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So IF Chizik “stays” WHO goes?

By on November 25th, 2012 in Member Post 8 Comments »

Growing up as an Auburn fan in an Auburn family I do wonder like everyone else whats next? I must say Chizik is very well spoken and I do tend to like him. Now with that being said there are no excuses for HIS team performance this year.

With the exception of 2010 NC Chiziks’ years have been C-  at best. I mean 7 and 5 regular season and 7 and 5 regular season for both 09′ and 11′ seasons not exactly national contender records; and most currently the heart wrenching three and nine 2012 season.

I  just don’t know anymore. If he goes does everybody go? Where do we go? Who will be our newest family member?

Personally I’m not very satisfied with the OC Scot Loeffler, nor the whole team for that matter; but I do believe I have more faith in Vangorder than any of the rest. I just believe his resume speaks for itself. Not to mention all three 5 star recruits are on the defensive side of the ball. Now I’m hearing hes bringing in someone else to aide him in the cornerback coaching postion. I think if anyone is on the right track its him.

Please write back with any insight or suggestions. 


This is my first time posting or “blogging” so bare with me. Thanks everyone, JosephLeBerteJr


  1. JosephLeBerteJr JosephLeBerteJr says:

    I just dont believe he has what it takes to take us to that level again. Thats my opinion. Does anyone know of any potential coaches? not just wishful thinking coaches but has anyone heard of ANY strong possibilities? People in the mix?

  2. mikeautiger says:

    I have some questions about D-line coach, have not been too ompressed with Peyton but it is hard to say if it is him or just the youth on the line. Loffler’s offense seems to have some spark last two games if the line will execute, so main problem may be lack of execution on part of young line. If is a big word bit not totally out of the question. We can only go up from here and I think the kids will be in a better mind set to start the year.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……Honestly, van Gorder’s bunch looks worse than Loeffler’s. We’ve had tough offensive years before. But we’ve never seen a series like giving up 41 to Ole Miss, 63 to Texas A&M, 38 to UGA and 49 to Bama.

    …..Willie Martinez was supposed to be a big upgrade to our secondary over Lolley and Thigpen this season. Instead, we’re repeatedly getting beat over the top on the post pattern.

    …..Mike Pelton’s D-line is soft this season. Thigpen’s linebackers are terrible, although it’s a problem he inherited. The secondary is bad under Martinez. Trooper’s receiving corps has nothing reliable but Emory Blake. And Scot Loeffler’s supposed to be a quarterback guru, but three of his have completed 57 percent of their passes for 7.3 yards per pass and 15 interceptions vs. 8 TDs.

    ……Both coordinators are guilty of trying to install way more than this team can handle, and being stubborn as all get-out about it. Add the head coach to that list, too.

    …..I’d give Jay Boulware a pass, because our special teams have been decent, and he’s held together a tight end corps despite the loss of Phillip Lutzenkirchen. Jeff Grimes has fielded an offensive line with 4 underclassmen, and they’ve held their own.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Good points Acid.

      Personally, I am so sick of hearing that these players are young… they were that at the beginning of the season. It’s obvious this team showed no sense of progression at all. The reason why in my opinion is that the coach’s just didn’t get the job done.

      It’s either that or we recruited mentally slow kids who can’t grasp key concepts like tackling, blocking and schemes.

      Take your pick. Both are bad.


  4. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    The only coach on this team that has proven himself consistently year after year is Boulware.

    Everyone else… and I mean everyone else needs to go.

    It’s time to clean house. From the AD to the strength and conditioning coach. Leave no stone unturned.

    Get it done and lets move on.


  5. JosephLeBerteJr JosephLeBerteJr says:

    I agree wde1988. My only thing is ted roof recruited the defense if Im not mistaken. And I believe he recruited for a smaller faster evasive defense. The type of D Vangorder coaches is POWER strenght weight a bully style D where he has linbackers that hardly push 200lbs. Then on the other hand if your a good coach you should be capable of working with what you have. Your strenghts and weaknesses. If the scheme he wanted to implement didnt work due to lack of size then he should have corrected and moved on with what he had to work with.

  6. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……The youth excuse was valid last year, but is vanishing small this year, and shouldn’t be mentioned next year. On defense, we had five linemen who had extensive game experience in the 2010 season, Whitaker, Carter, Eguae, Lemonier, and Ford. All were third year or more this year, and you only get four years in college football.

    …..Bates and Evans in the linebacker corps, were starters at one time or other way back in 2009. A secondary with T’Sharvan Bell, Chris Davis, and Demetruce McNeil isn’t young, either. All played major roles in the 2010 season.

  7. JosephLeBerteJr JosephLeBerteJr says:

    No worries hes out!