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Nick Saban: Do As I Say, Not as I Do

By on May 19th, 2014 in Football 15 Comments »

Since that final second ran off in the Iron Bowl, Nick Saban has gone from calm, cool operator to bumbling idiot. The latest incident happened last week when he told a reporter to kiss his ass because the Alabama program got tweaked by a former West Virginia quarterback of all people.

By now you’ve heard the story of former Mountaineer Pat White calling out Alabama after seeing the Tweet by Tide running back Derrick Henry showing his new tricked out car.

“Stop pretending like you didn’t know the crimson tide has been doing this for years. Still glad I turned down a Corvette to become a mountaineer,” White wrote on Twitter.

Saban prides himself on “The Process” and how he runs his program meticulously. He constantly stresses to his players the importance of discipline, yet when a local reporter asks him to comment on something that happened prior to his arrival, he lost self control.

“I didn’t even know it happened so I can’t comment on it,” Saban said. “Is that the best thing we can talk about? Kiss my ass.”

After spending the winter waging an unsuccessful campaign to change the rules of college football to better suit his brand of offense and inexplicably hiring Lane Kiffin to coach his offense, Bama fans have to be wondering whether Nick has jumped the shark.

Then there was that bizarre story back in February where Nick shared with fans his dreams to be in the car business, followed by news that he was planning to open a Mercedes dealership despite losing his last two games of the season and getting a $2 million raise.

Saban undoubtedly has a lot of capital built up at the Capstone, but he’s burning through it like a drunk money. As crazy as it seems, let Alabama lose another couple of games this year and watch how the rednecks around the state react. Mrs. Terry will have that house packed quicker than you can say Zoom Zoom.

Meanwhile across the state, Gus Malzahn continues to play the low key approach. Outside of a few charity golf tournaments and some Auburn Club meetings, all things point to football.

How this plays out in the fall remains to be seen, but the contrast in the two programs now couldn’t be more different. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Saban era? There’s no question, we are starting to see cracks.

Many of those cracks are a direct result of what’s happening in East Alabama. Saban doesn’t like things he can’t control. Right now, he’s being out worked and out flanked by a much younger coach in Malzahn who’s become a national media darling.

When the going gets tough, Nick Saban usually heads to the door. This is a defining year for his program. Another subpar year and he may decide the process is simply not worth it. Then the biggest question he may have to ask is, “What’s it going to take to put you in this new Mercedes.”

The times are a changing.


  1. DBAU81 says:

    Saban is an excellent, although perhaps somewhat overrated, coach. It would be a mistake to count him out. But your post hits on a basic truth about him: he is one of the biggest hypocrites in the business. How can you tell 18 or 19-year-old players to keep their poise and focus in front of 100,000 fans when you can’t even keep your own composure during a simple interview?

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Before anyone packs his bags or offers to help them move… might better check out how bama is doing in recruiting. Not to shabby and still better than auburn.

    He is far from done. And he would retire or leave bama long before he was run off.

    Besides… Saban is the best thing to happen to auburn since Pat Dye. I say let sleeping dogs lie.


  3. AubieCE AubieCE says:

    Bama under Nabas will always recruit well…
    Nabas @ LSU recruited well…
    That did not translate into dominating AU…
    For all the dynasty talk, Nabas is 4-3 heading to 4- 4 vs AU
    The Tahd faithful will turn on him quickly once that happens

  4. WarEagleEngr says:

    That’s a good point. At Alabama, Saban is only 4-3 against Auburn. 4-3, at a time when Auburn has had 3 head coaches. Saban missed his chance to establish some dominance, now he’s in for a fight just to stay even, which he’s only barely done the past seven years anyway.

    Let him drop the next Iron Bowl or two, and I agree, that fan base which currently worships him will go fetching pitchforks.

  5. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Saban and his Napoleon Complex perfectly compliment the average bammer and his self esteem issues.

  6. Im4Auburn says:

    Yes, there’s cracks in the program and it comes from fear of what’s been happening down on the Plains.

  7. SandMountainTiger SandMountainTiger says:

    I could care less what goes on at the crapstone, as long as we beat them.

    • broken_towel broken_towel says:

      I hate being a pedant; but the saying is “couldn’t care less”. Otherwise you’re saying nothing. War Eagle to what you meant, though.

  8. uglyjoe says:

    It was a crappy question….for crying out loud, he wasn’t even the coach at Alabama at the time. Certainly he should have shown some restraint; kiss my a&% is not the best retort in front of cameras and press. However, these guys are only human, and they are under watch 24 hours a day. I am giving him a pass.

  9. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..The thing about it is that most of us would lose our jobs if we made that statement to the press. I know I wouldn’t want an Auburn coach representing the school that way.

  10. mvhcpa says:

    Saban’s time as a media and fan darling is over–two more Iron Bowl defeats for him over the next three years and he is a goner.

    It goes along with the fact that he has a great “process” but is a horrendous game-day coach, plus he seems like a total putz of a person (professionally–I’ll never make a comment about anything personal unless it is obvious, like Petrino, maybe).

    And we see how he does cut and run–I STILL haven’t forgiven him for outright lying about coming to Bama, then taking off so close to the start of the season, thereby trashing the Dolphins’ season (from which they still haven’t recovered).

    His rule change gambit was just a desperate man reacting desperately knowing he is at the end of the line. We can only hope the rest of the sports world realizes this and gets off the Bama, Saban, and “process” bandwagon.

    Michael Val
    (who is puzzled by Saban’s directive to the press, since they have been doing nothing BUT kissing his posterior since he’s been there)

  11. gordonarts says:

    I saw the “Kiss my ass” interview and to say it was directed just to the reporter is BS. I’m not fighting Saban’s fights for him, he’s a big boy, though vertically challenged standing next to Gus.

    Honestly, the way he said it, and the context made it somewhat humorous.

    He may be a little aggravated as of recently considering he and Lane Killin are listed in the top 25 Most Hated Sports Figures.

    Could be a stormy season for the Tide and an opportunity for the Tigers to place an exclamation point at the end of the statement made last season.

    Ultimately we could see Saban selling Mercedes and Lane disappearing into anonymity and working on his manifesto in his Dad’s basement.

  12. hello2196 says:

    Love that car but it’s probably just a loaner from Saban’s car dealership.

  13. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    It was a stupid question for the news guy to be asking but Saban showed a lack of restraint (and class) that he would not tolerate from his assistants and players.
    He probably was just shocked because they usually bow down before him and kiss his ass without having to be told to do it.