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Recruiting Primer – Revisited

By on January 2nd, 2013 in Football 8 Comments »

Two quick things here. 

First thing is that an eyewitness tweet yesterday revealed that Reuben Foster’s family was decked out in AU apparel while attending the events at the Under Armor All-American. is reporting that 4 star safety Antonio Conner has stated that Reuben Foster and others have been telling him about Auburn, and trying to get him to come down there.

The other is that Carl Lawson has recently mentioned the good players that would be coming to Auburn around him would help make him a better player. This was the message he conveyed while being interviewed at the Skills Challenge on ESPN2. Not exactly a reconfirmation of his commitment, but it looks better each day as he develops relationships with the new staff at AU.

I will be running an all day recruiting coverage event on Track Em Tigers and here simultaneously on National Signing Day (NSD) So you can keep up with happens at either site.

Now let’s take a realistic look at January and what all this means. 

It appears that Auburn is planning a really big recruiting weekend on January 11th. That is where AU will make a stand with most of the big name recruits, I’m guessing. From there the Auburn coaches must decide who will be offered scholarships, and who will put in a holding pattern waiting to hear whether they will get an offer.

We need to understand that there will be tons of rumors, and many story lines as we march toward National Signing Day. So many in fact that we can’t possibly report all of them. We will not report rumors at all. I would rather be the last person to tell you anything, than tell you something that is untrue. Besides, we don’t break stories here. We just offer our impressions on the happenings in Auburn sports.

So, buckle your seat belts, secure the hatches, and man your battle stations. The recruiting push of every programs life is upon us. 



  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Maybe its me KB but I got the impression at the end Gene and Trooper were just going through the motions. I don’t know how much evaluation was going on of players. And certainly last season was evidence that nothing was happening AFTER the recruiting process.

    As I look at actions taken by Gus and company… and i do mean company… this staff is loaded for bear when it comes to recruiting… it would appear that they are evaluating the player and how they fit into AU’s scheme. Maybe even patching current holes that were evident after this past seasons debacle.

    While I don’t care for the crap Reuben Foster pulled – he is after all only 18. This still remains to be seen… but I get the impression Gus isn’t going to put up with the crap that Gene did from his players. His opening statement and the fact that we had several defections… and I think we all know that if Gus wanted to expend the capital to retain a player… he has the charisma to do it one on one.

    AU has slowly regained some lost ground. We are currently #21 on Rival’s ranking with only 13 players.

    I suspect that there is still some purging that needs to be done both on the current roster and the target recruiting one.

    Call me unrealistic… but I think AU regains some ground… we take a few more JUCCO’s and end up back in the top 10. Rueben Foster could somehow find his way back to AU. We have a hell of a coaching staff for defense now. Unfortunately for him.. he has lost some of his appeal based upon his lack of commitment to the University. Isn’t it amazing that we haven’t heard that Trooper Taylor was snatched up by a school and Foster was going with him as was initially broadcasted.


    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Personally, I will be satisfied if we finish in the top 20 in recruiting, as long as we pull in an elite QB.

      As far as Trooper Taylor goes, my REC and Bull Gator friends have been saying for years that Taylor is an infractions committee magnet. I think jealousy played a part in those opinions but there was also a little validity there. In addition, it seems that more than a few of his recruits were bad seeds. Yes, lack of any semblence of a team authoritarian played a part here. Last, and far from least, it doesn’t appear that Taylor could coach ’em up once he got them to sign. None of this looks good on your resume.

    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      I wouldn’t be so hard on Foster. Yeah, he is 18, but he also hasn’t had the advantage of someone with lots maturity in his life either. Trooper told him recently not to be committed to just Trooper Taylor, but to where he could get the best education.

      He is by far the best player at that position, and is highly sought after for a reason. He could literally suit up right now for any one of seven SEC teams and start next year. Hopefully he will mature and develop into the true talent that he can be.

      As to Chizik, I don’t think he quit, I think he realized his mistakes too late. He also trusted some of his staff that maybe let the BCS title get to their head. Which will breed the type of atmosphere we saw at Auburn without very strong leadership.

      This may piss off many who come here, but Saban runs a very tight ship for just that reason. You won’t see his teams over confident very often.

      I think Auburn could land in the top 10 very easily. Maybe even the top 5. If Montravious Adams chooses Auburn, and RB Derrick Green can be persuaded to come to Auburn, and a few others that are currently being courted, then the reality is another mind blowing class of recruits. It will take one heck of a job by Malzahn, but he has shown he wants the very best.

      WAR EAGLE!

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        KB, how many recruits considering those that are punching out early, will AU be able to sign?

        Seems to me it would be a larger class than usual.


  2. Malakai Malakai says:

    Taylor’s antics seems like karma catching up with him. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. And as far as Foster, I’m with you. I could take him or leave him at this point. In fact, I don’t care how good he is. His attitude will be more of a hindrance to the team than his athleticism could ever off set.

  3. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    I don’t put much in the ratings of hs kids, especially when the ratings don’t speak to attitude or work ethic. But it is another way to compete with other schools and I like that part. Wish their was a rating for coaches who get the most out of players. I hope we have the coaches that can take a 3 star and send him to the nfl… Either way, I will be watching intently to learn the names that I will be screaming at the tv in a few years… Look forward to the coverage. It will have to hold me over until Spring.

  4. wpleagle wpleagle says:

    For those of you with long memories, Shug survived being across the state from he whose name shall not be mentioned by taking the equivalent of today’s 2 and 3 stars and coaching the hell out of them. No question that the best approach is 4 and 5 stars who are humble and pay attention to authority, but I’ll take a well-coached, gung ho 3 star any day of the week. And, attention to training: booze and weed equals disaster!!!

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      There are many examples of the latter…. Mike Dyer just to name one close to home for AU fans.

      And yes… I remember Shug. That kind of stability has been lacking at AU ever since.