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No signs of action from Auburn

By on January 16th, 2012 in Member Post Comments Off on No signs of action from Auburn

As I stated the other day in another post you know its bad when the “Never to Yield Foundation” starts getting actively involved in Regime Change at Auburn. If you haven’t seen these – for your viewing pleasure:

And this article as well…

Add to it the outside noise of local sports writers with their own axe to grind against Auburn and you got chaos:

The majority of the dagger throwing is being directed at Jay Jacobs.  I think everyone here has pointed out that you can’t get rid of Chizik until you get rid of Jacobs.   No argument from me.

And yet, there isn’t one sign that anything is going on behind the scenes. For either Jacobs or Chizik.   In fact, if Kevin Scarbinsky is to be believed…. Jacobs is actively lobbying to keep his job.  See for yourself.

Again, while it’s already been reported… Kentucky has already stated that Joker Phillips would be released next year.  Or said a different way… he’s fired.  So they will be looking for a new coach. We also know that most Tennessee fans are ready to look for a new coach.  And while he is the crazy uncle up the road a piece… I think too everyone feels that John L Smith, despite his victory over Gene Chizik, will be looking for employment as well. 

If AU loses to UGA… and then let’s say drops the game to Alabama A&M…. and then gets pounded by bama…. Look out. Incidentally, that isn’t unheard of.  But the results will be that we will have the four horses of the apocalypse running down Donahue… at full gallop! My point being that things are pretty dire… but the statement doesn’t mesh by the activity you see in our staff. 

And yet perception is 9/10ths reality… or so I have heard many times.  If the perceptions about inactivity at AU are correct – we are already way behind the eight ball in terms of finding either an AD or a football coach.  Take your pick. We might as well get ready for another Doug Barefield, Terry Bowden or Gene Chizik.  Hello… Turner Gill! Oh the irony.

The visual I want to leave you with is of a giant boulder, perched atop Jordan Hare… and right now Dr. Gouge is walking under it without a care in the world.   If he doesn’t watch it, he will be playing the part of Willie Coyote as it crushes him beneath its enormous weight.  While this is a train wreck… it doesn’t need to claim others needlessly. 

So Dr. Gouge, borrowing the words from a character in the  “Indiana Jones – Last Crusade”  who says…. “choose wisely”.

War Eagle!







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