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No way that Auburn can not think about Bobby Petrino, but they better do it soon!!!

By on November 11th, 2012 in Member Post 7 Comments »

 War Eagle!!

      New Member, but been life long PROUD life long AUBURN TIGER!!!!!

    First of all, I am 40 yrs old. Male, was born and raised in Al, moved out west for 10 years, been back in the south since 04.  Currently live in Atlanta.

    I was shocked when JJ hired GC. But I did show my support.  I really think Tubberville could’ve been more successful at Auburn, but he at least earned his pay check with the teams he fielded. Until he was forced into the Tony Franklin spread.  You could tell, that Tubberville wasn’t loving it, but I guess he was forced into. When it was shown that he wasn’t buying into, he was shown the exit. It always seemed as if  Tubbs resented the big name powers that all head coaches at Auburn have had to face over the last 30 yrs. Long story short, at least all of his teams, until that weird year, never embarrassed AU. In fact probably one of the single best head coaching jobs ever done was the year he got everyone to stay, and forget their personal goals, and try to achieve the best as a team. I strongly believe if you could right now talk to every player involved with that team, you would hear that probably all of them are successful in life,  still bleed orange and blue, and give a lot of credit to that year. Now if  Tubberville was given more freedom to run his program, we have no choice but to ask, what if. The head coach puppet show at Auburn apparently keeps on going. Never has the powers to be at Auburn in the recent age, put aside their ego’s and left the football up to the Head Coach, instead they all think they know what is best for the program, and need to have a hand or say so in the program, hence you keep hiring people like Gene Chizik.  Now Gene is no doubt a very fine man, a great father and husband, but a great SEC Head Coach, he is most defiantly not.  Not even close.  So admit you mistakes and move on. Simply as that.  It happens everyday  all around the World.  You get paid to do a job, expectations comes with that job. If you don’t meet those expectations, then you are relived of your duties. The higher the pay, usually equals more responsibility and expectations. The higher your accountability is not only to the person that has the job, but also the ones that put that person in the position in the first place.  Simply put, look at the last 5 years, and it is a real no brianer. Gene gets a check for 7.5 buy out, Jay Jaccobs, the person that set up not only the football situation, but all the other major sports programs in AU since 04 is fired as well.  Also the people that makes the decisions about the AD position at Auburn needs to realize they don’t actually know what is best for Auburn Football and remove themselves from their duties. They are better suited as examples of what it is to what it means to be an Auburn man. Successful, proud, supportive etc.  All parties involved if they do really care about what is best for Auburn University and for Auburn Football, needs to realize the best thing they can do, is to step aside and hire a the best available AD in the country, and the best available Head Football coach in the country.  Anything less than that would show nothing but pure ignorance and greed. Because Auburn University is such a GREAT and PROVEN place to not only get a GREAT DEGREE, but a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE, WITH A PROUD TRADITION, THAT LIVES ON AND ON IN GRADUATES HEARTS LONG AFTER THEIR OWN TIME ON CAMPUS ENDS, THAT THEY ONLY WANT THE ABSOLUTE BEST THAT CAN APPRECIATE THE AUBURN TRADITION, TO ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO GET IT. AS WITH ANYTHING ELSE THAT CARRIES SUCH A HIGH VALUE AND TRADITION IT CARRIES A HIGH PRICE TAG!  AUBURN CAN EASILY AFFORD THE BEST AD AND HEAD COACH AVAILABLE  TODAY!

   Now what does the powers to be at Auburn get for paying such a high price?  They get to not worry about being embarrassed week end and week out by not only their rivals, but by schools that have 1/4 of the talent, tradition and facilities that Auburn has! And as long as the AD and Head Coach are healthy and happy, Auburn University and its fans can sit back and enjoy the proud tradition that has been built and actually enjoy sitting back and watch it grow bigger and more successful as ever.

 As far as Athletic Directors goes, frankly I have no idea, but I would imagine you would begin with former Auburn players that may be in the position of  either AD, or Assist AD at another University. And look at their overall performance, how have they performed and grown in their position, how successful has the athletic Dept been on the field? Has it grown?  What is the student athlete graduation rate? What was it before that person got there? How well does that university work with associated conferences? How does it work with and accommodate the media? How do they handle their facilities? Have they been up graded to keep up with current trends?  How well do they handle any, and why was there issues with the NCAA? What would their goals at Auburn be?  Realistic goals? In 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?  I am by far an expert in these matters, but I would think common sense would be along these lines.

 As far as a Head Football Coach.  As stated earlier, Auburn despite all the debates, is indeed on of the most ELITE FOOTBALL JOBS IN THE WORLD, there is no debate in that one bit. Now Auburn is not Notre Dame but neither does it desire to be, no offense to ND, a great and proud school, but Auburn is has and still is building its own tradition. I  know people love to argue this subject, but its really no debate,  simply,  look at basic things as bowl games, NFL players, conference titles, National titles, All SEC, ALL American,  Heisman and other awards, not too mention Coaches salaries vs national salary trends. I would imagine that Auburn University if graded on all of the above would certainly rank in the top 15 among active NCAA schools. NCAA being the highest form of collegiate football competition on the planet. Equals that you are in the company of the 15 most elite NCAA Football programs.  Now, the real debate should be, does Auburn really care about moving up or out of that position!!!! Who they hire as the next Head Coach, and AD, will answer that question.  What did hiring Gene Chizik prove? That Auburn didn’t have the confidence that they could hire and keep a big name and proven head caoch to  Auburn, so they decided that they would take an “Up and coming, Fast paced Coach”, and be directly INVOLVED in TEACHING him how to become an elite head coach. Who is responsible for this action? Jay Jacobs, and some very “Select” Board of Trustee members, that I think they are now called some type of fancy name like the Auburn Committee for Athletic Excellence, or something like that. They are basically the people that tell Jay Jacobs, what to do,  and how to get it done, well it is very apparent that what they know how to do, is to completely fail at develop the some of the most promising talent coming out of high school into the worst Auburn Football team Auburn has put on the field. This is not a statement meant to hurt the current players, this a statement of nothing but the facts, as they have played out. And the current players and recruits, as the most visible representation of Auburn University, deserve nothing more than simply the absolute best that Auburn can provide. What Jay Jacobs has provided with the guidance of his committee of excellence is Gene Chizik, a very fine and Christian man, that I am sure loves Auburn as much as he would love any other school that is willing to pay him 3.5 million a year for fielding the least competitive team with the best talent being under-developed. Which is simply cheating the current and future players at the very least cost of 3.5 million dollars a year.

    I have never been paid one single dollar to coach, much less even watch football. In fact, I guess it wouldn’t surprise many of you that I have actually paid to watch football over my lifetime! Mainly Auburn Football! Now I have not paid millions to have the privilege of being entertained by Auburn Football, but I have paid, either in price of Jordon-Hare tickets, Pay Per View Games, Cable Service, internet Service, Auburn merchandise etc.  I do know the highest price I have ever paid to watch Auburn Football, is this year. Seeing some of the finest talent that Auburn University has ever been able to put on the field, fail, actually not even being able to compete in all the games since LSU minus one victory. Has been a very high price to pay, I have paid it with all of my Auburn pride and dignity. But even that is absolutely nothing compared to the pride that those young men wearing Orange and Blue, have paid. They signed on to be turned into to Auburn men.  They signed on to have the right to live the “Auburn Creed”. To sing “War Eagle” in the locker room after beating an SEC rival. To have the right to hold their head up high and forever be known as an Auburn Tiger, and acknowledge “War Eagle” from fans  for the rest of their life’s, from the hard work, disciple and sacrifice they endured while playing football for Auburn University. Instead, they are getting cheated out of that, and even insulted from fans, even coaches in ways such as curfews that are more suited to 15-16 yr old kids. Not 18-22 college Athletes. They desrve the absolute best that Auburn can provide, and if Gene Chizik was the best that Auburn could do, then it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. But we all know, nothing against Gene Chizik as a man, but I think it is border line criminal, the job performance that he has gotten away with. In the private sector, you can bet, that if someone did the type of performance he has done and had some type of buy out clause. The very least the employee’s company would do, would make that employee actually work to get that buy out in court.  At this point, frankly Auburn should pay Gene the 7.5 million, maybe every dollar would be a lesson, if the actions on the football field hasn’t affected them.

    So who is available to come in to Auburn, and immediately take the talent, facilities and turn it around.  Someone, that is the very best in the coaching gene pool, that knows how to win at the level of SEC football?  Win in the state of Alabama, where college football is  THE ONLY TEAM SPORT available to its state’s citizens? Where they have first hand knowledge of how to go head to head against Nick Saban not only on the Field but in recruiting as well?  Someone that has  experience in coming in and taking over a program not performing to its standards, and instantly getting results? Does Jimbo Fisher fit that or most of it? Does Charlie Strong?  Does Patterson? Peterson? Out of all of those names, only Fisher would clearly be the best to meet Auburn’s needs. Even he doesn’t have proven SEC Head Coaching Experience though. Even though he would be a major up grade over head coach hiring trends over Auburn’s history. He is still not the best Auburn University could possible hire at this time. One that could come in and immediately make a positive impact, have a proven track record of  SEC Head coaching experience not only in turning programs around, recruiting and winning, but building a program, one built on discipline and hard work. A coach that has experience at Auburn University, and one that Auburn tarnished its name some years ago. One that’s own name has been dragged in the media mudd recently, and was justified in doing so. Yes Bobby Petrino.  I myself cringed when I heard of his name being associated again with Auburn Football. But I looked at the pros and cons involved with Bobby Petrino and came away very surprised, and really won’t be shocked if Auburn loses him to another school,  maybe even a school like Kentucky. But if Auburn wants to hire the best proven SEC caliber Head Coach available. A coach that is capable of leading Auburn to places that it has always dreamed of being every single year, it would clearly be Bobby Petrino. Yes, I expect to hear a lot of smack for even mentioning his name, and you would also be justified in doing so. But I would ask all Auburn fans, especially those that have the type of influence that can make a difference in a decision like this. Look into the facts surrounding “Jetgate”, around him leaving the Falcons before the season out. After you look into those two matters, I would like to think that most people would see why he’s not the person the media has made him out to be. Now as too the really bad decision involving the 25 yr old ex volleyball player. Of course everything about that, from hiring her, the loan, hiding that she was in the accident, is all bad. A really bad moral decision made on his part. One that you would have to think that he would not ever dare to commit again. You would have to seriously talk with him, and personally make a decision on whether he would be a risk, or if the lesson from that actually as bad as it sounds, in the end, did him more good than harm. I would be willing to bet that Bobby Petrino has prayed quite a bit over the last year, that he not only has destroyed his and the young ladies family’s. But career’s as well, and if he ever got a chance at another job, like the caliber of Arkansas, that he would dare take the job for granted, and be a better man, husband, father, and yes head coach for it. I have always knew without a doubt that he was one of the best head coaches in football period. But I had as an Auburn fan, blamed him for “Jetgate”, then it was easier to blame him for leaving the Falcons. Yet after really looking into both of those situations from first hand accounts, I no longer blame him for those two things. Now the fiasco at Arkansas is different, and yes we Auburn fans do all know that we are called the “Loveliest Village on the Plains”  really because of the female population at Auburn.  Yet if Auburn really wants to show for once, that we really are serious about the state of affairs of our football program, and actually look at the candidates and hire the best one available,  then there is no debate that Bobby Petrino would be a successful head coach at Auburn, if giving the control, the talent and facilities at Auburn, he would more than likely build a disciplined, tough, and feared football program that competed every year for the SEC championship. You don’t have to worry about him leaving for any other program, nor the NFL. This would be a place he could work for 10 plus years and retire, and leave Auburn with a much richer tradition than when he got here. Biggest problem is getting him before someone else does. The first step is to go ahead and do the obvious, and that is to fire the current AD and HC, this garbage about end of season reviews will do nothing but hurt Auburn. The sooner the obvious happens, the better, so that the best candidates for the job (Bobby Petrino) knows about it, and isn’t subjected to being forced to make a decision from another school. Every one knows Auburn is going to be looking for a head coach, and the schools that don’t have the tradition like Auburn, will know that the Auburn job would attract interest from a coach like Bobby Petrino, so what do they do? They make the coach make a decision before Auburn is in the mix. Auburn could have the upper hand in all of this, by simply doing whats obvious. Someone else will be coaching at Auburn next year. How Auburn decides to handle this remains to be seen. If they go with their same ole song and dance, then all Auburn fans, will more than likely be un-happy with the results, but Auburn is an Elite programs, and elite programs act like it. Its way past time for Auburn to act!!!!!!!!! War Eagle!!!!!  


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I don’t think Tuberville was forced into going to the spread, at least not from Auburn officials or boosters. The pressure was on, though, because the talent level was clearly declining on the offensive side of the ball. I think Tommy decided he needed to go to the spread to get better receivers and quarterbacks to sign.

    …..What I think happened is basically this: Spreads are exciting to watch, but you’ve got to have a quarterback to run it. You can’t put a “game manager” back there. You have to have a guy who can make the throws accurately. Pure and simply, Auburn didn’t have that in 2008. If they’d been able to eek another year of eligibility out for Brandon Cox, it might have worked. In the 2007 bowl game, Cox looked more comfortable than he ever did in Borges’ offense.

    …..I think coach Franklin saw the handwriting on the wall with Kodi Burns, and tried to bring in his own hand picked guy. Chris Todd had the knowledge and tools to run spread offenses effectively, but it turned out he was injured, and couldn’t make the throws.

    …..Once things start going badly, folks point fingers, cast blame, and play CYA. And Franklin was the odd man out.

    …..If you think Franklin can’t coach, I suggest you check out Louisiana Tech’s stats this season, where Franklin is offensive coordinator. Franklin’s squad put up 57 points on Texas A&M, which is more than double what Bama managed. They are averaging 53.4 points per game, and 576 yards per game. His quarterback has a 71 percent completion percentage, AND he’s got a thousand yard rusher in the backfield.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I should also point out that Tuberville hired Neal Brown, a Franklin protege, at Texas Tech. They run the spread there, with Seth Doege putting up pinball numbers.

  2. WDEJED says:

    I liked Tuberville, and there is no denying that he is still a great coach, but I feel like he lost his fire at Auburn after the 2004 season.

    Considering the obvious discipline problems that Auburn has had in the last year, I feel that a coach who has been involved in an such a publicized affair will cause nothing but problems. College players are easily influenced, and the actions of their coaches will not be ignored. Auburn needs a coach with class that will lead his players by example… I do not think Petrino is that man.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      I think we are remembering the good times with Tuberville. Obviously in retrospect he looks good in comparison to this years Chizik squad. What we are forgetting is how he held up the university almost yearly for a raise and contract extension whenever a decent job opened up that his name got conected to. We forget that after 2006 he pretty much dogged it on the recruiting trail, leaving us virtually barren when he was fired. We forget that when he came to Auburn, he tried to re-invent Miami’s thuggish behavior and attitude, which is one of the reasons he fell out of favor with the boosters and led to jet gate.
      I never trusted Tuberville and when he came out in 2004 with the “Auburn Family” gimick, after he survived being fired, that pretty much clinched it for me. When you fake “getting religion” and family to save your butt, you’ve officially lost my respect. Luckily for Tuberville, he had a great group of players coming back and he guided them to the a perfect season but I never had respect for him as a man after that.

  3. chpub2000 says:

    Acid Reign,
    You do bring up some excellent points. First of all, I have not let myself become obsessed with Auburn football like I have in years past. Also No excuse but I suffered several strokes in 09, resulting in some memory damage. No doubt Franklin can caoch, and be successful WHEN he is giving the support of the head coach and the head coach tells his assistants, especially line coaches, running back and receiver coaches that if they don’t get on board, and do so enthusiastically and quickly, then they will have to find a coach that will do so..
    Franklin’s brief period here seemed forced, and uncomfortable. At the time, maybe it was Tubbervilles way of showing that he indeed was the head coach and no one else was going to influence him. After “Jetgate”, there was a no win situation created on the Plains. Tubbervilles long time assistant coaches became very complacent, recruiting suffered badly, technique also seemed to decline. I really don’t blame Tubberville for what happened, i would’ve been mad as well. He’s a good Head coach, and I honestly think still loved by Auburn fans. I know that I have watched him at Texas Tech, and he has really improved that program. I also thought that he could’ve been a shoe in for the Arkansas Job, a job that I personally think he could come in and make an impact immediately. Yet this past Saturday’s very um-proffesional actions by Tubberville’s on the sideline was bad. And him trying to explain it away, instead of simply saying that he had made a very bad mistake and let his emotions rule his actions, may turn out to start plans on building the coffin on his head coaching career. He still has time IMHO to make that situation better, but I also think that window is very small.
    I never actually realized that about Todd. You are so right, things could’ve been so much different. But unfortunately this is a team sport, and any good offense or defense shouldn’t be designed around just one person, or relying on one person on it being successful. College coaches are getting paid way too much money, to fail, when one player doesn’t play or pan out. Perfect example is this year with Frazier. There is no debate what so ever that Auburn looked very promising against Clemson. I was very encouraged with that game. After the defense did their part to beat LSU this year, and the offense did everything to lose that game. It seemed like this team was lost, its been sad to watch. The current Auburn players proved they could compete with anyone in CFB at the start of the year, and instead of doing what normally happens, and improving, the decline has been mind-blowing, and more than anything has shown exactly how prepared Chizik is to be a head coach at any level. He blamed Iowa St on the lack of attracting decent recruits.that always bothered me. You are being paid, and paid very, very well to teach the athletes you have the best fundamental skills to be in a position to succeed. Another example is Chizik going to the pro style offense. Yet he has had 3 great recruiting classes getting athletes to fit into his spread offense. Smaller lineman on both sides. He also made this decision after Dyer was kicked off the team officially didn’t he? That makes it even worse. Again not to build your team around one player, but no doubt Dyer would have been better suited for this type of offense than OMac, and taking 7-8 games into the season before really letting Mason get into a rhythm was frustating to watch. Un like other people, I don’t think Loefler is as incompentant as people believe. Now was he the absolute best that Auburn could’ve had hired? More than likely not. So why did that hire happen? Also listening to DC Brain VG this year has been very interesting. You can see the frustration building all year long. Very poor fundamentals have prevailed on the Defense as the year has gone on. That starts and ends with the head coach, he is the designer of how the team does its off season work out, how they practice, what drills they focus on etc, etc. Under a different Head coach, IMHO BVG defense would be something that Auburn would be proud of. No offense to the current players at all, but can anyone ever remember such a horrible linebacking corp on the field for AU? The lack of development of the players is a hard thing to stomach. Espically when you look at how much this staff is getting paid.
    I apologize, I don’t know, besides venting as too why I went into ranting about the state of the current season. Not even betting Bama (no chance that its going to happen) will save Chizik’s job. Chizik may be seen on the sidelines in 2 years, back as a DC, if he just cannot stay away from football. But as I have said before, I believe it is border line criminal what he has done, given his salary. IMHO I also believe there should be no absolute doubt as to the future of AD JJ, for hiring, supporting all of this mess. Now his actions or lack there of this year shows a lot as to the real JJ. To me, by him keeping quiet, lets all of the focus g remain on HC GC. Hoping that he can save his job. I have an image of him in his office working hard rallying support for himself, and to save his butt, when if he really cared about Auburn as much as he claims more than his salary, he would have fired GC after the Texas A@M game. Let DC BVG take over the team, IMHO he would at least gotten something productive, and positive done with the current players, and set the tone for the type of recruiting that needs to be done.
    Unlike others I also believe there is more than one qualified and talented QB on campus at AU. I don’t think for one second that Frazier is lost forever. As a fan, you’ve gotta support and love Wallace and his actions this year. I also think Mosley has done a fair job given the circumstances. These are young men, that have gifts and talents, that have to be shaped in molded in a positive way. Discipline, hard work, and strong work ethic will pay dividends to them their entire life. All of AU’s current players are being cheated out of that. They deserve much, much better. Good thing about being young, is the amazing ability to rebound. I’m sure AU will lose a lot players and recruits due to GC being fired. As with any coaching change though those players that signed on for the wrong reasons should have no problem getting released form the scholarship at AU and be free to move elsewhere. Who ever AU hires, should have experience, and a good solid plan as to handle that situation. Again Bobby Petrino. IMHO would be the obvious choice, especially when you look at the overall situation at Auburn. On the other hand, it may be all for nothing. As much as looking at “Jetgate” , the Falcons departure, and the moral issue at Arkansas. I made a mistake in stating that it was just a moral issue regarding Arkansas. The abuse of position charges against Bobby Petrino may be too much for Auburn to take on. I am certainly not a lawyer, but if a contract could protect AU against any liability due to a situation like that would work. I have no clue. And also considering when everything is revealed about how bad the situation is with the Auburn football. Can Auburn also with hold the media, fanbase fallout of hiring Petrino? I don’t even pretend to have the answers to that. I do think that Auburn would be making a huge mistake by not showing interest in Petrino. I think Auburn should have an outside group that is designed to do tasks such as what Auburn needs right now. That is a new Athletic Director and Head Football coach at the very least. That company or group targets and interviews only the absolute best available. And also be able to directly look into the logistics it would take to properly hire the best possible person for each position. That would include looking into all legal, contractual, transitional and fan/media relations issues with the hire. Present the absolute best they determine would work to Auburn’s President and a panel he has picked from within the Auburn family. They hear out the company’s best selection from a standpoint of the first best fit, second, third, etc. With obviously the first person being the one you focus on really seeing if it could be worked out. If not you move on. I know, in a perfect world blah, blah blah, as well as everyone has a right to their opinion. But the way Auburn has hired head coaches traditionally has always been “bargin bin” type of hiring, along with that has been very bad decisions in the way they have been rewarded by early success. With Petrino you will not have that problem. He is in no real position to negotiate. You take a chance with hiring him, but protect Auburn with a solid short term contract. His job is to quickly turn around Auburn Football with its current players and this years recruits. If he succeeds and does a overall good job, he will be happy with any future contracts, but right now he will be grateful to have the opportunity. The new AD’s job would be to evaluate the overall state of every single aspect of every sport at Auburn, and make the correct changes to get it back to the level Auburn people are used to seeing. Auburn has a very rich and wonderful history, with some of the absolute best facilities, fans, and college experience that a young student athlete could ever desire.Auburn can attract their share of the elite athletes available, and when they agree to giver Auburn University their absolute best in exchange for an Auburn education. Auburn University should provide those student athletes with the absolute best chance they can to succeed, represent Auburn now, and for the rest of their life. The tradition only builds richer and richer. Right now everyday the current AD and Head Football Coach are working, they are only taking away from the rich Auburn tradition that so many people have worked so long and hard to achieve. Just my opinion. War Eagle!!!

  4. mvhcpa says:

    There is a way that Auburn can not think about Bobby Petrino, actually three:

    No, Hell No, and BLANK No.

    Michael Val
    (who, other than that, agrees with everything you wrote in the post and in the comment)

    • chpub2000 says:

      War Eagle, and thank you for your response. I myself cringed at the thought of Petrino. But after reading pretty much everything I could find from people he has worked with, I came away with a very different feeling. I do however respect your comments, and understand completely..Do you agree though that he is a damn good football coach?Also does the Arkansas screw up just make it too hard for you to stomach him?
      Who would you be happy for Auburn to be targeting? Or would you be ok to take a chance on another un proven head coach?
      Thank you again.
      Chris L