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By on September 11th, 2013 in Member Post 7 Comments »

A little Wednesday schadenfreude. Apparently, there could be some problems in West Vance. Yahoo Sports put out a story about some interesting activities, naming some Alabama, Miss St, and Tennessee players receiving benefits. I hate all of these stories, but I gotta admit, a phrase about glass houses came to mind.

Happy reading.



  1. auh20 auh20 says:

    Just posted my take. It’s so ironic all the things bama wanted for Auburn and Texas A&M have come home to roost in T-Town. bama will skate, of course, but Ten A Si and MisterSloppy State may get slammed since they are currently in the NCAA slammer.

  2. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    Paper trail. This has the potential to grow legs because it is more than he said she said.
    As Judge Wopner used to say, “You got your receipts?”

  3. AUJTJarhead AUJTJarhead says:

    My old college roomate (A bammer, but a nice guy) has been an FBI agent in their financial crimes division for years now. Back with Cam’s allegations, I asked him if they could find anything. He said he couldn’t speak to specifics, but if there was money involved they WOULD find it. He later admitted there couldn’t be any improprieties, or they would have found it. THIS tide thing already has the receipts out there. O’ de chickens has come home Bammers!

  4. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Saban and Emmert still have a red hot bromance going so I don’t expect much of anything to come of this except momentary bad press. It will be fun to watch the dentally challenged nation melt down, if only for a short while.

  5. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    So far, Dan Patrick talked about it a little bit this morning, but that’s the only coverage I’ve seen nationally so far as of 11:00am, 12 Sep.

    • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

      And you won’t hear much from Saban loving ESPN either, except to maybe make excuses for turdville.

  6. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    I saw Robinson on ESPN yesterday and he said he doubts there will be any serious reprecussions for Bama. According to the Yahoo article author, the NCAA does not have the resources required for in-depth reporting/investigating to get the proof. Also, persons involved now have a heads up and will either change testimony/statements or refuse to discuss the matter again.

    Tennessee has held out their player named in the article for the game against Oregon on Saturday. So far, that’s the extent of fall out from the article.