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Sound Off Sunday

By on October 14th, 2012 in Football 28 Comments »

As Auburn begins to approach historic lows in its program history, we’d like to hear what you think and any suggestions you have for righting the ship. Does Gene Chizik still have a chance to survive? Is it all over? Tell us your thoughts. We’ve also linked some stories from around the internet on this Sunday.

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  1. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    For me, it’s not just that we’re losing…it’s how we are losing. I have to think that if we were playing our hearts out and the opposing team was just titch better (even the RebelBears), then I wouldn’t be so blue about this. But when I see our team with measurably more supposed talent roll out onto the field and play flat, without heart, and frankly, like they’ve never been off the scout team-it makes me disconcerted and angry. These losses are messy and sloppy.

    The growing pains on offense are not simply the result of players running a pro-style as opposed to a Malzahn offense. There is lack of development at quarterback. It’s burning a red shirt for gimmick plays. Its play calling that defies the personnel on the field. It’s making progress on the field with a flurry of first downs, then ditching that success for short-side run plays or ridiculous p*ss plays, which forces a punt.

    On defense, it’s hard to tell if there’s progress or not, but not being able to get lined up properly is ridiculous. However, there’s the hope for improvement on that side of the ball.

    I hated the talk of firing coaches at the end Tubb’s tenure. I loved Tommy Tubberville and appreciate the success he brought to Auburn. I don’t feel the same about Chizik, MNC withstanding. We had attrition of talent during Tubb’s tenure, but for academic reasons (mostly). Now? Attrition is driven by arrests. There is no leadership amongst the players. The coaching staff is not developing the players the way that they should be.

    • Jay Coulter Jay Coulter says:

      I agree Tiger on the Mountain. This goes much deeper than X’s and O’s. What hit me the most yesterday was how flat we came out in the second half, especially on offense. There was no sense of urgency or wanting to win. That’s systematic of coaching. Plain and simple, Chizik has lost this team and now I believe, probably his job.

      • WarEagleEngr says:

        Absolutely agree with both comments.

        What will forever astound me is that Chizik and his coaching staff could overachieve their way to respectability in ’09, mega-overachieve their way to the very pinnacle of college football in ’10, then let it all crash to unprecedented depths in less than two seasons. I have to think that at some point after Glendale, Chizik just took his hands off the wheel of this program. Now he’s going over the cliff along with it.

  2. WarEagleEngr says:

    I’m calling it now, Chizik will not be on the sidelines next year. Jay Jacobs has repeatedly demonstrated a quick trigger when it comes to dispatching under-performing coaches, and if he would not forgive Tuberville for a coordinator-hiring debacle, a losing season, and a general sense of listlessness in the program, he will not forgive Chizik for a coordinator-hiring debacle, a losing season, a general sense of listlessness in the program, persistent discipline problems, and the squandering of the football riches attained by winning the BCS title. And it won’t matter that it was Chizik who won those riches for Auburn in the first place. At 1-5 this season and 9-9 since Glendale, he’s cashed out all his goodwill from 2010.
    I’m not saying it’s fair, or that I would agree with it. But the program has disintegrated under Chizik. And Auburn plays in the SEC. This conference just doesn’t afford the luxury of an extra season based on past achievements, no matter how spectacular those achievements were.

  3. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    I agree with Jay. A new coaching staff may be needed to right this sinking ship. Thank goodness I had some good wine to ease the pain of another loss yesterday. Auburn will be back. It will just take some time. WDE!

  4. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    It is time for Auburn to pay some money for a good coach. I think Charlie Strong would be a great choice. He has done well at Louisville and would be able to bring in his staff.

  5. kjl131313 says:

    You have to fire JJ too. You have to clean our whole Athletic Department out. Get rid of the old boy net work that is there. All sports have taken a nose dive since he has taken over. Basketball, Baseball, Football and the once mighty swimming. Sorry guys Chizik wont be fired until JJ is because JJ know once Chizik is fired he is a goner too.

  6. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    Randy, I think Charlie Strong is worth looking at.

    When I watch Auburn Football Every Day, I don’t see any passion from either the players or coaches. Example: Pelton was working with the defensive linemen and a guy came out of his stance too high. Pelton didn’t even look at him, just said to the air “Gotta get those pads down.” That was it. He did not make it a point of significance.

    When you see Muschamp, Saban, Urban Meyer in their practice clips, they are telling individual players specifically what they must correct. They raise the temperature and intensity. They want guys to focus and they demand it.

    I don’t see any of that from our coaches.

  7. AuburnEdS says:

    If the ship is going to be righted:

    1. JJ has to go
    2. GC, unfortunately, needs to go
    3. Pat Dye needs to be told to hit the road and quit interfering with the FB program
    4. The good ‘ol boys gotta go as well
    5. Gotta hire a no-nonsense coach like Saban and get #1-4 under control. We saw what happened to Bama when the good ol’ boys ran the show (DuBose, Price, Shula) and what has happened since (it speaks for itself). The same thing is happening at Auburn now. Hopefully those in charge have studied the study and remember Alabama before Saban and where it is now. Auburn can save itself from the long and painful period like Alabama went through if those with the authority to make changes swallow their pride, put their egos aside, and have the “manhood” to do what is best for the program

  8. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    It was obvious in 2008 and the years leading up to that point from the highwater mark in 2004 that Tuberville had quit on the job. He was a shrewd recruiter and had an ability to pick the diamond out of the rough. But something happened like I said… that ability dissappeared as we got nearer to 2008. And the effects it had on Auburn’s football team were striking.

    Tuberville’s tenure can be debated till the cows come home. But the bottom line is his constant technique of enjoying himself at AU’s expense… finally got old. It was past time for it to happen.

    Bring in the Chizik era. The fan that said… “we wanted a winner, not a loser”…. is a haunting reminder at how fragile the illusion of actually making a difference in the tipsy turvey world of college football. What’s up today is down tomorrow. Or is it? Looking up the street to T-town, I am not so sure.

    Chizik came in hot. He had what appeared to be a good staff. 2009, AU had a modest year. It was sure better than what happened in 2008. AU actually competed against bama. We actually competed against UGA and ARK and LSU. Then the unthinkable happened… enter Cam Newton.

    2010 was the undefeated season.

    Honestly, in my opinion, the nugget in Chizik’s crown wasn’t the NC…. nope. It was the possibility that his recruiting talent brought to Auburn. The sky was the limit.

    We all knew with graduating seniors from 2010, that 2011 was going to be tough. But once again, we were ok… only this year AU didn’t compete with the bama’s, LSU’s, Georgia’s, or Arkansas’s. We were all concerned. But again, we pointed to the recruiting. Even with losing big named players to our cousins up the street – we were ok. Or so we thought.

    2012. A season that had a lot at stake. I personally thought the performance was ok against Clemson and LSU. I was actually elated by the promise of effort and future possibilities. But I personally went to the MSU game. It was awful. Then Arkansas and the bumbling idiot they have as a coach came to town… and they won. Again, awful. And then watching the Ole Miss game yesterday… I became disgusted.

    In my opinion, the team that got off the bus wasn’t prepared. I couldn’t tell that AU or Chizik had four recruiting classes in the top 20. The last 3 in the top 10. We should have blown Ole Miss out of the water BUT the exact opposite happened.

    This is the worst Auburn team I have seen in my lifetime.

    Now. I have said before that I don’t know what is going to happen – I don’t advocate one thing over the other – I am releasing that responsibility to the good people of AU. I have done my bit in the past. It’s time someone else stands up to be accounted for….

    …. but I will say this: AU is down for the count. Right now, with what I saw yesterday, making a change or leaving the man in place doesn’t look like it will make a difference.

    For those that say that Chizik needs to go, I ask this question: who are you going to get?? SERIOUSLY. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to coach against the Saban’s of the world. Why? Let’s face it – it’s tough being in the SEC.

    And for those that think that Chizik should stay, I ask this question: How are you going to rectify the situation so that it improves instead of deteriorates?? This coach will not listen. He has closed himself off… and if I didn’t know any better – I’d say he’d taken a play book page out of Tommy Tuberville’s management technique…. which is, if you are going to get fired… make them pay for the damage to your name and the prestige you have created while at Auburn.

    My advice (and I’m being completely serious) is to pray. Pray for Auburn. Pray for these young men. And yes, pray for Gene Chizik. I think we are being taught a lesson. I am sure not going to say that I am above being brought down a notch or three. Are you? Humbling yourself… will make the inevitable a bit easier to face. Because you can stick your head in the sand if you want too… but I think it’s becoming crystal clear where our position is in the SEC. Dead last.

    I am still proud of Auburn and all it stands for. Aren’t you?


  9. kjl131313 says:

    The real coaches wont be afraid to coach against Saban. Did you think Sumlin thought I can coach at Texas AM because I wont even be able to be Saban hell no. And yes it is different we are in the same state but we can recruit top ten classes so there is a coach. The question is what coach? A young assistant, a NFL assistant coach that has had coaches experience Greg Roman. IDK

  10. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    You can’t get rid of Chizik without getting rid of Jacobs also. Otherwise the root of the problem is still there to create the problem again.

  11. mgizmo2005 says:

    I posted this on the end of the 2nd half game thread, but this is a more appropriate space for it:

    One of the things that has bugged me the most about being a football fan and being involved with the fan community is that people are too anxious to pass judgment on a team or a coach when they are struggling. Yes, this situation isn’t acceptable. Losing really is embarassing, especially when it looks like that. Don’t jump off a bridge quite yet. There’s no reason to believe we are going to be sent to the SEC cellar for the next ten years. That idea has no basis in reality. Its preposterous. What really sucks is we have the athletes that can compete in this league right now and we have more lining up to play for us. One lousy season isn’t going to change that. Somebody can make some real sweet lemonade out of this mess we got. We’re AUBURN. We will be back. (but yes, we pretty much suck right now)

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Nah. We won’t be down for ten years. Even with the NCAA hammering Bama from all directions, they didn’t stay down ten years. Saban turned it around and won 12 games in year 2. Auburn has talent on the roster. We’ve just got to plan better.

    • GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

      My sentiments exactly.

  12. Bren Dekura Bren Dekura says:

    Check out these stats on

    Pretty amazing… At least we’re near the top on kickoff returns!

  13. Connie4AU says:

    @ Wde 1988…I believe there are coaches that are not intimidated by Coach Saban. Who would want a coach at Auburn that is afraid of Nick Saban and the SEC? Hopefully, we could hire a coach that would find that to be a challenge if Chizik were to be fired. We recruit top players against Saban every year. Alabama doesn’t have room for ALL of the players. We are not developing our recruits into college competitors. That is a coaching issue.

    Chizik may have lost his job Saturday if he didn’t lose it against Arkansas. I personally like Chizik. He is a fine gentleman. We are a very talented football team. Something is wrong inside the football locker room. We are poorly coached. Why did Mason only touch the ball 5 times in the second half yesterday? Coaching. Why do we run pass routes short of the first down? Coaching. Why the pathetic play calling? Coaching. Why the ridiculous penalities? Coaching. How can the OC not develop a QB when that is his gleaming resume’? Coaching. Poor tackling techniques at this level of football? Coaching. All this talk about running a different offense/defense that is wrong for the players we have recruited…..WHAT?? How about running an offense and a defense that works for the talent you have. That’s what Al Borges did and look at how 2004 turned out….Jason Campbell was feared to step on the football field by Auburn fans everywhere until Al Borges made him a star. So, I digress…..we have a coaching problem at Auburn.

    Jay Jacobs has us headed down the wrong road in the Athletic Department. AU Athletics are suffering under his “leadership”. Auburn should overhaul starting with him and the good ‘ole boy system that hinders our progress.

    I have been an Auburn fan all of my life. My 75 year old father graduated from Auburn. I am as “IN” an Auburn fan as you will find. However, when our own players are calling out their own football team, something is terribly wrong. I believe that Auburn can get back to the eliteness we are known for. I believe in Auburn…and LOVE IT!! War Eagle!

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:


    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      About a coach who can compete – let’s hope so Connie4AU. Let’s hope so. But only fool would look at the bama machine and not wince. If anything it is impressive. I mean, how could anyone argue that after it dominates year after year? And meanwhile, we are losing ground. Rapidly.

      I agree with you about Chizik being a gentlemen – and the fact that the issues we are seeing are coaching issues – pure and simple. My point is that regardless what Auburn does – we still lose ground. We haven’t been decisive since Cam left campus.

      My point about the players… according to the recruiting sources that I read… AU recruited well. Extremely well. However, that doesn’t mean anything when you have a 1-5 season… going to a 2-10 season (and that is if we are lucky). In fact, I would say that I haven’t been able to tell that our players have been any better than the 2 or 3 star players at La Monroe. Coaching or not. I mean – look at TJ Yeldon. THAT is a football player! So I hold the recruiting services in question… and I ask you – have we been sold a defective product?

      And regardless of what we do with our coach – will the players we got on a string for recruiting stay and sign with AU? Will the kids we have on the roster stay? Nothing say’s that they have too.

      Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, it doesn’t look good… I don’t see AU recovering for at least 5-6 years. Perhaps a decade.

      And again, you are right about Jay Jacobs… his record speaks for itself. But much like the coach – who are you going to get? You need someone who is a good judge of character and a good businessman or woman.

      It’s funny. I get the impression that folks think that Bobby Lowder is still pulling the strings at AU. That ain’t happening. He has been put to pasture. Jimmy Rains is running the board now. He is nothing like Lowder in my opinion.

      If I had to guess, and that is all any of us are doing, I think we have a case of picking inexpensive coach’s and thinking that they can pull it together. CGC has some of the qualities we are looking for, all except for leadership. In the end, we can fault Jacobs for that… but you can’t say it’s the “good ole boy network in action”.

      If we fire the AD the replacement needs to be one that can find a coach that is the complete package.

      As always connie4AU, I am an Auburn man. I have been since the day I was born. I am like my father… only he wasn’t a graduate, he was a steel worker in B’Ham. But I went and graduated from AU. My goal was to go for both of us. Someday, I hope my kids can go too.

      War Eagle!

  14. spanky says:

    Assuming no major staff changes are made, play for next year. Treat the remaining games like full contact practice and develp the young guys who will be around for a few years. Give the seniors that have a shot at making the pros their fair share of snaps. Just a major regrouping because this season is basically over. Georgia and Alabama are the only remaining games that are significant for having some sort of saving grace this year. War Eagle!

  15. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    A definition of insanity.

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

    The sums up Loeffler

    Another definition of insanity.

    Allowing someone to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    The sums of Chizik

    Another definition of insanity.

    Me watching an AU football team lose by 21 to Ole Miss that lost to Bama by 100

    I am done with this staff. I disagreed with the firing of Franklin in the middle of a season, but I would agree with getting rid of Loeffler now. We can’t sink any lower, if you don’t send him packing, get someone else to call plays at least.

    All of us are armchair quarterbacks at best but anyone who has a pulse can see the problems. I still love Auburn and I am still all in.

    I believe in Auburn and I love it.

    War Eagle