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The Great Tradition of Rolling Toomer’s Corner Will Continue.

By on April 24th, 2013 in Football, News 8 Comments »

It’s been two years since a twisted mind admitted to poisoning Auburn University’s famed Toomer Oaks. And Tuesday the trees were finally taken down

Several thousand fans made the trek to Auburn this past weekend to be a part of history and to say goodbye to the 100 year old oaks. As workers removed the sacred icons, only a couple of hundred people could bring themselves to witness the final curtain.

The oaks have seen victory celebrations, engagements, and weddings in their nearly 100 years. They were more than a college tradition, they were an important link between Auburn’s past and present. Alumni Grandparents have taken pictures of their college graduate grandchildren under their shady arms.

But today after a valliant attempt to save them, workers respectively cleared them from the hallowed ground they have overshadowed for generations.

A sad day? 

To be sure. 

The end of Toomer’s Corner in the lives of the Auburn family?

No way.

Just as people live, love, and pass off the scene to give way to a new and younger generation. The oaks have lived, were loved, and now have given way to a new and younger generation of trees.

On Saturday, the day of the last roll, the University released plans for a redesigned park area at Toomer’s Corner. Plans call for the planting of two oak trees behind an arching path design leading away from the present 1917 gates. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the school could find someone willing to donate trees that have been grown from acorns of the original oaks? At any rate, the projection is for the new area to be completed by 2014.

Until the new area is ready, a temporary plan of wire strands will be used to continue the tradition of rolling the corner.

The new design will place trees farther back from the road and keep the historic look of the entrance to campus in tact, but with more seating and shaded areas; as additional trees will be planted along a curved walkway through Samford Park.

Bill Stone, Auburn Alumni Association president, said, “I can tell you one thing for certain: Live trees will be planted on the corner and the great tradition of rolling the corner will continue.” 


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I’ll tell you what. That’s an amazingly beautiful corner of the campus, even with two trees gone. I headed up there early A-Day Saturday morning and paid my respects. Hoped to get a Toomer’s lemonade, but the line was out the door, and I instead got a Dr. Pepper out of a vending machine later on my hike.

    …..What I did after visiting that corner was to stroll through the sidewalks and courtyards of the surrounding area, around Langdon Hall, the Samford clock tower, and on past Foy to Haley Center. Beauty on the Auburn campus is not confined simply to one corner!

    …..Rolling the trees and corner is great, but my favorite times at Auburn are the early mornings walking around in the quiet before the storm!

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I wonder if they still do “Free Movie Night” in Langdon like they did when I was in school. I remember seeing American Werewolf in London, A Clockwork Orange, among others. Good times.

      • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

        …..I enjoyed those free movies also. Movie-going is different, now. We expect IMAX screens, loud surround sound, and stadium seating. Otherwise, we can watch it at home for next to nothing!

  2. aub5710 says:

    Don’t think Toomer’s Corner could ever come to an end in the lives of the AU Family ever, especially after watching this… …and seeing the support that has and will always come from the AU Family

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