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Opening Presents Early—(Breaking Down How Auburn Helped Itself by Position in Early Signing Period)

By on December 21st, 2017 in Football 8 Comments »

Does Joey Gatewood remind you of anyone?

     War Eagle, everybody! What a strange week this has been. Normally while we are scrambling around getting ready for Christmas, we might see a blurb or two out of Auburn highlighting this or that young player from bowl practice who might make an impact in the future. Instead, this week we have had a nearly full-blown national signing day bonanza! Auburn had 15 of 20 commits sign this week, which means this year’s class is at least 60 percent complete.

     We’ve yet to fully digest the impact of the early signing process implemented this year. My initial take on it is that it’s good for players and tough on coaches. I remember a decade ago, when we would read about Tommy Tuberville taking hunting trips around this time of year. Coaches these days have to really hit the recruiting trail hard. After this week, coaches can double down on the remaining unsigned prospects. With letters of intent in hand, there is no worry about commits “flipping.” This particularly benefits the upper-echelon schools that were able to go get their guys early. Schools that have a tougher time recruiting have their work cut out for them from this point.

     One real worry about the early signing period is coaches spending more time on the road campaigning and less time at bowl practice. If this year’s early bowls are any indication, we are seeing a LOT more offense and sloppy play than in years past. As of right now, 7 bowls have been played, and we’ve seen Troy, Florida Atlantic and Louisiana Tech all put up 50 points or more in runaway affairs.

     We really never know how a recruiting class will turn out until several years down the road. A pessimist might look at the 15 signees Auburn picked up this week and note that there is not a single 5-star recruit in the bunch. I don’t know if this is all that worrisome. I’m sure a 5-star recruit isn’t that worried about finding a school that wants him and can afford to wait till February. Kids with fewer stars? The pressure might have been on to sign early and secure a spot for sure.

     I view the whole recruiting season with about the same enthusiasm I’d have for a broken limb or a root canal. However, this is where coaches succeed or fail, ultimately. You can’t win without good players. After the jump, I’ll do a bit of speculation on how Auburn helped itself in this class by position group. It’s doubly difficult prognosticating on Christmas week. We don’t know at this time which Auburn players might be leaving early for the NFL.

     Over the past 5 seasons, Auburn has built up a deep and powerful defensive line. The good news is that there are no seniors in the playing rotation this season, and Auburn could well bring everyone back next season. I would guess that Jeff Holland would be pretty highly drafted if he left early, and he would be the likeliest to go. Auburn has signed a couple of defensive linemen, Kayode Oladele as a defensive end and Daquan Newkirk out of junior college. Both will have a tough time cracking a monster playing rotation early, but Newkirk in particular might have a shot in pass rush circumstances as a very quick defensive tackle.

     Auburn only loses 1 linebacker in the playing rotation to graduation, but it’s a big one. Tré Williams is done after the bowl game. Auburn has built up sufficient depth that this won’t be too big an issue. Auburn signed linebackers Josh Marsh, Michael Harris and Zakoby McClain this week with McClain being the highest rated. However, there are a lot of established players ahead of this group.

     There are 2 position groups I’m really worried about next season, and the secondary is one of them. Auburn loses 3 of its top 4 safeties to graduation, and junior cornerback Carlton Davis will be a lock to be drafted if he leaves early. I figure Daniel Thomas will move into one safety spot next season, but after that the, competition is wide open. Auburn signed Christian Tutt and Jamien Sherwood in the secondary. Tutt is a lanky cornerback while Sherwood is a ball-hawking safety. I’d guess that both have a great chance to play early.

     On special teams, Auburn’s major losses to graduation are kicker Daniel Carlson, punt returner Stephen Roberts and holder Tyler Stovall. Auburn did not sign any particular special-teams stalwart, but Australian punter Arryn Siposs remains a hard commit. I’m fairly certain that redshirt freshman Anders Carlson will step in as another top-notch placekicker next season.

     Auburn’s offensive line takes a beating on graduation with seniors Braden Smith, Darius James, Austin Golson and Casey Dunn all leaving the starting lineup. That leaves Prince Tega Wanagho, Marquel Harrell and Mike Horton as the most experienced linemen. Auburn signed Jalil Irvin at guard and Kameron Stutts at tackle this week. Stutts is a big dude, listed at 329 pounds.

     At H-back, Chandler Cox could probably be drafted if he left early for the NFL, but I expect that he’ll be back. Auburn returns everyone that played significant minutes at both tight end and H-back. This is usually an area of concern for me, but I’m very optimistic about this group with another year of conditioning and training. It’s a good thing, too, as Auburn did not sign any additions to this group.

     Likewise, Auburn loses no one to graduation at wide receiver. The only juniors on this unit were Ryan Davis and Will Hastings. Early in the season, these guys were a comedy of dropped balls. At season’s end, they were scary dangerous. I look forward to this group starting at a high level next season. With this week’s signing group, Auburn added Seth Williams, and Shedrick Jackson. It will be tough for either to crack the playing rotation, initially.

     At tailback, Auburn loses no seniors this season. However, there is speculation that either Kerryon Johnson or Kamryn Pettway might leave. Both have struggled with injuries, and it might be time to go ahead and take NFL money at a position where longevity doesn’t happen very often. On the other hand, either guy could be a Heisman candidate with a healthy senior season. Auburn signed more runners this week, although some of them likely will be moved to other positions. Names include Asa Martin and Shaun Shivers.

     In the past couple of years, a lot of quarterbacks have left Auburn, but Jarrett Stidham, Malik Willis and Devan Adams all return. For the future, Auburn signed Joey Gatewood, pictured above. He wears number 2 and has already been compared to Cam Newton, as unfair as that might be. Gatewood will have time to develop behind the skilled group ahead of him.


  1. Zach Taylor Zach Taylor says:

    Last night’s SMU vs La Tech was one of the strangest things I have seen…and like you said, we’ve seen it all bowl season.

    I think it goes to show that coaching carousels are bad for bowl games, but adding in recruiting makes it worse.

    Take the aforementioned game. SMU was supposed to roll over La Tech, based on having such a potent offense. Exit Chad Morris. Enter Sonny Dykes. With signing day upon him, his team didn’t even show up to play and I feel this is a direct result of coaching changes and focus on recruiting.

    The game should have at LEAST been a good one and while everyone loves an underdog, this game was 42-3 in the FIRST HALF.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I had it on, with the sound off, while the family watched something else. Tech stomped a mudhole in SMU, who looked like they’d rather have been at the beach.

  2. audude audude says:

    Good up Acid. The question that remains for all programs with the early signing period is “why did they not all sign?”. Some have legit reasons and others do not. As CGM stated he doesn’t want to take the fanfare away from the kids as they sign in February. We’ll see if this early signing period stays or goes.

    War Eagle!

  3. AUNation AUNation says: had an article a couple of days ago showing where AUs players were projected in the draft and it was… ugly. The only projected first rounder was Carlton Davis and Jeff Holland is projected 4th round? Wow. If this is truly accurate most of that list should come back to improve their stock. I hate it, but Pettway already has a foot out the door (semi forced from the rumblings) and KJ should go ahead and jump too due to what I fear will be limited shelf life.

    • Tigerpharm says:

      Probably would be in KJ’s best interest to go out early but I’d like to see him back next year and finish high in the Heisman race.

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Those Pettway rumors are disturbing. However, we’ve heard nothing official, and he’s still on the team, for now.

  5. Tigerpharm says:

    Good up Acid. Looks like Gus is on track to bring in another Top10 class. While a lot of folks are excited about the comparisons of Gatewood to Cam Newton, I feel good about Asa Martin. Gus said yesterday that Martin is the type of versatile running back that Kerryon Johnson was coming out of high school. Auburn has to have the RB’s to keep the offensive motor going.