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Spastic Random Thoughts – Busted Bulldog Edition

By on November 13th, 2017 in Football 9 Comments »

Photo courtesy of some Auburn fan who passed it along to some other Auburn fan who passed it along to me!


The Bulldog “faithful” (or what is left of them) have stopped saying, “We want Bama,” and are looking forward to a rematch. They are already saying, “One game doesn’t make a season,” and “It’s how we respond to this,” and other complete tripe (we would call it “coachspeak” if it came from Gus). I hear,“We want AU again”—why, so they can get some more of what they just got? Isn’t that a sign of masochism? The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results—well, instead of stop the insanity!, I say bring on more insanity!

I saw a Dawg fan , “We gave AU 40 points.” I countered with, No, we took every point fair and square. (I meant that we earned every one fair and square, but y’all know what I meant.)

I get the feeling that they are going to say that they gave us the win with all the penalties, dropped passes, and the muffed punt, etc. If you hear that, just say, “Okay, does 33–31 make you feel any better?”

Hey, if you want to take all the missed plays out, let’s take out that fumbled snap, and now we add 4 more to AU’s score, and probably take enough time off so that the Dawgs don’t get that garbage-time touchdown. Heck, let’s even give them the field goal at the end of the first half. That makes it 37–27, or even (reclaiming the garbage-time TD) 37–34—feel any better now, Doggies?

Also, none of those penalties by the Dawgs were drive-extenders, except the leaping penalty on the punt—and even though we got our first touchdown three plays after that on the big pass to Darius, we very well might have done the same thing after our iron-wall defense would have made UGA punt again (heck, I might as well speculate as much as the Dawg fans are).

(Spastic digression: Didn’t we do the same thing against Texas A&M on the blocked punt—leap over the second blocking line? Acid Rain noted “THAT” kind of leaping wasn’t a penalty.)

Really, do they think that those 15-yard tag-ons made a difference? I think that each time they committed one of those penalties our actual scoring play just ran right through their defense—so basically, we walked off 15 yards instead of running an additional 15 yards to the end zone.

And I saw one comment where a UGA fan said the refs were crummy in general—why? I saw ONE and ONLY ONE bad pass interference no-call that went our way–the fact that the Dawgs were playing junk-yard football and getting called on it is not the fault of the referees. I think I saw more holding of our D-line that wasn’t being called than anything we did that wasn’t called.

The only thing that baffles me (but in a good way) is that we had NO protection from the Bulldog pass rush in the first quarter, and they were stuffing both our inside and outside runs. Then Jarrett starting having all day to make his passes and/or enough time to counter the rush with the two misdirection dump-offs for scores. Were there in-game changes in the O-line that I (not a very perceptive football watcher) didn’t see? Or did they just get it together and start manhandling the other side? Gary Danielson did point out the blocking of our H-backs on several plays and even noted that Casey Dunn had played all over the line. One of our football experts, please let me know!

If Bama plays the way it did last night (against the other Bulldogs), and we do the same, we kill them and go to ATL—no question. And I see no reason why we can’t repeat in Atlanta what we did to the Bulldogs last night in Auburn—I can’t see Kirby coming up with a great adjusted game plan on offense or defense that will change anything.

All I know is that Monday in the office (I work in Atlanta) is going to be SO SWEET and paying off my annual “winner-pays” bet of lunch at the next-door with a co-worker is going to taste so good. Also, Christmas with the in-laws (Georgia folks all) is going to be a LOT merrier! Oh, we are going shopping in Athens today as well—I wonder just how much Auburn attire is “rubbing it in” and how much is just justifiable gloating….


Michael Val

(who appreciates these guys at Track ‘Em Tigers for even letting me have anything to do with them after not writing anything for months and months!)


  1. AUglenn says:

    Enjoyed the read Michael Val & loved the picture!

  2. jlobailey says:

    Best read since I joined TET. Nothing wrong with a little gloating!!

  3. Tigers5711 says:

    Yes this was the biggest win for Auburn since the Kick 6 in 2013. And if we play like that again in the Iron Bowl we’ll have a decent chance to beat the Tide. But I’m pretty sure they’re a lot better than GA and will be a formidable foe. I feel they were a bit over confident over in Starkville and they have some injuries too. Whatever Malzahn is doing he needs to keep doing. I do know JH will be one rockin’ joint on Nov 25th. And the field will be invaded by the fans again if we win.

  4. GBAU83 says:

    On the blocked punt question – when we blocked the punt, we jumped between two of the defenders in the wall (shot the gap, if you will) whereas Georgia leaped over the wall. You can see the Georgia player go up and actually flip so the he is head down – we were never head down. That is why it is called, to prevent guys getting flipped and landing on head or neck and therefore very susceptible to to injury.

    On the line, I am not a major football monitor but did read in another forum that there was some switching on the line and then things started going our way. Don’t recall the who was involved in the switching.

  5. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..On the punt blocks, it is NOT allowed now, to jump over the players on the LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. The rules say nothing about leaping over a blocking back 5 yards behind the line.

    …..Just a year ago, it was not illegal to leap over the line. A Vanderbilt player about this time last year did it to Auburn, and cleanly blocked one of Daniel Carlson’s field goal attempts.

    • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

      They now call it the “punting shield” and “leaping” over those three players is now a serious penalty. I will be honest and state, for the record, that I had no knowledge of said rule until it was called Saturday night. I even stopped and looked it up on my phone what in the stands.

  6. Tigers5711 says:

    Mississippi State scored 3 running TDs on Bama 1st time in a long time. Looks like we might have a decent to good chance in the Iron Bowl. We love to run and are good at it.

  7. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..MSU got worn down by the Alabama offensive line, it looked like, late. “Hot knife thru butter” was what it appeared to be, to these eyes. Auburn has a lot more depth up front, than MSU does. Alabama’s defense is thinned by injury, and they don’t have a Jonathan-Allen-type monster up there, this year. A big key is Prince Tega Wanagho, for Auburn. He still has some fundamentals issues in pass protection, but he has been manhandling every defensive end he’s gone against, since the Clemson game.

    …..There appeared to be a lot of standing around confused, by the young Bama replacements in the linebacker corps. There’s still a lot of talent there, but Auburn is not an iso-team. Auburn runs zone blocking sometimes, a pulling guard, or even a pulling tackle. Sometimes both guards pull. And you really have to account for the jet sweep from Auburn this year, too. Get all of that contained, and Jarrett Stidham fakes the handoff and fires a pop pass.

  8. mvhcpa says:

    Sorry I am late getting back to you all, but I wanted to say thank you for the nice comments AND the info on my questions about the O-line and the punt block rules—It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger! MVH