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Sifting Through The Noise

By on October 15th, 2012 in Football, Uncategorized 16 Comments »

I have been asked if I could play any musical instruments in the past, and my standard answer is that I can’t play the radio without static. That may be lost on those of you who have only heard true digital satellite radio, but I think most of you understand what that statement is intended to define.

This week, I have been asked who I thought would be a good replacement for our head football coach.  Not that I am surprised, or caught off guard about all the talking heads and their unified discussion points this week. I am however, surprised that Auburn is winless in the league thus far this season.

Now you are asking, what does one thing have to do with the other. Static. Pure and simple, it’s all just static. You see, there are many who think Auburn is not in good hands at all, because they are not competing for the conference championship this season. I am sure you have seen all the “Cam” references. You know, the ones that show the record Gene Chizik has with Cam Newton, and the one without Cam Newton.

I wonder if Cam were used as a reference point for all other SEC schools what that would reveal. We know the SEC against Cam Newton is winless. I think Cam was a very special player at Auburn, and would never say anything contrary to that. Was he the sole reason Auburn won the BCS title in 2010? NO!

Too many players played big roles at crucial times that season to say one man won it all. Its preposterous to think otherwise. It took team effort, at all times during that season. It also took a special coach who could handle the pressure of the lies, and insinuations reported as fact by and incredulous media. Thank you Gene Chizik. 

Chizik, and his inner circle kept the fire at bay, and guided that Auburn team through what we all thought was the most trying time in Auburn football history. Now because this Auburn team can’t find their way at mid-season many of those same talking heads want to hang Chizik out to dry. A sad commentary on the state of Auburn fans, not on Auburn football.

The definition of static in today’s digital world? Too much inter-web buzz about who the next coach at Auburn will be.



  1. carolina tiger says:

    AMEN KB!!!! It’s about time someone on this site started talking some sense.

  2. AuburnEdS says:

    Okay then……explain the lack of development of all these top 10 recruiting classes. I can understand one or two not panning out. It has been way more than that. That’s (lack of) coaching. I will give CGC credit for holding things together in 2010. If you look at the overall picture of his HC career, he is average at best. I can respect your opinion, but surely you can understand why Auburn people feel like the program shouldn’t be regressing like it is less than two years after the NC.

    • carolina tiger says:

      I agree we are regressing and it’s maddening but I believe CGC deserves one more year. He is an exceptional recruiter and these are his players and his commits. If he is fired at the end of the season I think the long term damage to the program would be worse.

  3. kjl131313 says:

    I also want to know why have so much support when being reported he is interfering with the offense. If you follow auburnundercover you know that it is a huge thing that is going on behind the scenes and started with Gus last year not being allowed to run his whole offense. All goes back to coaching my friend.

    • DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

      According to Marshall, last year’s decision was motivated to give a weak defense some help. This year with Loeffler’s bumbling play calling he had to either get involved or just stand by and watch loeffler continue not getting the job done. I don’t understand all the folks calling for more running the ball the last few weeks, then when Chizik steps in and makes Loeffler do that – the same people say, “O the problem is the HC is involved with the offense.”

  4. wde21 says:

    Finally, a voice of reason! I have been as frustrated as anyone with the way we look this season. But I think Coach Chizik should be given another year to turn it around. He did hold our 2010 team together through unprecedented adversity and exceeded expectations (according to the national media) last year. I really think he deserves the opportunity. War Eagle always!

  5. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Lines are being drawn. For some reason this feels less divisive than at the end of Tubb’s tenure at Auburn. I hope that everyone can keep respecting that we all have unique feelings about this. I do think that if we make a coaching change, prudence is necessary–and it would be prudent to get rid of Jay Jacobs first. Otherwise we will be having this same conversation a couple of years down the road. Personally, I’m anti-Chizik, but I respect folks who think differently than me–I can see both sides…..

  6. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Good piece KB

    Also I agree wholeheartedly with Tiger on the Mountain’s statement about respect…

    ‘I hope that everyone can keep respecting that we all have unique feelings about this.”
    And its good that all can express their feelings here in a civil fashion “respecting folks who think differently.”

  7. plains74 says:

    I have to appreciate the magic that was 2010 and do think that it was a team effort but with good skill players as well as exceptional players on both sides of the ball. However something very bad has gone wrong this year. My first question would be who is accountable for the results so far? Who is really in charge? I appreciate Juno’s managment solutions but think that our problems have to be solved on a much faster time table in order to preserve the intergity of Auburn football as well as the rest of our athletic program. I would hope that the president is taking charge and meeting with the board of trustees to get to the bottom of this disaster.. If the solution is getting a new athletic director with an alfa personality and a belife that Auburn is a place for national championships and second to none. , it should be done sooner than later. The new athletic director with the board and president should get to the bottom of the problem and find solutions. These solutions shouldbe implemented sooner rather than later to preserve the intergity of Auburn football and all other athletics. The attitude that Auburn has to play second fiddle to any other institution in this state is bogus.
    There are three fan bases . Alabama alumni , Auburn alumni and the rest of the state who for the most part will swing back and forth to whoever has the winning program at the time.. Auburn is a state institution on par with Alabama. Auburn has the same acess to funds and an alumni base that is as smart and as well endowed financialy as Alabama. Auburn has had three undefeated teams in the last 20 years. Look at all the years Alabama struggled since the Bear while Auburn flourished. How many undefeated teams have they had in the last 20 years? It is a matter of Auburn having the right leadership, president and trustees who can make the right decisons sooner rather than later.

  8. mikeautiger says:

    Almost every great team can be subject the what if they did not have Cam question; where is FL without Tbow, or GA without Herschel, or my favorite where would Bama be without Bear’s 9 game winning streak against AU – with a loosing record to Auburn! And this year would be a great year for a 40th anniversary ‘punt bama punt’ year to spoil another #1 teams march to the MNC.

  9. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    As usual Kool, you are astute in getting to the real crux of the matter. I totally agree with you that Chizik guided us through the 2010 season unscathed but I beg to differ with you on the other.

    A coach is graded by his won lost record. That’s why you hire him, to win games. Chizik has won a natty but we all know that without Cam we would not be sporting that crystal football. You can’t ignore the other W/L stats.

    I am torn about Chizik being given another season to turn around this program. Are there other shiny baubles out there, sure, but do we need to go shopping now? Like I said, I am really torn as to my opinion. I applaud Chizik for sticking by his OC, hell he hired him but it does not take a football genius to see that he can not call plays. Reference Acid. That is the biggest thing I am anti Chizik about. I put up my poll to take the temp of the TET fan base and to help me make up my own mind. . As of now, Chizik is the top choice but 70% think otherwise. If this were an political election it would be a landslide poll.

    This is a tough time for AU football and I hope the people we pay a lot of money to will make the right moves.

    I only want the best for AU and I don not own a round crystal ball.

  10. autigrman says:

    Koolbell – interesting piece. I believe that the fan problem is related to that other teams fans and their unceasing grins. This makes our fan base much more irritable. I for one believe Chizik needs another year. I am astonished at the comments like just find the money to replace him now…the fans are the ones that have to pony up the money and let’s not forget that several assistants have buyout clauses. That requires real cash – which isn’t as readily available…just look at NFL and CFB’s season ticket sales over the last three years. The mob mentality is really a bad thing to get caught up in so please AU mgmt make a reasonable plan and execute it.

    I believe that we need a replacement OC…loeffler might work best one on one with the Qb. The extra year gives time for improvement on both sides of the ball – which is crucial. I also believe that would give time to find a replacement that is capable. Any decision made in mid stream is usually very bad.

    Just my opinion -because strangely enough I will continue to give every March and buy my season tickets every May. War Eagle!

  11. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Hang Chizik out to dry over the Cam comparison. Oh, heck no.

    But what about:

    1-6 season and 0-4 SEC. No bowl. And the possibility of setting this program back another 5 years regardless if he stays or if he goes? To me, that is about all that needs to be said. But to add insult to injury… how about this fiasco occuring in year FOUR of a contract? After his raise and at the height of his buy out clause. Or, how about top 20 recruiting classes four years running and still everything else said here still applies.

    Shouldn’t that matter?

    I mean as silly as it is to say out loud, I don’t think any of us pay good money to go and watch AU lose. Do we? Or are you telling me – that going to watch AU play… win, lose or draw – even as pathetic as that has been this year, is that your idea of the end to a perfect day?

    I don’t. Sorry. You win.

    It’s too bad that it comes down to that. So exactly what do I lose? Does my diploma get revoked? Does a camera focus on me and my family and they display a sign of “bad fan”?

    I think snobbery is equally as disgusting as being a raving fan. I don’t think I fit into either. Can we move on?

    Honestly – the bow wave is moving ahead of you. Somethings you simply can’t stop. If the powers that be decide it’s time to go – it’s done. If they decide to wait – we will continue on in this state until Chizik can either get his house in order or his buy out conditions will be more manageable.

    Stil, is this personal like it was with Tommy Tuberville? No. Am I bitter? Not really.

    I simply think AU deserves better. If we want to compete in this conference – we better bring our A game every day. Should I feel sorry about that… I don’t think so.

    The point here is that we all think we have an idea of the “perfect” Auburn. That is human nature. To try to contain some of us for venting our feelings would not only be less than truthful, it would ultimately contradict the fundemental values of the Auburn Creed.

    Truth: This isn’t personal – it’s business. Nobody ever likes this statement. But it still stands.

    Truth: NONE OF US WILL be apart of the decision making. And on this point – I agree with you KB – right now all of this is noise. However, I think the noise has potential to change rapidly. And I do know that change is being evaluated as I write this.

    The thing we ought to be looking at as a fan instead of wagging a finger at each other is to make clear that you as a fan have a voice. You do. It’s not much, granted, but you have one. How? Voting with the your feet and with your money. The coffers of AU will eventually take notice, even when the head coach refuses too. Will that matter? It’s hard to say.

    Still, I never tend to make “permenant statements” during the divorce process. And whether you care to admit it… that is what we are trying to determine now to see if/when it is happening. Call it a built in mechanism.

    At the end of the day… AU is still home. AU is still where my heart resides. That will never change.

    I’d much prefer to talk it out here than in public. I happen to like the different points of view. Don’t you?


    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      Well said.

      First I want to thank all of you for your comments. I knew this was a touchy subject, and rightfully so.

      The “powers that be” comment hits the nail so squarely on the head as to drive it home. We have no say so in the matter, except at the ticket counter.

      You are correct in the business view of all this, and no, Auburn can not afford to continue on this path.

      Lets look at some interesting points though.

      One is that Chizik is meddling with the offense. I say he damn well better be messing with the play calling after what I’ve seen this year. I agree with Acid, if I keep seeing three and four wide out sets as a designed run play, I may lose my mind. That is just pure stupidity in the SEC. The results of that play speaks for its self.

      Last season Chizik asked Malzahn to slow down the “O”: because of the defensive weaknesses, this year, the “D” is a little better, but the offensive coordinator is the weakness. Loeffler is Chizik’s first real mistake, albeit its a big mistake, should it cost him his job? We will have to wait and see what happens at the end of the year.

  12. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I agree with keeping Chizik, but it’s more of a monetary and image thing, with me. I don’t think you ever “owe” someone a chance to keep their multi-million dollar a year job. They earn it, or they don’t. But if we fire Chizik, we have to pay the man $7 million, BEFORE hiring anyone else. And which qualified guy is going to take a chance on Auburn, when we fired a national championship coach that quickly?

    …..I will pretend I can play instruments, though. You hand me an unfamiliar something, that makes tones, and I’ll be playing tunes on it in less than a minute. Now note that I said “tunes,” and not music. Notes are just really simple math. Being expressive with it, and conveying nuance… way harder.

    …..I’ve never really mastered an instrument, unless you consider making All-State band in high school “mastery.” I assure you, it isn’t. Most of the kids who try out can’t even play all of their scales, these days. In my case, I lucked up and got a sight-reading piece I’d played before, during the All-State tryouts. I don’t think any of the other players had a clue how to deal with five sharps!

  13. GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

    Well put KB!