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So you are in the Petrino boat…. eh?

By on December 4th, 2012 in Member Post 3 Comments »

I am wondering if I am the only one that sees that the folks that are in this boat tend to think he is the ONLY man for the job.  They don’t want anyone else. They are absolutely opposed to any other candidate.

 Really? Why?

I have a couple of questions for these folks:

What one factor says he is the MOST qualified for the job? 

  • The fact that he played in the SEC with a fairly high powered offense but failed to win the big games against good defenses? I mean… is he the super coach??
  • What makes you think he can recruit? This is about half of the job description for being the head coach.  Agreed he can bring in a good QB (probably)… but what else? From what I hear he isn’t a very good recruiter. 
  • You do realize that he will always looking for the next super job? He isn’t much different than Tubs in that respect.

I absolutely agree that he should be interviewed.  But that is about as far as I go UNLESS he IS the most qualified. And that still remains to be seen. He has too many detractors. And if you noticed… I haven’t even listed his little indiscretion of having a mistress, well, until now.

That issue aside, what if he doesn’t get hired… what does that mean to you Petrino lover?  Are you going to quit AU because you didn’t get your way. 

*- if so, can I get your season tickets (at dirt cheap prices).





  1. CapnVegetto says:

    I just wrote my promised response to you about Smart, called “Why Kirby Smart is a Bad Idea”. It’ll be up before long I would think.

    In response to you here:

    1) He was able to win a few big games, the glaring problems lie in his defenses, which would be fixed if he were to hire Joe Whitt, Jr. as a DC which is rumored. You have to remember, he won TONS of big games at Auburn when he was OC, because he had a defense behind him. That year, the offense performed well EVERY SINGLE GAME. We only lost when the defense screwed up. You HAVE to remember that he was coaching at ARKANSAS. His recruiting was around the 30-40 range nationally, which is about where Arkansas historically is. You have to remember, in Arkansas, you simply do NOT have the recruiting base that Auburn has. We have Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and MIssissippi primarily that we recruit from. The talent pool is DEEP, MUCH deeper than Arkansas. Arkansas gets most of their players from the state of Arkansas, from kids who grop up wanting to be Razorbacks, and that’s about it. They fill out the rest of classes from OK, TX, LA, and KS rejects. You have to remember, he is competing with Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, and Les Miles. It’s a completely different ballgame. The talent pool is deep as hell in Texas, but there’s about 1000 Texas schools that suck them all up.

    Point is, Petrino did a LOT with Arkansas with maybe half the resources he’d have available at Auburn. He never could quite get over the top, but compared to where Arkansas was before he showed up, he did an amazing job. I won’t even get into what he did at Louisville, that speaks for itself. He took a mid-tier program that rarely ever competed in the SEC and turned them into a top 10 ranked program nationally. That is a big deal. Same thing with Louisville, with even less resources. The record speaks for itself. It is indisputable.

    2) See above paragraph to answer this question. Recruiting is a lot about where you are located, and what resources you have available to you. There is a reason the same schools are always near the top in recruiting, regardless of who their coach is. Anyway, winning is the best way to recruit. Kids want to come where they are going to get on TV and get talked about nationally. Petrino will give them that.

    3) Next super job? Where? He’ll never go back to the NFL. Auburn is one of the top 10 money making programs in the country. Where is he going to go? If he wins a ton of games, and gets bought by a super budget team for twice what we can pay him, I don’t blame him one damn bit for leaving. I’d do the same thing. He’d be stupid not to. That’s irrelevant, and it would be an issue with pretty much anybody we hired. There aren’t many teams in the country that could outbid us on a coach, but if someone does, and they take it, I don’t blame them. If we want him bad enough, we’ll pony up.

    Now you can respond to my post whenever it shows up.

  2. CapnVegetto says:

    I should add that I will be behind Auburn no matter who they hire. I may call people idiots, but I still love Auburn, and only do that because I love them. So no, you can’t have my damn tickets. 🙂

  3. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Thanks for the comments CAPT V,

    I did hear today that Petrino got a phone call on Monday evening and was subsequently told to be quiet about the conversation. But apparently he will not be interviewed further. The fact that he was told not to talk about it calls into question how the information has become public.

    The lights may be going out on Bobby P.