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Auburn Recruiting Update 2019

By on November 2nd, 2018 in Football, News, Other Sports 8 Comments »

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The early signing period is only about two months away, and while this has stolen some thunder from the real National Signing Day, it is not too early to take a look at Auburn’s current recruiting class to see what may be in store.

None of these have signed yet, so anything can still happen, but based on an average of the most popular recruiting sites, Auburn comes in at or about Number 12 in the nation.

I will do a later post that includes player stats as we get closer to the early signing period, but high school football isn’t over, and numbers will change.  Of course, we will have a post as players actually send in letters of intent.

I am hopeful that players will stay committed and actually send in their LOI’s given the chance of early playing time combined with the new redshirt rule.

There are now so many sports sites and recruiting sites that none of the following will be of any surprise to most, if not all, of TET readers. But, we will go through it anyway.

Who are the commits included in the 2019 recruiting class? We will list it after the break.



  • 3* OT Justin Osborne – Texas has long been known to produce top notch football players, and Auburn desperately needs assistance on the offensive line. Osborne says he is solid with his commitment.
  • 4* OG Keiondre Jones – Staying with help on the offensive line, Jones is thought to be solid with the Tigers and has some good numbers.
  • 4* WR George Pickens – A solid wide receiver who is still being sought by the likes of Alabama and LSU. Auburn may have some work to do to keep one of the other SEC West schools from flipping him.
  • 4* WR Ja’Varrius Johnson – Auburn may have some work to do to keep Johnson, but he is still saying he is a solid commit.
  • * TE Tyler Fromm – I couldn’t locate a consistent ranking for the brother of QB Jake Fromm probably due to injury as I believe he has yet to play a game this season. If he holds true to his commitment, he can be an early enrollee in January. Fromm is one of Auburn’s top targets.
  • 3* TE Luke Deal – This former QB has some great blocking abilities and was offered by a number of schools. Deal is another of Auburn’s top TE targets.
  • 4* QB Bo Nix – Father, Patrick, played QB for Auburn and, to date the younger Nix is still a solid Auburn recruit.



  • 3* DE Colby Wooden – Perhaps one of the most solid commitments, Auburn has remained on top of Clemson for this recruit. He is having a good season and can be a complement to Kevin Steele’s defense.
  • 4* DE-DT Jaron Handy – Handy maintains that he is a solid Auburn commit but, again, time will tell as Handy will not be an early enrollee and has stated that he will not sign an LOI until February. But this could be a solid win for Auburn over LSU where Handy was previously committed.
  • * DE Jamond Gordon – Again, I couldn’t locate a consistent ranking. Gordon has bounced back and forth between Auburn and Ole Miss and continues to visit both schools. Again, this is another who won’t enroll early and won’t sign an LOI until February.
  • 5* LB Owen Pappoe – Apparently Pappoe is still a solid Auburn commit and rumor has it he is actively recruiting for the Tigers. This has the potential to be a big win.
  • 4* CB Zion Puckett – This appears to be another rock-solid recruit who can enroll early. He also had offers from numerous schools. Some of those, however, were minor schools such as Alabama and Ohio State.
  • * CB Cam’Ron Kelly – Again, could not find a consistent ranking, but this guy is playing an awesome role at QB at his school in Virginia with, so far, only a single loss.
  • 4* CB Jaylin Simpson – Auburn had to, or may still have to, beat out South Carolina for Simpson, but he has some impressive numbers to date. Like a few others, Simpson will not be an early enrollee.
  • 4* ATL Jashawn Sheffield – This is someone who routinely plays both sides of the ball, and it is not known exactly where he might fit at Auburn. He has plenty of offers but appears solid with Auburn.

Again, none of this is a done deal. I would like to see a bit more support for the offensive line, but there is still time. Auburn is still stocking up on defense but not so much on special teams, it seems.

Another couple of rumors are floating around, and if true, it seems that 5* WR Jadon Haselwood will visit Auburn this week. Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant made a mid-week visit to the Plains. There are also reports that perhaps Jalen Hurts could move to Auburn as a graduate transfer to complete his final year of eligibility.

So, could be an interesting recruiting class. There will be more change, for sure, as Auburn has slots available.

Oh, and Auburn will beat Texas A&M 24–17.

Until the next time…

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger, and


  1. AUglenn says:

    What do you think the chances are of Kelley Bryant coming to Auburn? If he does come and Bo Nix is there too, who do you see getting the start?

    • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

      Bryant is/would be a graduate transfer – I’m not sure where Bryant stands but he does have more actual experience than a freshman Nix has.
      To quote Bryant after his visit:
      “It was a good trip just sitting down and talking with coach and getting a feel for what they were all about,” Bryant said. “Feel it would be a good situation to be able to step into with the guys they will have coming back on both sides of the ball.”
      Also, we have to keep in mind the current quarterback roster as we have not yet really seen what, say, a Joey Gatewood can really do.

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      We really don't know if Jarrett Stidham is coming back. He may want to return to restore some of the draft status he held at the end of last season. If he were to do that then I think Bryant would be looking elsewhere.

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..If Bryant can beat out Malik Willis, who will have been in the system for 3 years, and Cord Sandberg, we’ve got big problems. Remember, this guy got benched for non-performance at Clemson, and replaced with a freshman…

    • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

      You are correct and, as to ATM's comments, we don't know if Stidham is coming back. I think he will need truly outstanding performances the remainder of this year before making such a decision. With that said, however, he is still projected as a 3rd/4th round pick for the draft. I don't personally see that but I don't get paid to "see" that… If I were in his shoes, if the draft status is high enough then, yes, I would take it.
      My draft status obviously wasn't high enough but, then again, I've never actually really played the game so there is that caveat…

    • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

      On another note, as it relates to Stidham, do Auburn fans “want” him to come back? What IF Bryant or Hurts decide to make Auburn a target/destination? What IF Willis or Gatewood or Nix out perform, etc.?
      This is why coaches make the money they do and why they should spend it wisely by making really, really, good decisions.

      • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

        I probably should have stated “earn” it wisely instead…

  3. auburnelvis says:

    Bryant hands down! He has more bowl wins as a Tiger than Malzahn!

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