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Olympic Report

By on June 25th, 2012 in News Comments Off on Olympic Report

Track Em Tigers is proud to bring you news of the Olympic games, and show our support for Team USA and all of the athletes, and coaches that represent Auburn.

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The head of the Auburn Swimming and Diving teams is Brett Hawke, and he will be coaching the Jamaican team, and Auburn swimmer Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace.



This week in Omaha, Nebraska the Olympic trials are being held for swimming and diving. Over 2,000 athletes will be competing to make Team USA including 42 current and former Auburn Tigers.

You can follow all the tweets of Auburn swimming and Diving teams by following@AUAuburnSwimming 

Brett Hawke released this statement in conjunction with this story.

“Every kid who wants to be a swimmer, this is what they dream of from a young age,” Auburn head coach Brett Hawke said in a release. “Every four years, you wait for this, and now it’s here. It’s an exciting period to put yourself up against the best in the U.S. and take a team of individuals to try and get on that team.”

A special thanks to the AUfficial Auburn website for this list that includes all of the current Auburn athletes at the trials this week.

Men’s Athletes Events (Seed)
Allen Browning 400 IM (108), 200 Free (93), 200 Fly (132), 100 Free (139), 200 Back (88)
Stuart Ferguson 100 Breast (47)
Zane Grothe 100 Free (127), 200 Free (82), 400 Free (75), 1500 Free (25), 200 Fly (101)
Peter Haas 200 Breast (123)
Spencer Kerns 200 IM (113)
Chris Kramer 400 IM (100)
Karl Krug 50 Free (14), 100 Free (81)
TJ Leon 50 Free (55), 100 Free (124), 100 Fly (75)
Tommy McKee 200 IM (122)
Drew Modrov 50 Free (19), 100 Free (99)
Max Murphy 100 Back (22), 200 Back (45)
Kyle Owens 100 Free (74), 100 Back (6), 200 Back (18), 200 IM (24)
Brandon Siemasko 100 Back (115), 200 Back (91)
Women’s Athletes Events (Seed)
Emily Bos 50 Free (138), 100 Free (130), 100 Back (17)
Abby Duncan 100 Breast (53), 200 Breast (42)
Katie Gardocki 200 Free (61), 400 Free (31), 800 Free (43)
Laura Johnson 100 Breast (114)
Becca Jones 100 Free (83), 200 Free (89)
Haley Krakoski 50 Free (139), 100 Free (131)
Lauren Norberg 100 Breast (21), 200 Breast (69)
Lindsey Norberg 100 Breast (67)
Sarah Peterson 400 IM (58), 200 IM (74)
Olivia Scott 100 Free (68), 100 Back (165), 100 Fly (11)
Kelsey Winters 100 Free (108)


For the complete list of all the athletes with ties to Auburn in Omaha this week goHERE.


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