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Ramblings of a College Football Junkie! (Week 6)

By on October 7th, 2014 in Member Post 14 Comments »

(photo: Robin Trimarchi,Columbus Ledger Enquirer)

This week end’s list of games carried on TV was beyond awesome! It’s what makes college football so great! Once again, college football delivered big!! It began on Thursday and went through late Saturday. Even with Auburn playing late in the day I was glued to the tube! How could you not be??  Big game after big game! I just couldn’t put down the remote! My family was worried that they might have to use the defibrillator. 

What can I say? Yes. I am an addict. I am a big-time college football junkie!

The First Weekend in October: Upset reset!  We haven’t seen the likes of a weekend like this since Ever. Oh, there was the time back in 1990 but nothing like what we saw yesterday. Seventeen unbeaten teams came into this weekend with great aspirations. After the carnage only ten unbeaten teams remain. To give you another perspective, half of the AP top ten was beaten. This was the first time this has happened – EVER! Can you say parity? And can you freaking believe what happened in the State of Mississippi on Saturday?? I hope you got to church on Sunday because obviously we are living in the end of days, well of course unless you are a Rebel or Bulldog. This changes EVERYTHING.  Or does it?

Top 10 Notables:

Wake Forest versus FSU1: Wow. I can’t believe I am saying this – but did anyone watch this snooze fest? I didn’t. It was predicted to be a blow out and it was. Regardless of what they did in their win FSU lost ground to its nemesis yesterday. Who is FSU’s nemesis you ask? Why it’s their schedule.  And Auburn!

FSU travels to Syracuse next weekend!

Arizona versus Oregon2: Upset Rich Rodriguez! It’s probably been a while since you have heard that name. The last time it was prominent Rodriguez was getting fired from a failed Michigan program. And before that while he was the head coach of a red hot West Virginia program he had been rumored to have accepted the job at bama before Nick Saban. I listened to him in an interview with Jack Arute on Sirius XM the other day and Arute aptly pointed out that Rodriguez sounded happy. I can understand why. He apparently owns property in Eugene, Oregon in Autzen Stadium.

This game played on Thursday night and it started the slide of unbeatens. The wildcats just out played the home team ducks. Amazingly this was a rewind/replay from last season. I just don’t know how else to say it, the duck just doesn’t care for cats.

Oregon travels to California next weekend to play UCLA!

Arizona plays USC at home next weekend!

Alabama3 versus Ole Miss11: Hotty Toddy ya’all! In front of a crowd of 60K+, and in probably the biggest upset of the weekend bama fell to Ole Miss in a SEC West matchup. I mentioned Ole Miss’s defense last week. I told you they were good. I think they have the best defensive secondary in the SEC.  What we didn’t know was how good Bo Wallace and the Ole Miss offense would be. Now we do. When Bo is on he is very accurate. He was 18/31 and 251 yards and 3 TDs. But Ole Miss didn’t break 75 yards in rushing.

Bama’s Amari Cooper caught 9 passes for 91 yards. Yeldon got the ball 20 times for 123 yards. Derrick Henry got the ball 17 times for only 37 yards. The only TDs for bama came in the 2nd quarter from Blake Sims scramble in to the end zone and a stripped football on defense right before half time that was returned for a score. And bama’s field goal kicking was only one of three. Bama got to where they couldn’t move the ball or sustain drives or score after the 3d Quarter. Additionally, Kenyan Drake was lost for the season in a horrific injury where it’s believed that he broke his leg.   

A tale of two coaches: Saban looked as frazzled as I have ever seen him. My question to bama fans is how do you justify the kind of salary that you pay Saban where he repeatedly puts together recruiting classes like bama has done and then look like they did? Saban bleeds just like everyone else. I suspect the love fest that was initiated after the Florida game on Lane Kiffen will now be recanted? I suspect folks will be calling for his head this week.  As usual bama fans kept it classes as they were being arrested in Vaught Hemingway Stadium! You got to love the SEC.

Hugh Freeze looked like he was about to start crying in his post game interview because he was so happy. I guess he ‘expediated’ (Freeze’s word) bama.  Big win for his program. But perhaps a bigger win for Freeze is in terms of future jobs and pay checks! Beware of the proverbial pine box Hugh!

Ole Miss travels to College Station to face Texas A&M next weekend!

Bama travels to Fayetteville to face the Razorbacks next weekend!

TCU25 versus Oklahoma4 idle: Upset Horn frogs! Everyone knew that Gary Patterson built teams with great defenses but I guess he can do something with offenses as well. In a game of back and forth – TCU jumped on early and kept ahead on the board.  Big win for TCU! This changes everything in the Big Twelve.

TCU travels to Waco to play Baylor

Oklahoma plays Texas at home

A look at Auburn and the rest of the Top 25 after the jump:

Texas A&M6 versus Mississippi State12: This was my game of the week but it really was a game of domination by the MSU bulldogs. Did I say upset? A&M was never in the game. The obvious take away is that Dan Mullen’s finally got himself a Cam Newton like quarterback. 

A tale of two quarterbacks: Kenny Hill never got in rhythm. He completed 37 passes out of 62 attempts for four touch downs and three interceptions and a total of 365 yards. MSU’s Dak Prescott who is getting mentioned as a possible Heisman contender completed 19 passes out of 25 attempts for two touch downs. He ran for three more. 

MSU is good. Scratch that. MSU is great on both sides of the ball. We haven’t seen MSU this good since Jackie Sherrill. After four years Dan Mullen finally has them ready to contend for the SEC championship. I believe this claim will be settled next weekend in Starkville. Something has to give! But there is something else to keep in mind just like his instate competitor Hugh Freeze – Mullen’s stock has just gone up exponentially for a new job. 

MSU plays Auburn at home next weekend!

Texas A&M plays Ole Miss at home next weekend!

Texas versus Baylor7: A win is a win for Baylor. The Bears handled the talentless long horns in every facet of the game. While Charlie Strong is still in his first year, his recent popularity with the NFL will be short lived. If he starts out next year the same way as Texas has played this year Texas will need a new coach.

Baylor plays TCU at home next weekend

UCLA8versus Utah: The PAC 12 just got more complicated.  After last week’s domination of ASU, UCLA got handled by the Ute’s.

UCLA plays Oregon at home next weekend.

Notre Dame8versus Stanford14: Notre Dame scraped out of an upset in this game. This week at least, Notre Dame is contenders. And for Stanford, that’s two very close losses.

Notre Dame is idle next weekend.

Stanford plays Washington State at home next weekend

Michigan State9 versus Nebraska19: Well, Bo. Maybe in your next job you will be better? You gave it the good college try in the 4th Quarter but it wasn’t enough. As predicted in the Big Ten Michigan State is the best of the conference.

Michigan State travels to Indiana to play Purdue.

Other happenings in the SEC:  


Florida wins in a squeaker in Knoxville! And what does Will Muschamp do? He insults all of Neyland Stadium on National TV.  That’s a way to endear him for future employment. But in order for him to actually win – he had to do something like sack his long time quarterback Jeff Driskel who looked horrible on Saturday. Florida got all of its 10 points in the fourth quarter. I still think even in this game (just like against Kentucky) Florida got away with a bad call that resulted in a win when it should have lost. I don’t know what this game shows us more – how far the Tennessee program has improved or how far the Florida program has fallen.     

Next weekend Muschamp get’s to test his people skills against the mad hatter and LSU. Florida surprisingly is 2-1 in the SEC. LSU is 0-2. Cats and dogs! Living together! Mass hysteria!!

Tennessee (0-2) plays Chattanooga.

Georgia dismantled Vanderbilt on Saturday.  Gurley ran for two TDs. 

Next weekend, Georgia (2-1) travels to Missouri (1-0) to face the tigers from up North. I believe this will be the game that decides the SEC East!

Vandy (0-4) plays Charleston Southern.

Hold the phone. Did I say the Georgia Game next week decides the East? In another apparent upset or maybe said a different way in demonstration of parity – South Carolina (2-3) got beat by a pretty decent looking Kentucky team (2-1).


I covered everyone else in the West except Arkansas (0-2). They were idle this week but prepare to host bama next weekend. 

LSU Post Game thoughts: This is exactly what Auburn needed. A game it dominated against a quality SEC opponent. Oh, there was some pay back in this game. Bet you no one said AU didn’t tackle or block last night wearing purple in gold. I bet the LSU fans got out of Jordan Hare and got a quick start back to Baton Rouge ahead of the traffic too – just like when they got beat by MSU at home. Les Miles finds himself in a funny spot he hasn’t seen in some time (0-2). I wonder if he is starting to think about the Michigan job yet. Anyway, for those that missed the game, Auburn’s defense played lights out all night long. And Auburn’s offense established itself early and never let up off the gas until the end.

Auburn fans need to keep things in perspective:  LSU is in an obvious down year. LSU isn’t the same team that beat us last season. LSU had much of its talent leave early for the NFL last season.  Auburn needs to get better each game.  And I think we are well on our way at attaining this goal.  Still, eating tiger meat never tasted so good!  It’s about time! War Eagle!

A look ahead: Auburn must play their best game to date as we move into week seven and face MSU, in another week in the journey to football nirvana.  Anything can still happen! For any fans traveling to the game – you probably need to bring either hearing protection or aspirin. You’re going to need both. Starkville is a loud, inhospitable place. The campus and stadium has changed a lot over the last ten years but the sound of clanging cow bells is still the same disruptive device it always has been. It can be heard as far away as Tupelo or Meridian. And if MSU finds a way to win? You will hear them for the rest of the year.

Let’s remember to keep it classy Auburn family.  Stay humble. Remember, the fall is harder if you have been a boaster or braggart. And if you didn’t see the bama fan get arrested in Oxford – just Google it on you tube. This is a typical bama fan.   We are above that.

 The GRIND of our schedule is here.  If AU is serious about playing for another SEC championship and perhaps more – here is where Auburn earns a ticket to play.  Win in Starkville and Auburn can find itself winning in Athens or Tuscaloosa. It’s a mindset!

There are only eight unbeaten teams remaining. The ACC has two; the big twelve has two; PAC 12 has one team left. The SEC still has three unbeatens.   And no – I am not counting Marshall.  Why? Ask BYU. 

Who will remain unbeaten after next weekend?

Ha! In closing, I guess I didn’t need the defibrillator after all. But for those that are sullen and gloomy, wake up folks! If you didn’t enjoy this weekend of football games, perhaps you need someone to take your pulse because you obviously don’t have a heartbeat at all. As for me, I can still barely contain myself! This is why I love this sport! I love it even more when my Tigers are competitive!

Hello. My name is WDE1988. And Yes. I am a football junkie!

War Eagle!


  1. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    GRRRREAT Writeup, WDE88,
    Since I am a native of Baton Rouge, I have a permanent smill plastered on my face. I haven’t been this happy since 1999 and Tubby’s Cigar Game or Cam’s Heisman run! I have suffered through some heart breakers with the p&g tigers and I still wear orange and blue everywhere and tell people that I’m allergic to purple and gold. Auburn just needs to keep on keeping on and play them one game at a time. This team has a lot of potential that has yet to be used, in my humble opinion. Our defense reminds me of some of Coach Dye’s and Coach Tubby’s and the offense looks like a combination of Sully and Beasley and Bo at times. The Mad Hatter never looked so frustrated. This is an expecially great week for me,
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      I remember the cigar game. It’s funny how they all run together after awhile. Mention one aspect of the experience and suddenly, there it is.

      I have always heard terrible things about the purple and gold fan base. But speaking on a personal note… I have never met one I didn’t like. Polite. Distinctly Southern. With a bit of cajun charm thrown in for good measure. But I would have to use the disclaimer… I have never been to Tiger Stadium (AKA Death Valley) because of the reputation. Perhaps that’s not very fair to LSU fans… but it is what it is.

      For the really outrageous fan base… I have to look to all things crimson. I say that with a bit of a chuckle because the vast majority of my family are bama fans. And I love ’em. But while I have never met the man… or a person I couldn’t be around I guess if pushed for one I would use Updyke as a prime example. He personifies all things bad with bama. Well, him or Phylis (check out ESPN).

      While you don’t have to look far – the outrageous fans – are there with any fan base. I always try not to be one of them.


  2. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    Should have been “smile”!
    IGTBAAT !!!
    WE !!!
    CTB !!!

  3. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Is it just me or did Nick Marshalls touchdown run look a lot like Cams famous touchdown run.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Yes, it looked eerily familiar.

      I mean that in a good way. Perhaps it bodes well of things to come?


  4. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    I really think MSST is a little in over their heads at this point. After all they’ve beaten a terrible USC team, three cupcakes (and lowly UAB gave them a real scare), an obviously average LSU team (that Auburn whooped far more convincingly), and an overrated TAMU team that doesn’t play defense. On the whole AU’s wins are better (KSU on the road being the best, I’ll grant Arky and TAMU as equal), AU is deeper, AU is more talented, AU has the better coaches, and AU has far more experience. MSST is good, no doubt about that, but AU should beat this team 9 out of 10 times. Having said that I still worry about those dang cowbells (I hate watching games that are in Starkville, the worst sensory experience east of the blue field of Boise), and the fact that State always plays AU close. I just hope the trend of AU pulling it out in the end continues.

  5. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    From Baton Rouge, LA:
    The only difference in Nick’s run and Cam’s run was that Nick faked most of them and caused them to miss and Cam, being almost a giant, carried their top defender, Peterson, on his back, five yards into the end zone. Same result! The p&g fans still hate us and Cam for that. I’m sure they will hate us even more after Saturday.
    Never forget, win or lose:
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  6. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    I agree with WE 2010. I’ll be there to experience it and will leave my hearing aids off and probably wear hearing protection.
    But, win or lose:
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  7. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    If we play this weekend like we did last weekend, I figure us to take down the pups. If you noticed, we got away from running the zone read behind Fulse and it totally opened up the offense. When you are trying to spread the field, you can’t have guys plugging up those holes that make the read work. There were more 4 and 5 WR sets and Nick was (for the most part) just throwing to the open man or a singel covered Duke/Sammie. The 1st TD to Coates was called as being thrown into double coverage, but the safety helping to cover over the top was not in position to help in defending the pass itself, so I’m going to say that Coates was single covered. I am more than pleasantly surprised that we made those adjustments, there is no doubt that these new formations will help open up lanes in the running game and allow CAP and Corey to deal with one less linebacker.

    As far as Dan Mullen is concerned, I don’t see how having Dak Presscot makes him a “hot” coaching commodity. He hasn’t recruited overly well and has performed well below expectations, except until this year when he got his “Cam”. Right now I think MSU is the most dangerous team in football, but they do have weakeness’ that can be exploited. We’ll know a lot more about them this weekend, when the heat really gets turned up. Lets see how they finish before we say Mullen is the next “it” Coach. Personally, I do however see Hugh Freeze as being that guy.

    • War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

      ^^ agreed. broke down the formation Auburn used in the game and Fulse’s touches went way down, where CJ’s went up. CJ is more versatile than Fulse anyways, especially in the passing game.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      I will caveat my comment to say “he sounds like a winner”. And I do realize that there is a distinct difference.

      Just keep in mind programs that are going down with no life preserver will be far less picky than those who are just mediocre. I think Michigan is one of those programs. Funny to say that about the winningest football program in the nation but I think its true.

      Florida isn’t far from this… and they have a record with Mullen. He is a known commodity. I think these are about the only programs that at the moment could afford to pull him away from MSU.

      If Strong keeps it up at Texas, they won’t be too far behind.

      But all this is just opinion.


  8. AUsomeAU AUsomeAU says:

    Nice gauntlet of a up covering it all. Kudos for the Ghostbusters/Bill Murray reference. WDE!

  9. 1standgoalAU 1standgoalAU says:


    After watching the game for a second time it seems that Acid was a little tough on the grade scores. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

    0-14 on third downs, 1-4 on fourth, and limiting LSU to 280 yards. Come on man, defense deserved A’s across the board in my humble opinion. Proud to be an Auburn Tiger! Bring on Miss State – silence the cow bells early with our fast pace high octane offense. After all, we could have scored over 60 vs LSU if coach Gus would have kept the peddle to the metal in the second half. Great win!

  10. I guess I’m always looking for an excuse to pound ’em, but what about the Ole Miss interception at the end of the down fall of Bammer. I’ll swear that ref that signaled the Interceptor out of bounds has got to be a Bammer fan. Was he only 6 feet away and did he not see that foot come down 3 feet inside? Yes he saw it. Just wanted to give Bammer another chance. The official replay brought him down. Was he the same ref that didn’t see the face mask grab by Bammer at the close of the 1st half on the fumble and Bammer TD? Don’t know. But?????