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Purple Tigers Can’t Stop Whining

By on September 20th, 2006 in Football Comments Off on Purple Tigers Can’t Stop Whining

When will the whining stop? Since Auburn’s win Saturday over LSU, all we’ve heard from the LSU fans is whining. The pass interference call on Tiger defensive back Zach Gilbert was close, very close. Did it warrant being reversed? I’ve watched it at least 20 times and I have to say the call was right. Eric Brock did tip the ball, making it uncatchable.

Could the call have gone either way? Absolutely. It was that close. That’s football. I can also point to at least four other plays in the game where Auburn didn’t get the call. Does that mean Auburn should have won by two touchdowns? Not anymore than it means LSU should have won the game. Who’s to say that the Purple Tigers would have scored? They hadn’t sniffed the goal line all day.

I listened with fascination Wednesday as caller-after-caller on Tim Brando’s nationally syndicated radio show called to cry about the game. Even Brando, a Shreveport homer, got into the act, coming to his fellow Louisianans defense. I will give Brando credit, he stopped short of saying that it would have made a difference in the game. In fact, he doubts LSU would have scored even if the penalty had stood.

LSU people can’t seem to understand why that call is being overshadowed by what happened in the Oklahoma-Oregon game. There is a tremendous difference in the two. First, the call in Auburn was correct. Video has proved it. In the game out West, the call was wrong and because it was wrong it costs Oklahoma the game. That’s a big difference. Because of the call, Oregon was allowed to continue on offense and win the game.

If the LSU team can’t put this loss behind them soon, they’ll be staring at another loss. They are an extremely talented team – one of the best in the country. But if they continue to live in the past, they could find themselves eating Chick-Fil-A’s in Atlanta over the holidays. Come to think of it, that has a nice smell… I mean ring.

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