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Not certain this is news… but

By on January 16th, 2012 in Member Post Comments Off on Not certain this is news… but

It is being reported that Bobby Petrino is interested in Kentucky. Sources are quoting his father in the story’s posted on ESPN and Sporting News. See here:

Even though it is speculation at best, to me this sends a signal that those within Auburn’s money circles (and some of the fans) have been unsuccessful in making the case that Bobby Petrino needs to be the next coach at Auburn.  This is good news any way you slice it.

But it also indicates to me that AU isn’t going to do anything in terms of its football program.  And that is bad.  (At least to me.)

Right now… it’s looking like AU keeps Gene Chizik.  While that will please some of you… as I have said before… in my “happy place” I will be focusing on plumeting ticket prices and more accessible parking to the stadium during game days will suddenly come available. For some to suggest that he wins 9 games next year… well, all I can say is when pigs fly. For anyone to think that Chizik will be able to fix the mess that Auburn has in its football program is less than realistic. Even if he hires another offensive coordinator.  What is that going to do besides confuse more the players of yet another offensive philosophy?  Even if he were to pull another Tuberville surprise and somehow has another season like 2004/2010  his goodwill capital is about completely spent. It is simply delaying the inevitable.  And while AU won’t owe him money to think that this will get any less messy… well, that too is just unrealistic. 





Chizik has not only lost his team… I believe he has lost the majority of the fan base. 


Oh, you will have folks that still are sore that Terry Bowden quit/fired or what ever…. but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do.









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