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The Future for Gus Malzahn?

By on December 11th, 2016 in Member Post 3 Comments »

Let’s start by realizing we are under mind control by the Mediots who tell us what to think about our favorite team, coach, or university. You know, those guys who invented the phrase “hot seat.”

A friend of mine recently laid out a comparison of two Auburn head coaches over their first 4 years. The one whose name is on the field at Jordan-Hare and our current head coach that some believe should be replaced. To keep it simple, Gus has an over-all better set of stats than Pat at the same point in their careers.

And I know comparisons can be deceiving based on the strengths of a team and the strength of the opposition in any given time frame, but injuries and other aspects of the game can make a big difference in outcomes.

Consider what would have happened to Alabama if Hurts had gone down early in the season. I’m just saying we need to keep calm and be as supportive of our coaching staff as possible until such time as those in power decide a change is necessary.


  1. hello2196 says:

    Good point auh20 – good post.

  2. audude audude says:

    You are much more a voice of reason than say….Zotus.


  3. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    With this new addition of Stidham… Many fans want to crown him starter next year. I’m a bit hesitant. I think a full season of a healthy White and Pettway can lead us to the playoffs and could very well have this past year. That said, the Sugar Bowl will be a big indication of such outlook. Are we ready to bench White if he is part of a winning Sugar Bowl team? I was one of those hot seat guys this whole year but realized how we plummeted without White and Pettway healthy. I now think Gus has some light at the end of this coming year’s tunnel. Don’t be surprised if Stidham is not leading this team or if the gate next year.

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