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Nick Marshall Gets the Heisman Treatment

By on May 6th, 2014 in Basketball, Football 13 Comments »

Lindy's MarshallIn a season where most of the conference will be looking for a quarterback, Auburn has the luxury of finally returning one for a second season. Combine that with last year’s breakout season and you can understand why Nick Marshall is getting so much preseason attention.

The preseason magazine season is upon us and a few have already leaked their covers to the public. Marshall will grace the front of both The Sporting News and Lindy’s when the publications are released later this month.

Marshall is already listed on every major Heisman watch list. With Gus Malzahn finally having the luxury of a second year with a quarterback, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the senior quarterback hoisting that trophy in December.

How the team does on the field will go a long way in determining who wins. Unlike the days of Bo Jackson, the Heisman typically goes to the best player on the best team (or at least one of the best teams).

With a reinvigorated receiving corp. and Marshall’s arm getting better in the off-season, there’s every reason to believe he will be much improved from last season. Scary…

An article in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution suggests that former Auburn blocker Greg Robinson could squeeze out South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney for the top spot in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

Rumors continue to swirl that the Falcons are interested in trading up for the first pick and will select Robinson over Clowney.

Robinson is the most dominating blocker in the draft over the last decade, according to ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay.

“He’s the most dominant point-of-attack player on the offensive line that I’ve ever evaluated (going back to 2002).”

Tell us something we didn’t already know…

Bruce Pearl is the real deal. During last week’s finals at Auburn, the first-year basketball coach showed up unannounced at midnight with a trunk load of donuts for students pulling an all-nighter at the library.

Pearl personally handed the snacks out and posed for pictures with sleepy students. It’s hard to imagine Tony Barbee ever doing anything like this for the kids. Say what you will about Pearl, he’s a keeper. And I guarantee it will show on the court.

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  1. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    The only thing that can stop Marshall is, Marshall. He will get the chance to write his own story for the Auburn history books this coming season. Managing success and talent will be this team’s biggest obstacle this year. There will be no excuses for this team and Malzahn to not produce next year.

    I am interested to see how many SEC players go in the first round. I will be tracking the conferences instead of the athletes…

    Pearl is very savvy and knows that it’s easier to keep your job when the natives love you…For the life of me, I don’t know why this isn’t every coach’s M.O. I hope he can coach what’s in the cupboard next year but he’s buying himself time for his recruiting classes to kick in. Either way, I’m ‘buying’ his stock for the long haul. It will be interesting to watch the student’s GPAs next year because typically when the football season is over at Auburn, it’s back to the books but Pearl will expect your butt in the bleachers instead of the library come game time.

    Fun times.

    • Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

      Also, let me say a big thank you to Auburn fans for showing restraint during the “Jameis Winston crab” episode last week. It would have made us look like sore losers. I must admit, it made for some hilarious memes that will stand the test of time like, Free Shoe University and the like… I equally enjoyed watching my FSU friends try and defend his stupidity AND I wasn’t even aware of the BB gun OR the coke in the ketchup cup thing.

      I only wish the incident would have taken place in June/July so it would have held me over until the season starts. Here’s hoping Brett will do or say something stupid in the meantime. Maybe Clinton-Dix will reveal something juicy on draft day…

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        You know, I don’t think that Jameis Winston beat us as much as we beat ourselves. And anyone who doesn’t think that Jimbo Fisher didn’t have that back up ready to go was kidding themselves. That said, it is clear that Winston is getting a free pass to do as he likes whenever he likes. That lack of discipline is going to bite FSU in the tooshies. For serious.

        • Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

          No doubt! It’s like he’s purposefully straddling the line between misdemeanor and felony. I like the kid sometimes but I must admit that his upcoming sophomore slump will be a guilty pleasure for me.

          • uglyjoe says:

            I just can’t get enough of this story – or maybe too much is what I mean…..local paper carried more details this morning. Seems Mr. Winston loitered at the sales bin in the front of the store to allow a sheriff deputy to pass before leaving the store with his goods. However, he decided he didn’t need the pound of butter he had picked up (how do you eat crab legs without butter?) and left it in the sales bin. Pre-meditated theft vs. youthful ignorance……..? I can’t get this song out of my mind – sung to the tune of “I shot the sheriff” – “I stole the crab legs, but I didn’t need the drawn butter”.

            It’s too early to be on the internet.

      • WarEagleEngr says:

        Considering Manziel’s offseason antics last year and Winston’s borderline criminal behavior this year, imagine how refreshing it would be to have a mature, laudable player (like Marshall…?) hoist the trophy in 2014.

  2. AUglenn says:

    If Auburn has a year anything near what 2013 was like, Nick has to be the #1 choice of voters. Can hardly wait for football.

  3. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I’m happy that Marshall is getting some respect and love. Frankly, he deserves it. BUT, I hope he and the rest of the team can take all of these preseason accolades and just ignore them. They mean nothing compared to the games played on Saturday’s (and the one Thursday). War Eagle!

  4. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Marshall has an inside chance to hoist the trophy in Dec. If he isn’t the one, it’s because someone else had a remarkable season.

  5. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Calm down, calm down. My expectations are TOO HIGH!! I harken back to 2003 when my heart was broken. But for some reason, Gus keeps me in check. It’s not like he hasn’t been through great years before. I’m a little worried about the boys but once again Gus seems to be able to keep me and them in check. I believe this coaching staff knows what they have and will do everything they can to help them to be realistic. And don’t forget how many of these guys went through 2012 ~ I just don’t see them letting it happen again!! Or that’s what I keep telling myself!

    It’s time for #MarshallLaw and #GusDelorean again!!

  6. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I thought Marshall should have at least been in the conversation when the Heisman came up last year. Tre Mason doesn’t get 1900 yards rushing without Nick Marshall running the read option to perfection. Marshall’s passing won several games for Auburn last year. Sure, he could have been a better passer, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t really good.

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