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Sunday Sound Off: End of the World Edition

By on October 28th, 2012 in Football 29 Comments »

The question on the minds of many today is whether Auburn coach Gene Chizik will survive to host New Mexico State next Saturday. Following the worst Auburn loss in a generation, there’s no arguing that this team has given up completely.

Where does Auburn turn now? Do they allow Chizik to finish the season or is it best to send a message and say enough is enough? How would you go about handling the situation?

Once again, it’s Sunday Sound Off. We want to know what you think after another disastrous Saturday on the Plains. To start things off, here’s a quick poll…

If you were Auburn officials, would you allow Gene Chizik to finish the season as Auburn coach?

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  1. restless6 says:

    I say fire him and JJ and Tim Jackson Monday morning.

    But, firing the coaches won’t fix the systemic problems.

    After seeing the TAMU players manhandle Auburn, I’m not sure the talent level is what was advertised.

    There are many, many issues with the football program, from meddling by power hungry old men, to discipline issues, to decision making on hires, recruiting, and play calling.

    Even if Chizik is fired today, the other problems remain.

    Besides, what respectable coach really wants to come into this mess that the good ol’ boys have created and maintained?

  2. AETiger AETiger says:

    Agree with Restess; this morning I am at a loss for words. After attending hundreds of AU football games since 1981, I thought I had seen it all; until last night. I had never left any football game at the half until last year in Athens. Now I’m leaving home games at the half. What in the heck is going on? Did we really win the NC just two years ago? Or was that a dream like Bobby Ewings’ “Dallas” years? My goodness, I have no idea where to go from here. Does anyone want to buy my UGA tickets? Section 43; Row 32; face value, $85 each (two).

    • jkayaker23 says:

      I would have bought then a week ago. No sadly I wouldn’t take them if you gave them too me. I just couldn’t sit there and watch. That’s how bar it is. I wouldn’t take free tickets.

    • Mike jimithing78 says:

      Anyone still willing to pay $85 obviously still supports the team. Buy them from the ticket office not this guy who has quit on the team. I’m sure the athletic department could use your money.

      This isn’t directed at just AETiger. It’s directed at anyone that left early yesterday. What did you expect after seeing the first seven games? Did you expect Auburn to blow out TAM? If you were going to leave early why go at all? I’ve never played, but I’m sure seeing stands packed then go to half empty makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m sure they’d rather see the stands empty to start with. Stay home next week.

      To those that keep threatening to not buy tickets next year. I say do it. Show em you mean business. Maybe I’ll be able to improve my seat location.

  3. restless6 says:

    Maybe Auburn needs to hire someone from outside the Auburn family to fully evaluate the program and athletic department…someone like a Tom Osbourne type of person.

    Until the program is reset, the current direction of Auburn will persist.

    And, for the record, Petrino is not the answer. His ties to the good ol’ boys rules him out.

  4. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    He has to finish the season. More harm than good would come from firing him now. It is a bitter pill, but better than the long-term damage to the program.

    Wallace, Prosch and Mason need to play more.

    • restless6 says:

      KungFu, the damage has already been done. It’s time to stop the bleeding. It doesn’t matter who plays, the die has been cast.

      The competing recruiters will have a field day in the offseason.

      JJ and Chizik and the YellaFella and gang have set the program 10 years back. The rise of Lowder and the firing of TT have led this fall.

  5. Malakai Malakai says:

    Let him finish I say. I agree that an interim coach is not the answer. His ass is fired before the Bammers stop celebrating in Bryant Denny stadium this November though.

    And we can kiss 2013 and 2014 recruiting goodbye.

  6. Jonathon Jonathon says:


    This is absolute disaster! Chizik is guiding us to the lowest depths of college football. If you thought it could not have gotten worse, it is! I had the feeling we would not win the game, but giving up 60+ points, at home, to a new SEC addition! That’s just flat out brutal.
    We were the biggest disappointment of the SEC (right after Arkansas), we then became the worst of the SEC and now we are the laughing stock of the SEC.

    HOW IN THE HECK ARE ANY OF THESE CLOWNS STILL COACHING!!!! Fire somebody NOW! These players are being mistreated. Good Gosh Man! Obviously the coaching staff has thrown out any real preparation and Loeffler uses crayons to mark up his playbook. Now VanGorder has been sucked deeply into the web of disgust.

    We would like to break records, but none of that nature and certainly none of those consistently in ONE SEASON!


  7. CapnVegetto says:

    I was in the ‘let him finish the season and try to salvage some recruiting’ camp.

    Not anymore. Fire his ass. NOW.

    This performance is absolutely, unequivically, UNACCEPTABLE.

    The team has quit, the coaches have quit. There is absolutely no purpose served by keeping them around.

    #1 priority is still to FIRE JAY JACOBS. And an earlier poster had it right, we have GOT to bring in a professional, someone outside the ‘family’, to thouroughly dismantle the good ol’ boys network and bring in a PROFESSIONAL coach outside the ‘family’ who will retain FULL CONTROL of the program and run it as he sees fit.

    If we just fire Chizik, the root problem is still there, and we’ll be having the exact same conversations in a couple of years. Until JJ is gone and the program is turned over to people that actually know what they are doing, we will never compete with Satan and the turds.

  8. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    I hope that Auburn already has a list of candidates for head coaching and AD job. It was difficult to watch your alma mater get destroyed on their home field. Even the Texas A&M fans were asking me what happened to our program. A loss like this can not be tolerated by Auburn University. At this point, Auburn is no longer playing SEC football and one solution will be a coaching staff change and player evaluation.
    As Patrick Swayze ( may he rest in peace) commented in the movie Road House, “things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better”. I think that Auburn is now in the worse phase.

  9. Douglas Samuel says:

    Yesterday was an embarrassment, worse than the week before, and the week before. However, reading some of these post warrant the need for some control.

    Whatever the decision – now or later – let’s remember we are Auburn, and we all know that means something. A lot of outsiders belittle us because we refer to ourselves as family. We ARE family. Let’s not forget that. CGC was part of that and on his way out we need to treat him with the proper respect – insert $7.5 m joke here. But we do need to measure our comments carefully because we are family.

    To further emphasize the point you don’t have to look too far to see a program that defines itself by the wins and losses of its football program more than any other standard. I love to win but would rather that we be known for our class and character than win 14 National Championships.

    In sports Class and Character will and should always trump wins. It comes down to what defines us. We’re not perfect by a long shot, but we strive to do the right thing and it separates us.
    I like that about who we are. War Eagle!

  10. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I was shocked by how bad we looked! Just when you think that it can’t get worse, there’s a second string O running in for another touchdown!

    I just want to go on record saying that I’ve been asking for Wallace to play more since the beginning of the season…..maybe that means that I’m qualified to be OC. Dark days for sure.

    We won’t gain a damn thing by firing Chizik now. But swift removal after the Bama game needs to happen. We need a new AD and new coach in place ASAP. The problem is that we can’t rush these decisions. We also need folks with a spine who will not tolerate meddling.

  11. jj7 says:

    I’m a lifelong Auburn fan (it’s a family thing) who lives outside Alabama; wanted to chime in and ask a question.

    First, my take. And this is on only being able to see three games this year (we get crappy ACC matchups on TV in Maryland), although right now I’m glad I can’t watch. So, I’ll stipulate many of the glaring problems, especially the various defensive struggles, and concentrate on one thing: quarterback play. It seems to me that, no matter how talented the rest of the roster, no matter how good the recruiting, if you have nothing at quarterback you’re going to lose — much more than at other positions. You can find ways to cover for, say, holes in the secondary, or lack of depth at receiver, or whatever, but when neither of your quarterbacks can play (haven’t seen Wallace yet), you’re going to lose.

    As to Chizik, besides just feeling so sad about the whole situation, I suppose I would say let him coach the rest of the year. But I would make a plea, in the long-term, for some CONTINUITY. We can’t keep having new coordinators every year. We can’t turn to a new head coach as savior every few years. We can’t have a new starting quarterback every…single…year. Can we please have some continuity?

    Now, my question: I keep hearing “good ol’ boys” as shorthand for….something. My uncle in Birmingham has hinted at this in the past. Can somebody help an out-of-state Auburn man here by explaining what this trope refers to specifically? How is it different than the entrenched situation at many other schools? What needs to change, specifically, and why?

    • Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

      Your uncle may be referring to the Auburn “Board of Trustees” who seem to make the football coaching decisions. Auburn needs to hire a coach and give him complete control of the program like that school on the other side of the State of Alabama. Only then will Auburn be a success in football.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        Auburn and it’s BOT and boosters are no different than any other high profile university. We have had some issues that should have played out in private, but did not. You can bet your bottom dollar that our in state, mostly pro Alabama press, will fan the flames.

  12. BigDaddyAU says:

    The first person that needs to go is Jay Jacobs. His job should be terminated as he walks in the office Monday AM. I agree we need outside management to step in and tell the power brokers to shove it and then run it like a business. I do not advocate selling out souls for wins, however.

    That being said if you are on the fire Chizik bus (I’m not yet but wondering if they are still selling tickets or is it sold out) you must let him finish the year out as a show of respect. Then you have to take stock of who is available out there that Auburn can get as it’s next coach. Forgetting ALL the professional carousel of coaches (Gruden, Ryan, etc etc they don’t want a college gig and you’d end up with Charlie Weiss results) who is out there that would consider us as a destination? Chris Peterson at Boise…no dice he has a free pass in the Big East now…Charlie Strong…again he can win where he is at and have a much easier go of it. Patterson..again win big there and you can get into a playoff. I rack my brain..who can we get?

    I’m POSITIVE that we need a total house cleaning in the AD , yes you Jacobs, and Tim Jackson.

    We MUST excuse CSL as the OC immediately.

    Mike Pelton, War Eagle, but you aren’t getting it done either.

    Everyone else gets another year..DB’s are looking better compared to last year. LB’s well when they get #5 off the field then they CAN play decent but still need talent upgrade here as I think that is the root problem..not coaching at that position. WR is another problem..not sure there if it is coaching or talent or the combined problem of poor blocking/playcalling/QB play. Wallace looked sharp last night when he had time so I’m going to go with talent upgrade at WR needed as well as more maturity on OL (which will come).

    Coach Chizik, I am still in favor of giving him you one more year to right the ship. What I watched last night was a bunch of football players that didn’t want to be there. I’m not 100% sold that it rests solely on the coaches. We are talking about 18-22 year old kids that have to want to play. Look at effort levels individually…Wallace, Mason, Uzomah, Blake…those guys played like they WANTED to be there. Running hard, absorbing hits, making the catches..those guys put forth genuine effort. Flip to the defense and I saw absolutely NO ONE giving an honest effort. NO ONE.No demonstrable leadership at all. Go back…painful as it is, watch the tape…Wallace, Uzomah, Mason..those guys played fast and had a spark. That was completely absent on defense.

    I’ve re-watched this game twice now and it pains me to say that coaching is an issue yes, but our players are giving up.

  13. AuburnEdS says:

    Good news is that I will be taking my son to the AAMU game in a few weeks and we should have plenty of leg room

  14. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I was ready to pink-slip Loeffler after Starkville. I also reluctantly agree with the assessment of Pelton. We’re loaded with junior 4 and 5 stars up front, and are getting soundly whipped on the D-line.

    …..vanGorder does need to bone up on trends in the past 5-7 years in college offense. Nothing he did worked against A&M, and they looked to have been well prepared to exploit every weakness in our defense.

    …..I’m willing to give Chizik another year, but not if he reads his evaluation, and continues with the “keep on doing what we’re doing” mantra.

    …..I’m with War Eagle Atlanta on the Jacobs/Gogue issue. That’s above our pay grade!

  15. restless6 says:

    Give Chizik another year?!

    Watch Auburn fall farther behind the competition and become a doormat for years to come.

    No thanks.

  16. DBAU81 says:

    1. Fire Jacobs now and get on with hiring an AD with no ties to the current regime, and whose no. 1 priority is to hire the new head coach.

    2. Allow Chizik to finish the season, but tell him now that he’s gone after the Iron Bowl. That way the search for a new coach can begin immediately and everybody knows where they stand.

    These are, without a doubt, the darkest days for AU football in my 53 years. That includes the final year under Barfield, the Eric Ramsey saga, and the Bowden mid season firing/resignation (whichever you believe). Perhaps, though, it’s exactly what we needed to finally bring about a true culture change within the Athletic Dept. We are at a crossroads, and the road we choose now will have consequences for years to come. All of us who love Auburn for reasons that run much deeper than football can only hope and pray that President Gogue and the BOT will make the hard decisions that need to be made for the long-term betterment of the program and the University as a whole.

    War Damn Eagle.

  17. AUdacious_Dude says:

    Due to the buy-out, AU will wait till the first of December to fire Chizik. I can’t blame them — it will save a couple million dollars. And there’s no reason to move now since the season is lost already (though I do hope the PTB are already contacting candidates so we can get a jump on the competition).

    I don’t feel sorry for Chizik one bit. What he has done this season is a disgrace and disrespectful to all the people who donate money or buy tickers. It’s disrespectful to anyone who graduated from Auburn. Hell, it’s even disrespectful to lowly sidewalk alums like myself. When these men take big time jobs, they know that expectations are high and that going 1-7 is simply not going to cut it. Setting school records for the worst losses is unforgivable. Chizik understands this and has no one to blame but himself.

    I just don’t see how an Auburn team can be this bad. It’s quite amazing. It’s almost like one would have to TRY to lose by 60. This is why I still feel there is some major dissension going on behind the scenes that we will only hear about months from now. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I doubt this pitiful spectacle we have all witnessed this season is just a matter of bad game-day coaching or bad practices. Something is going on. If I am wrong and everyone gets along merrily, then this is the worst CFB staff ever assembled in the history of football.

    That said, there is only one clear choice to get this thing turned around and turned around fast. That man is Bobby Petrino. He was won, and won big everywhere. He has turned programs around (literally) in one season both as an OC and HC. To not hire him is crazy.

  18. auburn01 auburn01 says:

    Chizik needs to go. Auburn needs to spend the money for a big time coach who can come in and get the program back on it’s feet again. We have the talent but do not have the coaches to develop these players to compete at this level. I think Chizik’s days are numbered.

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