)      Clemson

10)   Texas Tech (7-0)

bama’s position was untouched after smoking the hogs in Tuscaloosa.  They have Tennessee, LSU, MSI and Auburn left to play.  And Oregon, after playing against WSU (AU’s first game), finally gathered some steam and won their game by 62-38. They have UCLA and Stanford left to play.  I guess we should also list Utah, Arizona, and Oregon State to play.

And FSU showed up out of nowhere by beating the arrogant Dabo Sweeny of Clemson in Death Valley by a score of 52-14. A fitting end to Clemson’s meteoric flight. While FSU has a good chance of winning its conference it has three remaining games to be played against North Carolina State, Miami and University of Florida. Ohio State dropped a position because of the trouble it had with Iowa. And regardless what Ohio State does… their conference just stinks in my humble opinion.  Besides, Michigan is their last game. 

And last, rising nearly 10 slots Missouri showed up at #5 after pickling the gators in Columbia. Missouri has four tough games to be played against USC (it will win), Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M.

Some things of note:  I am still not entirely sold that bama and Oregon will be the representatives of their conferences. It would appear that Baylor will win the big twelve. While I have given my opinion of the Big ten… it would appear that Ohio State is the team to win the conference championship. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that the BCS championship game isn’t set yet.

The remainder of the top twenty-five:

11)   Auburn

12)   UCLA

13)   LSU

14)   Texas A&M

15)   Fresno State (6-0)

16)   Virginia Tech

17)   Oklahoma

18)   Louisville

19)   Oklahoma State

20)   South Carolina

21)   UCF

22)   Wisconsin

23)   Northern Illinois (7-0)

24)   Michigan

25)   Nebraska

Teams that dropped out of the top twenty five: UGA, and UF. 

Some other things of note:  Auburn rose 13 positions.  That’s pretty fast advancement.  That can happen when you beat a team at home.  The only reason FSU didn’t rise any further is because they would have passed bama and Oregon to get the same movement.  Louisville and USC dropped nearly ten spots. And as usual, the SEC east is in complete turmoil.

Last, I’d like to point out that there are eight unbeaten teams in the top ten.  And there are two more still in the top 25.   That’s kind of odd don’t you think?  Once again… we have potential BCS busters. Fresno State and Northern Illinois play no one of significance in the remainder of their schedules.  I predict that they will not get an invite to the BCS national championship game regardless if they win out or not.

 A late addition: The BCS polls were listed today as well.  And surprise…  the major difference is that FSU jumped past Oregon to the number two spot.  That’s a major coup for the ACC. It happens when you beat the former #3 team in the poll in their home stadium by a score of 52-14.

Guess what AU is still number 11. What’s more check out their percentage: .750.  That’s like seventh highest when it comes to computer rankings.  Admittedly I might be reading this wrong.  It’s late and time for bed.

All is well in the world!



  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I hope the coaching staff has a humility check planned for the team this week. We can’t afford a lapse due enlarged craniums.

  2. mvhcpa says:

    Great summary, wde1988. And great surmise, Third Generation Tiger. I have seen too many teams think they can beat inferior opposition by just showing up with their good looks and charm. Hopefully, Coach Gus & Co. can keep the big-head at bay. MVH

  3. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    I’ll be happy to win out. We can’t control the media’s agenda. But we can control what happens on the field. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that the kids don’t get visions of stars and sugar plums in their heads. Many teams have fallen to the curse of success, i.e., pulling a Clemson.

    But I have faith in the players and the coaches. I think we can beat Arkansas and Tennessee. Georgia will be a game. But we win games. And the Iron Bowl is at home. We are better than our 2009 team, and Bama might not be as good as their 2009 team. See? Hope, not despair.

    Gus is driven by his expectation that he and the players will win. Some coaches, and many fans, are driven by their fear of failure.

    Don’t get the big head. Take every opponenet seriously. And keep playing hard.

  4. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    If anyone on this team has a big head, then they haven’t learned anything from the last two years. These guys should know by now that there are no shortcuts to success. You work hard and leave it all on the field, in practice and the games….or you lose. Nobody is more important than any other member of the team, and they ALL have to work together and do their jobs if they are to be successful.

    In hope this team is hungry to prove the A&M game wasn’t a fluke, that LSU was lucky that we gave them two easy touchdowns to start that game, and that Arky and Rocky Top are appetizers for an ice cold main course of revenge for UGA and Bama.
    This team has already surpassed my hopes for this season, so any outcome the rest of the year above 7-5 will be fine with me, but I want any loss to be hard fought and have the outcome be in doubt late into the fourth Qtr…meaning be within two scores with les than five minutes to play. If we can somehow pull out a win against UGA (who should be in much better shape by then) or BAma, this year will have been a great success.

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