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Sean White dismissed from team….Malzahn officially on the banana peel

By on September 18th, 2017 in Member Post 1 Comment »

Good God, who saw this coming??? Sean White, the starting QB and de facto leader of the team at the end of the 2016 season, IS GONE! White was dismissed from the team after being arrested for being under the influence in public over the weekend. As White is a 21-year-old adult, one must assume he was under the influence of something substantially more intoxicating than alcohol, or half the junior/senior class would be incarcerated every weekend.

What in the hell happened to that kid??? This must be a continuation of what got him suspended for the 1st two games of the season, and Malzahn had no choice but to dismiss him from the team. This puts Auburn in perilous territory as we went from having one of the best QB tandems in college football to now possibly one of the worst. We are now one blindside tackle away from having a true freshman as our starting QB. I’m afraid this lies at the feet of Malzahn. How do you let this happen. How do you let a kid go off the rails like this and endanger your program to this degree? Now Stidham is the man, regardless of how well he plays as we have no other viable option.  And unless he and Lindsey and the O-line step up their game, we are looking at a minimum of five or six losses. Anything worse than 8–4 and Malzahn loses his job. With home games against UGA and Bama to close the season, losing both would definitely seal his fate.

One wonders, given the state of the team and the miserable offensive performance of the team, if we shouldn’t just cut bait and hope that Kevin Steele can guide the team to a better record the rest of the way. Let’s be real. Malzahn is supposed to be an offensive genius, and yet everyone is clamoring for him to get his hands off the offense. If that is the case, and he can’t even keep his former starting QB in line, what does he bring to the table?? Not much, and in fact he may be a hindrance. One has to assume that Lindsey could do no worse and might prosper with Malzahn out of the way.  This offense is too talented to be this bad, and the fact that the former starting QB obviously checked out mentally a while ago, says Malzahn is in the process of losing the team, if he has not already. 

Malzahn better stay away from any open doors, because he is officially on the banana peel.


One Comment

  1. clm0001 clm0001 says:

    Kevin Steele as interim head coach might not be a bad idea. He’s definitely be less likely to try to overrule Lindsey in running the offense.

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