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The Latest Rumors

By on December 3rd, 2012 in Member Post 15 Comments »

I’ve got a little bit of new stuff on the coach speculation.  I talked to a buddy in the know last night, and he is usually right.  Here is what he told me. 

Top two candidates are Bobby Petrino and Gary Patterson in that order.  Charles Barkley is pushing hard for Bobby Petrino. 

The rumors that Gary Patterson bombed the interview in 2008 are likely BS.  The conflicting story is that is that Jay Jacobs and Tim Jackson made that story up and put it out there because they didn’t want to hire him and were trying to save face.  Another rumor/story is that Patterson sat down, saw what clowns Jacobs and Jackson were and got up and left.  The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but I wouldn’t bet anything negative about Jacobs and Jackson is too far off the truth.

Bobby Petrino:  Right now he’s #1 on most lists.  It’s likely that if he doesn’t screw up the interview, or unless Gary Patterson or maybe Gus Malzhan blows them away, he’s our next coach.  It will be polarizing to the fanbase for a little while, but after he starts winning, that will all go away.  Everyone will start talking about redemption and second chances.   I’ve also heard that if he is hired, Joe Whitt, Jr. will likely follow him to Auburn as defensive coordinator.  (They worked together at Louisville).  That would be awesome.

Gary Patterson:  He is supposedly a very close second behind Petrino.  He can take the job with a masterful interview performance.  I still have a few question marks about him, and would rather have Petrino, but I wouldn’t be upset at all with a Patterson hire.  Honestly, though, I’d rather have Malzhan.

Gus Malzhan: He’s #3 right now.  He’s a good man, the ASU red wolves are averaging 480 yards of offense per game, and they are looking at 9-3 for a record this year and a good bowl game (for a Sun Belt team).  I’d love to have Malzhan because I love his offense.  I want an offensive guru coach, preferably one that runs a hurry up.  Because of the way Saban runs his defense, (he likes to have different packages for each down and distance, and is constantly substituting), a hurry up offense is his kryptonite.  Either Malzhan or Petrino fits this bill.

Kirby Smart:  A longshot at best.  Good.  I don’t want him.  I don’t want an unproven, never been a head coach guy.  I want a KNOWN QUANTITY. 

Jimbo Fisher:  Likely a no.  Good.  He sucks and I don’t want him.  Reportedly he has expressed interest in the Tennessee job.  Great.  He can go there and underachieve.  Let him.  Keep him off the Plains.

Those are essentially the top 5.  Everybody else is unlikely.  I don’t believe that Charlie Strong is in the mix.  I think Auburn will interview him, and I think we’d like to have him, but I don’t think he’s going to leave Louisville.  As far as Bo Pelini goes, I don’t think he’s even on the list.  That story was printed by a joke of a website that will print anything.  Every source I’ve got laughs and tells me that is BS, he is NOT a serious candidate.  Good.  That would be a joke hire.

All indications are that we are swinging for the fences on this one.  If we could get a Jeff Fisher or somebody like that, I’d be dancing in the streets.  It’s highly unlikely, though.  At this point, I’m expecting Petrino or Patterson, either of which would be good. 

I’m still pulling for Petrino.  Best availiable, in my opinion, despite all the morons screaming “Auburn Creed!!!!”  Oh well, they’ll all shut up when he starts winning. 


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:


    With all due respect please realise that Kirby Smart – while you don’t like him – won the Broyles Award in 2009 as the nation’s top overall assistant coach. Smart also was named Assistant Coach of the Year two weeks ago by the National Football Foundation.

    He’s popular and well-respected in coaching circles.

    Smart shares the fiery demeanor of his mentor and good friend (and fellow Saban disciple) Will Muschamp. Tantrums aren’t exactly unusual along the Alabama sideline. Smart ties his call sheet to his belt during games and often jettisons the sheet during celebrations, creating the illusion that he’s pulling along a parachute.

    At the age of 36, he’d be the youngest head coach in the Southeastern Conference – four years behind Vanderbilt’s James Franklin.

    That relative youth also helps make Smart an unusually potent recruiter. Unlike many coordinators, he assumes a high-profile role on the recruiting trail and has been the primary contact for several key players. That group includes DeMarcus Milliner, DeQuan Menzie, Nick Perry, Adrian Hubbard and Xzavier Dickson.

    So… if he can come to AU and build an empire… I say bring him on.

    Just saying.


    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      I actually agree with….What is that now, three times???

      • TigerintheHass TigerintheHass says:

        Amen! Am I the only one who sees the very real possibility that a few awesome Bama defensive recruits will follow Smart to AU, and that we could snag a few more with him on board? And who knows Saban’s O better than this guy? This puts him over the top in my eyes. Smart smart smart smart smart. Bonus is stickin’ it to Bammer.

        • The Smarch The Smarch says:

          The Capn is blinded by his hatred of Alabama. So much so that these arguments will not sway him and his preference for a moral cripple.

          • CapnVegetto says:

            One guy says I am blinded by my hatred of Alabama. I won’t dispute that at all, but on the contrary, I am one of the ONLY people on this website that is NOT letting emotion cloud my decision.

          • wde1988 wde1988 says:

            Brother, being objective should always be the goal in everything we do on TET. Doesn’t mean you can’t be opinionated. I am probably the biggest opinionated Ahole here…. but at least offer more of an argument than “he is unproven”. I just told you the awards the man got. I just told you what he can do for AU’s recruiting.

            Chizik 2? How do you get that?

            Who is to say if AU’s program is that screwed up that Petrino or Stoops or Saban himself is going to do any better than Smart? I can’t make that call. But I’m curious how you can.

            Try again.


      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        Holy crap!


    • CapnVegetto says:

      I respect what you said here, but unfortunately the argument does not hold water. I’m not going to type out why on an iPhone because it’d be way too tedious, but I promise you that I will address it later tonight.

      Short version is this: if you are advocating for Kirby Smart, you are advocating Gene Chizik part 2.

  2. uglyjoe says:

    Proud to be a moron.

    • Tigerz Tigerz says:

      Call me a moron as well … I get new posts via the RSS feed and am wandering if there is a way to add some kind of a drivel meter so I don’t waste time reading crap?

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……As I’ve said early, Kirby Smart and the 3-4 would be a years-long process to convert. Could he run a 4-3 effectively while trying to recruit the guys he needs? That’s another big IF right there, too.

  4. CapnVegetto says:

    Crap. Just heard a strong rumor that Kirby smart is the guy. God I hope it’s wrong.

  5. firepmedic51 says:

    I agree with some of the previous opinions posted on the site, “Old school Auburn, a strong/feared defense and a great smash mouth running game.” But what would be the icing on the cake, respect for Auburn University, athletics, and Auburn football. I feel that there are too many variables currently within the Auburn program, many which we are unaware of, many which we speculate about and all that can only be addressed by Auburn’s next head coach. Just because a potential person has been successful as a HC elsewhere does not provide that he will be that once upon the Plains, nor do we automatically have to assume that a person who has not held a title of HC is not capable. We must remember that whomever lands on the Plains, their past will be that and their tenure at Auburn will be the next chapter of their career. How they address the many variables they will face will be determine where our program lands. No matter whom you support, Petrino, Fisher, Smart, Patterson, Peterson, etc., it is simply your opinion as of now with some statistics thrown in to sell your opinion. With that, I hope that Auburn makes a Smart or Strong decision for our new head coach and that they have success in addressing the many variables as the head coach!

  6. DBAU81 says:

    If we are able to get a proven head coach, Patterson would be the best choice. He has an outstanding won-loss record and has been doing more with less at TCU for a long time. My guess is he may think he’s done about all he can where he is now and may be looking for a new challenge.

    I won’t rehash the reasons why we should not hire Petrino. The Auburn Creed is only one of them. If that makes those of us who feel the same way “morons” then so be it. That being said, Capt. Vegetto is absolutely right when he says that if Petrino is successful (which would include keeping his nose clean) all will be forgiven or forgotten. In that case I will be delighted to be proven wrong.

    Smart would also be an excellent hire, and certainly the best if we opt to go with an assistant coach. He knows the territory and is an outstanding recruiter, and would bring a new dose of energy to a program that desperately needs it right now.

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I am about ready for this to be over. Let me know when the puffs of white smoke appear from Samford tower.