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Say No to Petrino

By on December 1st, 2012 in Member Post 9 Comments »
     I sent this response to Matt Hayes of the Sporting News after he published
an article titled Be Bold Auburn.

     I just read your column on Auburn to be bold and hire Bobby Petrino for
     our vacant coaching position. I don't know your connections to Auburn and
suspect you don't have any. Auburn is a very prominent and established
University of the highest standards and character. It is bordered by a
small conservative southern town.

I am a graduate of Auburn University and a faithful supporter and fan for
more than 30 years. I seethe at the thought of hiring the most despicable
coach and man in all of recent college football history. He is nothing more
than a disrespectful lying coward. Not only did he have an illicit affair with a student intern and hire her into a university job with state funded
money. He then tried covering it all up and lying about it to his Athletic
department until the real truth was discovered. We all know the story.

But worst of all, he was poised to backstab our football team and program,
when at the drop of a hat,Tommy Tuberville, his past employer, was having
 a difficult season. He didn't even have the decency to address his Falcon
football team with his decision to leave when he high-tailed it to Arkansas.
He left a written notice taped to the player's lockers. Real leadership, huh!

Auburn does not need to sell their soul to the devil to attain a winning
football team. If they hire him, I will completely dis-associate myself from the
 Auburn football program. I completely disagree with you and your column on
  this matter. I also wish that "passerby's" would just keep their mouths shut
  about issues that they don't have any business getting involved in. Michael T. Forchette COMM 478 222-0286 / Cell 478 919-3033 Forchette


  1. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    I am afraid he’s the top candidate right now but I agree with you he is not someone I want associated with the university. Its a disaster waiting to happen The only reason he is a candidate is because of his experience in the SEC.There is such a small chance that he will come in and start beating LSU,UGA and Bama, and if he can’t do that, even isupporters witll turn on him.Its just not worth the heartache he would bring.

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Well said, Mr. Forchette.

  3. mikeautiger says:

    Bravo!!! Read the Creed and you see hiring Patrino would be the biggest disgrace and derigation to that creed and go against everything Auburn stands for and undercut its very character and integrity!!!!!

    There is a bigger picture here! We have and can win with someone of character at the head coaching position. Auburn is not just about football. It is a univerity of higher learning that has a responsibility to grow good citizens for the good of all our country. Hiring Patrino will deliver a huge blow not only to our school but our society as a whole.

    War Eagle!

  4. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    100% concurrence. Only I think paying a (for all intents and purposes) prostitute with university dollars would be my top negative on him. The man has no control over himself, why do we think he could control a team of teenagers and twenty-somethings? NO, NO, NO, Petrino! This makes me sicker than AU losing to Bama, the thought that AU would stoop so low. Thanks for posting!

  5. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  6. CapnVegetto says:

    I disagree.

    The creed has nothing to do with the hiring of a coach. Is it consistent with the Auburn Creed to hire a lesser candidate simply because they are, at least in public, a better person and by consequence have the football program and every other program at the university that depends on its funding from the football program suffer?

    Did you think of all the other student athletes or just of your perceived image? Narcissists are often more concerned with the perception of reality rather than reality itself. The reality is that as far as his resume goes, he is by far the most qualified candidate. That is indisputable. Of course, you could hire a ‘good man’ who has a much worse record and resume. We just did that 4 years ago. That went really well, didn’t it?

    Everyone who claims to be a Christian is so against even speaking to Petrino they are ignoring one of the highest tenats of Christianity: forgiveness. It’s much easier to point the finger at someone else and scream from your high horse than it is to give them a shot.

    Petrino is my number one choice because I’m not an idiot. I have the ability to remove emotion from the decision and make it based on pure logic and reason. His resume is the strongest. His record speaks for itself. He will win, and win quickly, and will get the football program back where it belongs, which is in the national conversation of top tier programs, and by consequence, every other program and student athlete at the university will benefit.

    If you fail to see the reality of the situation, your head is in the sand. Pull it out.

    • edoublel says:

      He does not fit in with the character of Auburn. Even if you did want to forgive him and bring him here you have to actually think about that. They said a problem was Chizik couldn’t get these guys to go to practice or class. Why would these guys have any more respect for Petrino? Chizik is extremely respectable and stand up guy he might have been too nice and unable to keep them in lime. From the players’ comments it is obvious they respected Chizik. There would be no respect from Petrino. It is hard to scold someone when all of their dirty laundry is out in the public. Remember if these guys are cutting class or acting out they won’t even get to play.
      There are plenty of other coaches how could do a good job without having to sacrifice for character. I believe they won’t hire Petrino. They know they would lose a lot of support. It is not worth it. Plus Jay Jacobs and Pat Dye would never go for that.

    • PortCouncil PortCouncil says:

      “Petrino is my number one choice because I’m not an idiot.”

      Charlie Strong is my first choice and I don’t think I’m an idiot because of it. I believe in moral truths and the value of character. I will continue to support Auburn if Petrino is the hire, though.

      I would send my son to play for Richt or Saban before Petrino. This, even as an Auburn alum. Really, most anyone before Petrino. I’m sure I’m not the only father that feels this way. Such consideration should be central in this search.