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TET College Pick’em WEEK 7 RESULTS

By on October 17th, 2017 in Football 2 Comments »

Week 7 results are in, and many Top 10 teams would like to start that week over again….including our beloved Auburn Tigers. Yes, it was a frustrating week, no doubt, but the show goes on.

By the way, just a quick word. Keep things in perspective. College football is a hobby for most of us. It’s a time to have fun, have friends over, laugh, holler, and yes, even shake our heads at the TV.  It’s an out, but keep things in perspective. These are young men, doing what they love, playing hard to win, for their family, their coaches, their university, and yes….for us, the fans. Always remember, the coaches and the players want to win MORE than we do. How do I know? They are the ones who are devoting and sacrificing their bodies and their time to put the work in…..I am not.

So be careful what you say, how you react, the words you choose to say over the social media world and beyond. This is our team, our university, our boys playing. Belittling, cursing them, speaking and writing in violent tones, what does that really accomplish? How does that bode well for our team? What does that say about our fan base?

Does that mean we can’t be frustrated? Of course not. Frustration is part of the game. Does that mean we can’t believe change might be needed? Of course not. Change might be needed. But in all reality, it’s a group of guys trying to get a little ball across a white line, and that really isn’t going to change the world. But what these guys get when they receive that Auburn diploma, may change the world; and I want to encourage them to keep on, ever to conquer, never to yield. I’m a fan of THEM and the coaches that keep them going!

So just keep things in perspective. Life is a little less stressful when we do.  Just a thought, and War Eagle, beat those razorbacks this week!!!

Here is the Top 25 for Week 7 with a new leader, NY War Eagle. BoJax34 and NC Tigers are second and third, respectively. 


Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 NY War Eagle 106 32 106-64
2 BoJax34 106 34 106-66
3 NC Tigers 106 30 106-66
4 wesborden 106 35 106-66
5 FlyingTiger92 106 27 106-66
6 jandowareagle 105 31 105-65
7 AZ Auburn fan baby 105 16 105-68
8 audude 105 33 105-67
9 99picks 104 34 104-68
10 1985AubieGirl 104 29 104-68
11 WarEagle36608 104 29 104-68
12 LTC Taylor 104 32 104-64
13 coleloco 103 28 103-66
14 Wareagle32789 102 14 102-66
15 Sully7 102 29 102-71
16 Wreckz 101 30 101-71
17 Pine Mt Tiger 101 16 101-71
18 Slack7110 100 32 100-72
19 J. T. 100 34 100-68
20 Clayton Auburn Club 99 33 99-72
21 Teak’s Picks 99 27 99-71
22 AUTEXAN 98 28 98-74
23 AubTigerman 98 15 98-74
24 AUinPHL 98 34 98-72
25 Brianyork 97 34 97-71


  1. TigerWoman TigerWoman says:

    I don't play the pick'em contest so I don't usually look at this post but this is a great article! You should have made it a separate post. My eyes got misty reading it. Thanks for saying what needed to be said. War Eagle!

  2. jbellison56 says:

    Good adsvice WarEagle3020!