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TET College Pick’em Roll Call!

By on September 3rd, 2015 in Football 4 Comments »

graphics by wareagle3020

Alright, alright, alright … it’s roll call time for you college pick’em experts out there. We’ve had great participation so far in our Eighth annual Track ‘Em Tigers College Football Pick Em contest, sponsored by Yahoo! Sports. People like “NYWarEagle“, “WhamBam“, and “The Tim Tebows” along with many other great names have signed up and are ready to strut their pick’em stuff.

Remember this year, the prestigious Golden Bo Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner! It’s not too late for YOU to sign up! Whether you are an Auburn fan, SEC fan, or whatever fan, come join the fun. Here’s all you need to do …

You’ll need to create a Yahoo email account unless you already have one. Then go here. Insert our Group #: 3418 and the password, which is: auburn2015.

Here are the rules:

1. Be sure to check the date and time of each kickoff. Sometimes games may be on Friday. Picks for Week 1 are now posted.
2. It’s important to fill out the tiebreakers. This is important because it will probably be congested at the top of the leader board early in the season.
3. Spreads can sometimes change during the week so check your picks closer to the end of the week to see if you might want to make any changes.
4. You can change your pick for each game up to 5 minutes before kickoff.
5. If you fail to make a selection for a game, you will lose that pick. Therefore, be sure to check your list of picks.
6. If you should fail to pick one game in a week, it will not jeopardize your other picks.
7. Each player’s two lowest week’s worth of picks will be dropped. Although this is calculated immediately, it’s still in play until the end.
8. That means players can still join the fun during week 3 and still have a fighting chance. Be sure to tell your friends about this.
9. Try to play the entire season.
10. Please note that each week’s games and spreads don’t show up until Monday or sometimes Tuesday.

That’s all there is to it.  Sign up and we will see who gets the coveted trophy.

War Eagle!


  1. nywareagle nywareagle says:

    Ready for the fun to start! Boom!

  2. Ready to tale my annual place at the bottom of the standings. I am terrible picking with a spread.


  3. […] If your reading this and you haven’t signed up yet there’s still time. You can still jump in without penalty until the third week.just go here and follow the instructions at this location. […]

  4. […] It’s still not too late to participate in our pickem. Six of you have not posted anything yet (SHAME ON YOU), but don’t lose heart. You had two mulligans these past two weeks because your lowest scores are taken out. So for those who are at the bottom, you can start this week and not miss a beat.  For those who want to participate for the first time, this is the final chance for you to enter without losing any points. Just click here to do so and then follow instructions here. […]

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