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Sure You Can Dress It Up and Make It Look Nice, But… at the end of the day a pig with lipstick is still just a dressed up pig”

By on February 21st, 2014 in Member Post 2 Comments »

As a follow up to “I am mad as hell… but I am laughing at them just the same” I want to take issue with what Bret Bielema said today on Twitter. The Arkansas football coach was quoted after being asked for evidence to support his and Nick Saban’s claim with the definitive term of “death certificates”.

Thinking back over the season I am perplexed. Does anyone else remember any deaths of players during the execution of a game this season? Was someone so out of shape that they passed away after being gassed in the fourth quarter? I am thinking this would have made front page news!

While there is hardly any situation where the death of another human being is considered funny, I am trying to control my laughter at the massive display of stupidity being displayed by a multi-million dollar SEC coach. I mean seriously. We were worried that college football might be changed forever for a jab like this, this, this… weak answer??? It doesn’t make sense!

Come to find out Coach Bielema was referring to the death of a Cal player who died during a conditioning run. Really Coach?

After reading the article about 50 times I still can’t find a single mention about the hurry-up-no-huddle-offense being the young man’s demise. Further, there are no details provided about the death that would or should influence a major multi-billion dollar sports machine to drastically curtail the game on the whims of a coach who is reeling from not being able to stop the spread offense.

What a bunch of… pardon the expression, Kill Joys.

I used to think that Lane Kiffen was the biggest whiner in the SEC before he left for USC. Not anymore.  Bielema now serves as the “Biggest Whiner’s” sniveling poster boy. It’s true that he might have been a dynamic, up and coming new coach that used to coach at a big time program in Wisconsin… but now he acts more like he came from Podunk U and serves as a paid flunky for Nick Saban.  I must say Badger fans… you dodged a major bullet by unloading this weak leader to a desperate and delusional SEC school who was willing to buy anything with a pulse. You just unloaded a horse that was destined for the glue factory at the University of Arkansas’s expense.

Hog fans everywhere should be asking themselves… what is going on with our program?  When did Fayetteville become an extension of the “red elephant club” or associated with the “son’s of Saban”? This is the clearest evidence of a team that has given up on winning on its own volition… and has decided to join the team it just can’t seem to beat. Hogs everywhere need to roll over on to their backs… and stick their legs up in the air!   20 February is “National Road Kill Day”.  Honk if you hate Bielema!!!

On the same subject… another important SEC coach has come out about the rules change.  That’s right.  The DEAN of the SEC, Coach Steve Spurrier of the University of South Carolina has now given his thoughts on the subject.  He stated, “It looks like its dead now, hopefully.”

It seems that since Spurrier didn’t invite himself to the rules committee meeting like Saban apparently did… he called the chairman and left him a voicemail.  He stated “I just told him I was against it,” Spurrier said. “It’s ridiculous. Let’s let everybody keep playing the way they’ve been playing.”

Amen Coach Spurrier.  Amen.

While I wish the Agu family heartfelt wishes to find peace, understanding and some comfort in their loss because obviously the young man died doing what he loved to do, I don’t know how to express my feelings other than horrific that some idiots will use unrelated facts to support their argument. It’s well beyond ridiculous. It’s almost a study in dumb and dumber.

Gee coach Saban… that car dealership is looking better and better. Maybe it’s time to retire?


  1. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Good read, although I might’ve change the last line of the title to read: “at the end of the day a pig with lipstick is still just a dressed up Bielema.” …..

    Spurrier got it right when he said the whole thing ….. “Is ridiculous.”