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TET College Pick’em WEEK 3 Results

By on September 20th, 2016 in Football 7 Comments »

pickem-graphic-e1439682710300-3Well, week 3 has brought out the wringing of the hands and putting people closer to the panic button in many college football programs. I wish I could say that our Auburn Tigers are excluded from the above comment, but alas, reading some fan’s comments here and abroad show that a chalk line has been drawn to mark the proverbial “jumping off spot” if we don’t turn this team around soon. I for one am not there yet and still believe the team is not a complete washout in just week three.

Sure, I’m frustrated too. Every time Coach Malzahn says the phrase, “We just have to figure out how to get better,” I cringe with the rest of those that hear his statement and wonder why we are still in “figure out” mode. I refuse to believe, however, that Coach M, all of a sudden, has lost his complete ability to win games. I have to remind myself that there are many ins and outs as to why things are done on the field and off the field that I have no idea about, and that gives me some reason to understand…some.

That doesn’t mean I am happy with everything, but then again, neither is the coaching staff or the team. They know more than we do that things need to get better, and no one is going to work harder than this team and coaching staff.

So, I’ll take a deep breath and continue to support my team, my coaches, my Tigers until the last chip falls. You won’t hear me boo from the stands, ask for the coaches’ head, tear down a 18-21-year-old player who is playing his heart out for the University he is loyal to.

Call me a homer, but through the good and the bad, it’s still great to be an Auburn Tiger, and that goes beyond the playing field. Auburn is tradition, family, history, and you can’t take that away no matter how bad a season or how good a season, and for that I will always be “All In.” That’s why I became an Auburn Tiger fan in the first place.

See the Top 25 Pick ’em standings for WEEK 3 after the jump:


RankPick Set NameTotalDroppedW-L
6WDE In Denver281628-12
7I’ve got 99 Picks283128-12
13Teak’s Picks273027-13
15A Wng and a Prayer271627-13
16Dwight and Aubrn272927-13
17LTC Taylor273427-13
19Leonard’s Losers272827-13
22War Eagle Atlanta262726-14


  1. I’m not playing in the TET Pick ’em …

    But Thanks for this article. After so much negativity across the internet, it’s refreshing to read a post like this. WDE!

  2. Tiger says:

    It didn’t take UglyJoe very long to make it into 1’st place again. Someone should stop him before he becomes too powerful.

    • uglyjoe says:

      My dog ralph makes the picks, I just put them in because he doesn’t have thumbs and can’t work a mouse. But this is starting to go to his head.

  3. awbee75 says:

    How come when I click on my name the link doesn’t work anymore? I have a dickens of a time every week finding my picks.

    • wareagle3020 wareagle3020 says:

      I clicked on your name and it took me right to your picks. I tried it on both mobile and desktop, no problem. Not sure why it is not working on your end. My advice, try a couple of different computer/mobile devices and see if it does that on all or just the one. -wareagle3020

  4. Jason Wright says:

    Good article WarEagle3020.

  5. awbee75 says:

    It works on my laptop but not on my phone. It gives me a message that I am not a member of this group. The email link I get does not work either on my phone. Weird. I guess I’ll have to do it on my laptop.

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