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Next Year’s Team?

By on November 29th, 2012 in Football 48 Comments »

What will the new head coach have at his disposal?

     War Eagle, everybody! A horrific season is over, and the Tigers are now looking for a new leader. We’re seeing the usual wild rumors, coaching denials, and all of the typical things that go on with such searches. I’m of the opinion that both schools and coaches float ridiculous rumors out there just to gain leverage. The “Les Miles to Arkansas” hot rumor of a couple of days ago seems to have led to a sizeable contract extension for the Mad Hatter. My advice on those sorts of things is to stay calm and let the smoke clear.

     While the coaching carousel spins, I’ll content myself with a glance over Auburn’s returning roster. Now, bear in mind, some players may leave. Attrition occurs every off-season, whether there are coaching changes or not. Some players decide to go in a different direction. Some are medically unable to play any longer. It’s also possible that a new staff will bring in a number of junior college players, and revamp the roster. Still, next year’s team will be mostly built on who still has eligibility left at Auburn.


     At defensive tackle, Auburn loses only reserve Jamar Travis to graduation. This leaves a deep returning class with Jeffery Whitaker, Kenneth Carter, Angelo Blackson and Gabe Wright who all have multiple starts on the Tiger front. All will be upperclassmen, and one can add Devaunte Sigler to the list of guys who have experience. In addition, there are some young prospects that sat on the bench this season, including Jabrian Niles and Tyler Nero. This group has underachieved the past two seasons, but it’s possible a new staff could really bring them out. All of these guys were highly recruited, nearly all were four or five stars coming out of high school.

     Likewise at defensive end, Auburn loses no experience. A corps of Corey Lemonier, Dee Ford and Nosa Eguae is about as veteran as it gets in college football. Add in Craig Sanders and LaDarius Owens and it’s an experienced and deep unit. There’s also talent on the bench in youngsters Gimel President, Keymiya Harrell, and Justin Delaine. The biggest concern is that pretty much all of these guys are speedy pass rushers, and Auburn does not have any big, run-stopping ends.

     The linebacker position was the weakest on the defense this past season, and the Tigers will have to replace starters Darren Bates and Jonathan Evans, as well as experienced reserve Ashton Richardson. I’d expect the new staff to concentrate in recruiting, on replenishing the linebacker corps. Auburn does return some talent, but not a lot of experience beyond starting middle linebacker Jake Holland. Casanova Mckinzy had a few starts this season behind Holland. Kris Frost has looked like a physical, fast presence in limited minutes. Justin Garrett has looked good in fleeting glimpses, but has had difficulty staying on the field due to injury. Guys on the roster with no real experience include JaViere Mitchell, Mack VanGorder, Jacob Westrich, and Gage Batten. I can see a new staff molding a capable starting crew out of this bunch, but depth will be a real concern.

     While we knew that the linebackers might struggle the past season, the problems in the Auburn secondary were shockingly unexpected. In hindsight, I suppose we should have considered how Georgia’s secondary looked in later years under Willie Martinez, and how big passing plays doomed his career as a coordinator in Athens. Auburn has too much talent in the secondary to play as inconsistently as they did this past season, and I attribute that to poor coaching.

     At safety, Auburn loses only special-teamer Ikeem Means. Returning with starting experience are Demetruce McNeal, Jermaine Whitehead, Trent Fisher, and Ryan Smith. In addition, Erique Florence held a starting safety position for much of spring, till falling into Chizik’s doghouse. This is a bunch with good talent, just waiting for a respectable scheme to run.

     Prior to last season, I felt that we had a very capable, and deep pool of corners, and that group only loses T’Sharvan Bell to graduation. Starters Chris Davis, Jonathan Mincy and Joshua Holsey all return. In addition, Ryan White, Jonathan Jones, and Robensen Therezie all have experience. I think most SEC coaches would love to have this crew on their team. Auburn should be in good shape on the edges next season.

     Auburn will return a strong pair of legs in the kicking game with seniors Cody Parkey handling the kicking, and Steven Clark punting. Clark had some consistency issues as the season rolled on, but I’d expect that he’ll really gear up for a good final campaign. The Tigers finally do lose multi-year threat Onterio McCalebb, but Quan Bray is a two year veteran who’ll be fine on both return units. What Auburn must do is get a whole lot better blocking on returns. The Tigers also return deep snapper Jake Lembke and holder Ryan White.

     We also expected Auburn to possibly struggle early on the offensive line this past season, and they did at times. Two freshmen and two sophomores started, and the o-line is not a good place to be young in the SEC. Four starters return for 2013, and that should be good news for a new offensive coordinator. Reese Dismukes could be a star at center in his junior season, and likewise with left tackle Greg Robinson. Chade Slade, a two-year starter already, will play a veteran role somewhere. Right tackles Avery Young and Patrick Miller had their struggles as true freshmen this past year, but that experience will be valuable. Auburn has a number of big strong linemen who’ve played little or none, including Christian Westerman, Alex Kozan, Robert Leff, Shon Coleman, Jordan Diamond, and Shane Callahan. The Tigers also have an experienced, capable backup center in Tunde Fariyike. After another year in the weight room, I’m excited to see what this group will be capable of next year.

     At tight end, Auburn loses Phillip Lutzenkirchen, but will return Brandon Fulse and C. J. Uzomah. Fulse was a good blocker for Auburn last season, but wasn’t thrown to much. Uzomah had flashes of being a real weapon in the passing game, but couldn’t really break out in an extremely dysfunctional offense. Highly touted recruit Ricky Parks spent the year redshirting. Auburn should have a pretty good group of guys next season.

     Auburn loses Emory Blake, Travante Stallworth and DeAngelo Benton in the receiving corps, but returns a wealth of talent. The question is who will step up and become a consistent threat receiving. The obvious choice for possible break-out star is Sammie Coates, who had a spectacular catch or two, and seemed to have a knack for getting open deep. Trovon Reed and Quan Bray have played a good bit, but were used only as designated screen pass guys. Jaylon Denson has played a fair amount also, but was not thrown to. Ricardo Lewis is another guy who looks lightning quick, but was not utilized much this past season. The new receivers coach does have a solid group of talent to mold.

     At fullback, Auburn loses senior Blake Burgess, but returns behemoth bruiser Jay Prosch, who’s as good as anyone in the country as a lead blocker. Chris Landrum got some snaps at fullback in two cupcake games late in the season. How these guys are utilized this coming season will depend upon the scheme that’s installed, but I’d think a guy like Prosch would be valuable on any offense. If Auburn runs a passing spread, fullbacks won’t matter much, and Prosch would likely be used as a blocking back or tight end. If we become a power running team, we lack depth in this area.

     Auburn loses Onterio McCalebb and little-used Anthony Morgan at tailback. Returning are thousand yard rusher Tre Mason, and prospects Mike Blakely and Corey Grant. That’s a decent three-deep, but there’s no one else back there behind those three. Auburn really needs to sign at least one big time running back, preferably more in the coming period.

      Auburn returns all three quarterbacks who have starting experience, Clint Moseley, Khiel Frazier and Jonathan Wallace. Frazier and Wallace bring running ability to the table, but none of these guys is consistently accurate. Part of this past year’s problems at quarterback was an overly complicated scheme that seldom saw the receivers and the quarterbacks on the same page. None of these guys ran a pro-style offense in high school, and a return to an offense more familiar might work wonders. If Auburn hires a pass-happy, air-raid head coach, We’ll be watching development here with real concern. We might well see a situation where the coaches try to bring in an experienced JUCO.

     That’s our look at Tiger returnees. It’s a fairly deep and athletic team, with a couple of possible problem areas. A linebacker corps will have to be built, and the Tigers will need to find a starting quarterback. Still, the right coaching staff should get great results with this team. If Ole Miss got to a bowl game with what they had coming back, Auburn should manage the feat next season. We’ll be watching with great interest, regardless of who is hired to lead these men.


  1. restless6 says:

    Great analysis. A new staff will have a full cupboard, except for the QB. Auburn’s next coach has to be a QB guru with proven experience. The revolving door of QBs needs to end now.

    I just hope that a spread coach isn’t hired. It’s too dependent on the QB and it puts too much pressure on the defense. If you miss with the QB, it flops. 2011?

    • almightytmc1 says:

      I think there is some talent there. But I think it is best served by a spread offense. The defense is just going to have to suck it up.
      After watching the games i have observed a couple of things. One is that Auburn has talent, but, “nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.”
      What the players lack is Football I.Q. I am not saying they are dumb. But it is fairly evident when everyone is missing assignments constantly and looking at each other like someone just farted in church. You can watch the replays and it seems like most of the players have spent so much time getting by on athleticism that they became lazy and did not become students of the game.
      I beleive the biggest culprit are the recruit rating services. They see a beast in high school and go by what the beast can due againt puny high school competition. They dont necessarily look into the education or the mental aspect of the recruit. And I would say that is why you get some 2 star recruits who play like MVPs and some 4 and 5 star recruits who play like idiots jerking off in a hat.
      I dont recall seeing auburn players holding thier sides and gasping for breath so apparently they are in decent shape physically.
      But if I had to watch the Auburn secondary look at each other like “What just happened?” I was about to go on a shooting spree. They should have known what just happened and why it did.
      I would also say that for the most part alot of these players may be able to recite the Auburn creed but they sure as hell havent practiced it at all.

  2. DBAU81 says:

    Wallace could be a solid QB with time and experience; he seems to have the work ethic and mental toughness it takes to succeed at that position. Moseley is a good kid but not an SEC caliber QB. Frazier is a lost cause unless a new coach can get through to him. We have decent talent everywhere else except at linebacker, although McKinzy and Frost have potential. The obvious problem, which has been well-documented, is the failure to develop the talent on hand. I attribute this to a combination of poor coaching, lax discipline, and a poor attitude by many of the players, all of which have led to a culture in which underachievement is tolerated. Correcting that culture, similar to what Coach Dye did upon his arrival in 1981, must be priority no. 1 for the new coach no matter what offensive and defensive schemes he employs. Expect to see a lot of “addition by subtraction” in the form of players who can’t accept this leaving the program.

  3. restless6 says:

    Jonathan Wallace is not the answer. I was never sold on him and really soured on him when he came off the field laughing on a 3 and out against the Updykes.

  4. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    Another great read. I do feel that Auburn could start with finding a good JUCO QB who can play. Wallace is a good athlete, but he is not an SEC caliber QB. I would move Kiehl Frazier to wide receiver and send Moseley packing. I have no tolerance for the QB play that I saw on the field this season.

    I am sure that some players will be gone because they will not buy in to the new coaching staff.

    Let’s just hope for a better season because the SEC West is only getting stronger with the addition of Texas A&M.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  5. AU6 AU6 says:

    I believe when all the analysis of Coach Gene Chizik’s failure is published we shall find the reason to be his inability to communicate. He was the most close-mouthed Coach I have ever known. Not only did he keep the competition in the dark but effectively shut out the fans. Does anyone agree?

    • Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

      I do agree with you. It was painful to watch his press conferences after Auburn had lost. He must have been used to losing after posting that 5-19 record at Iowa State. I will always wonder why he changed the offense knowing that Auburn’s opponents had problems with a spread offense.

      It is time to move on and support the next coach.

  6. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    Given the three candidates we have, I’d have to go with Wallace, backed up by Frazier. Those two have the best physical attributes, but Wallace has shown a propensity for excellent decision making on the fly. I like Kiehl, and think he has tremendous potential with some solid coaching (Malzahn evidently thought so too), but in game situations he’s about a half second too late in his decisions. Clint has the accuracy, but he lacks the agility and decision making to be effective as a starter.

    On a side note, I’ve been VERY impressed with Wallace. I feel much of the judgement against him is overlooking the fact that he’s only 18, but he sounds like he’s 25 – 30. That level of maturity will take him far. Given a good position coach and I think he will have a Dameyune Craig or Patrick Nix like career at Auburn. I have to admit, one of the reasons I’m still hoping for Jimbo to be hired is that he’d bring Dameyune with him as QB coach. I would love to see him develop all three of our QBs for a year.

  7. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    The cupboard will definitely not be bare next year but the new coach will have his work cut out for him catching up on the development of our players.
    I would love Craig as a QB coach. Heck, I would love to have Kodi if Malzahn is hired.

  8. mikeautiger says:

    I think with a new coach will come a new dedication to discipline. We have the talent and even if we loose a few people we will be a good team. The team will have grown up some both physically and mentally. I expect at least a 8 win season, the more discipline the more wins we will have.

    All the coaches being talked about will be coaches that I think will do a good job at Auburn and we will be back on track for a good year.

  9. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    One of the more contentious conversations around the Angus thanksgiving dinner was Auburns talent. My dad is convinced we have none….I am convinced that the guys we have were in a lax system where they weren’t challenged by the staff and basically weren’t preparing themselves physically or mentally. And it showed on the field.
    I do think this team has talent AND depth everywhere except linebacker. Outside of the black hole that is our linebacking corp, my biggest concern is development at WR. I think our QB’s would look a LOT better if we could get someone who can help us utilize our talent there. Blake was the only guy who could get open on a consistent basis and we have too much 4star talent for them ALL to have been busts. What is more likely, is that Trooper hasn’t coached these guys up. The complaint from Chizik all year is that the guys don’t run their routes correctly and therefore the QB doesn’t know when or where to throw the ball too. Obviously for the passing game to be effective, the QB has to be on the same page with the WR’s and there has to more than one option. Uzomah shows signs of being a Gronkowski’esque prescence at TE….we have to get him the ball more.

  10. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    Just reading this article has me getting excited and optimistic for the coming season. The next coach will be in a great position as far as returning talent, I expect AU to at least go bowling again next year, maybe on a 7-5 or 6-6 season but I bet we will see a ton of improvement towards the end of the season with a win over UGA or Bama (both may have new QB’s next season). Wallace seams like the kind of kid who will improve regardless of coaching just because his (reported) work ethic. Plus, even though he over threw some receivers, he was making excellent decisions 90% of the time. War Eagle!

  11. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Do we have a coach yet???

  12. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    How about now?

  13. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I really liked what I saw out of Wallace this season. I know that there wasn’t much, but he has a presence and is willing to work hard-and man, is he well spoken. He seems less mentally fragile than the other two. I hope that we can get him a good coach–with the right coach, he could really develop into a solid talent. Whoever is hired should give serious consideration to bringing Dameyune Craig on board….not just for Wallace, but we really need more consistent development of our quarterbacks. The coaching staff owes Kiehl Frazier a monster apology for letting his talent go to waste!!

    Do we have folks stalking planes that are coming in and out of Auburn yet?? I thought that we might be off the hook for Petrino, until the Colorado AD released a definitive statement quashing that idea…..

    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      Reportedly, AU has chartered planes to Corpus Christi, TX /Little Rock Arkansas /Boise, Idaho and San Jose, CA which is one of three airports rec’d by Stanford University.

      • War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

        Which coach would the Corpus Christi, TX flight indicate? Sumlin, Patterson?

      • spanky says:

        Well, I’m stumped on who’s in Chorpus Christi. I assume TCU coach is out since they still have games to play and wouldn’t be vacationing yet. Maybe someone just wanted to go hang out at the beach. I would have to Gulf Shores or Orange beach myself. I love that area.

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! San Jose, CA!!!???!!! Do you KNOW how AUsome David Shaw would be??!! Mindblowingly, inspired AUsomesauce….

        Don’t get my hopes up, baby…..too late, though…keep it comin’.

  14. chpub2000 says:

    First of I want to say thank to Acid Reign for a great article, that provides real insight to the talent, needs, and development among the team aspect that will be on the field for the new staff. This article was very helpful to me in just being able to grasp and understand exactly where Auburn is at talent wise, and also furthered the case for there was absolutely no excuse why Auburn shouldn’t be preparing for a decent bowl game right now, instead of looking for a new coach, and scrambling to keep an outstanding 2013 recruiting class.Here are a couple of points that immediately come to mind after reading this.
    1. The lack of development with the talent that is currently on AU’s roster is even more apparent than ever. Trooper may be a great recruiter (may just a man living his dream life through the 18 yr old recruits) but it dreadfully apparent that he is not a good position coach. I have never remembered so much talent from a recruiting standpoint at wide receiver position, pan out to be nothing. Benton never developed like he should, nor has Reed yet, and I remember when they was recruited they among others at wide receiver position that has been landed under Chizik’s reign was among the best recruits in the country. The wide receiver position, along with Quarterbacks, secondary, and defensive line, has been embarrassing as far as player development. There is no way to deny Auburn has had way more competitive teams with far less talented players coming out of high-school. The two best players on the Championship teams both came from the JUCO ranks, although Fairley signed with AU, he didn’t qualify, only played two years at AU, his first year at AU, his position coach said he had all the abilities and potential in the world, but he tends to take a lot of plays off. And until he realizes that he has to give 100% every play, he will never reach his full potential. After AU started winning in 2010, Fairley’s mindset seemed to change, and he was unstoppable. Obviously Cam Newton came to Auburn with a lot of playing exp behind him, only having to grasp Malzone’s offense, to me it really seemed more like Gus learning how to use his offense to utilize the best abilities of Cam. Now he did complete some very nice throws that year, but I would also imagine that all the defenses AU faced that year stacked the line to stop the run, leaving WRs open for easy throws.None of the highly talented recruits that signed under Chizik has developed like you would expect at the college level. There are a few examples, but those examples like Dyer only shows the lack of discipline in the programs. Along with our DE’s this year which would be successful at any SEC school, wasn’t disciplined enough to give it 100% on everyday. That leads into my number 2.
    2. Discipline.We have all heard now of some of the speculations being true, about special players being treated differently, work-outs not being mandatory, dissension among the coaching staff, extreme lack of playing fundamentally sound football, and even most embarrassing, players quiting on the field, esp in the 4th qtr. The players that was involved in the robbery incident. the ex and current players involved in the summer shooting tragedy, all of these things that has been embarrassing to Auburn University and its fans IMHO goes back directly to lack of discipline under Chizik’s era at Auburn.
    3. Leadership. I cannot remember a year in Auburn football where you saw so many line-up changes, trying different line formations, changing Qb’s, quitting in the 4th quarter, basically not competing at all. Clemson, LSU games AU showed some fight, but no one stood up on either offense of defense as leaders to set an example to the other players as to what you have to do, to play your best, and finish the game a winner. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you install hard-work and discipline into any program that leaders will emerge, in off-season workouts, in the weight room, on the practice field, players meetings and on Saturday during the game.
    Whomever becomes Auburn’s next coach will have a deep pool of talent ready for them to come in and develop into a very competitive team. Of course Auburn is going to lose a lot of players this spring, summer. Just like it happened in Coach Dye’s first summer on the plains. He lost a lot of players that wasn’t used to the hard work and discipline he demanded out of his players. Those that stuck with him became winners and successful men and re-paved the tradition at Auburn. IMHO Auburn has just been trying to just maintain that level, and hasn’t made the steps necessary to put the pieces together to be a serious contender every year like Alabama and LSU. Chizik’s era at AU reminds me so much of Terry Bowden’s. Except Terry wasn’t the recruiter like Chizik was. Tubberville IMHO overall did a great job at Auburn. I don’t really know what happened his last two years but it obviously affected his and his staff’s coaching. Whether it was Tubbs got tired of certain people telling him how to run his program, or if he was getting back at AU for “Jetgate”, or just him and his staff lost their hunger and was content to be a every 5 yr or so contender or not. Regardless of what really happened IMO, although he is a good coach, he is not an elite coach. I do think most things are in place at Auburn to make it a program that is a contender every year, it remains to be seen if we can attract that type of coach, or if the fly’s on the wall always buzzing around the AD will actually finally realize that they have tried it their way and it hasn’t worked. Its time for Auburn to hire an elite caliber coach and have confidence in him that he will take full advantage of the facilities and opportunities at Auburn. To give him complete control of the football program, and through hard-work and discipline, take young and talented 18 yr olds and turn them, into successful, Champions both on and off the field, that Auburn University can be proud to call Auburn Men. War Eagle!!! Great article again Acid Reign!!!! wished I had your gift for writing the facts in a concise and entertaining manner, instead of my long winded ramblings, but thank you for providing an outlet for letting me ramble and enjoy reading from other Auburn fans!

  15. MyAuburn myauburn says:

    Just an FYI from Alabama news, the teabagger just got 2 years in prison, Updyke…your next.

  16. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Go dogs! I can’t bring myself to mispelling it… I tried to say it yesterday and it was too bitter.

    Go IRISH!!!

    • MyAuburn myauburn says:

      Look at it this way, which would p**s off the Bammers more..losing to UGA or Notre Dame, my guess is ND

      • Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

        Good point! Whilst we are waiting at the airport for our next coach to arrive, we need to make SEC predictions… bama 21 – uga 17 with Murray throwing an INT on the game winning drive…

        • MyAuburn myauburn says:

          Then ND stops them on 4th and goal with 2 seconds left to win the Natty. T’eo stones Jesse Williams as a lead blocker and stops running back at the 1.

          • KoolBell KoolBell says:

            Notre Dame wants Bama because bama is a much better match up for their Defense. UGA is quite another problem. Which is why I think if UGA is a problem for ND, they may be too much for Bama.

            UGA 24 Bama 21 and misses 2 FG’s

  17. spanky says:

    I hope GA wins. I don’t even want bama to have a chance at the title.

  18. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    I wish all three could lose. What a down year, AU stinks it up then the three championship contenders are Bama, UGA, and ND. I hope Bama loses to UGA, and UGA to ND. The only problem with ND winning would be the new inland lake surrounding Lou Holtz as he yells (spits?) “Nothder Dame!!!!”

  19. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I’m torn on whether Trooper is a bust as a coach, or not. I felt like Greg Knox didn’t develop our guys as route-runners, or hands guys, either. Trooper took one seldom-used true sophomore and a perpetually dog-housed junior, and we had a pretty danged good starting lineup right out of the gate. I’m talking about Darvin Adams and Terrell Zachary.

    …..Who do you give credit to for their development? Darvin was awesome at getting open, and Zachary had a half-dozen catches among the longest 20 or so in Auburn history. Zachary’s 3rd quarter Iron Bowl catch was one of the greatest ever. And no receiver coach but Trooper coached Emory Blake up in college. I think Sammie Coates has a tremendous upside, with the right coordinator and quarterback.

    …..Curtis Luper has churned out one good one after another, in the backfield. Tate, Dyer, and this year Mason. Even with Loeffler giving Mason the ball ten times a game or less, Mason broke 1000 yards.

    …..These two coaches are still on the job right now, when they could be at the beach on Auburn’s dime. I’ve got nothing but respect for both. I don’t judge a man on how he wears his hat.

  20. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Oh, and thanks to everyone for the kind words. I just felt like we might need a break from the angst of the turnover, and to take a look at what riches we still have.

    • WarEagleEngr says:

      Question for you, Mr. Acid. Do you know why LaDarius Owens was ever moved from LB to DE? We struggled defensively due in part to our under-sized linebackers, yet this guy who has size and, apparently, considering that he was one of the top LB prospects of his class, ability, was moved to the defensive front. Why? Could he move back? Wouldn’t a trio of McKinzy, Frost, and Owens pose a formidable corps?

      • andrew07 says:

        Another question, Mr Acid. Do you know why Craig Sanders has never been given any snaps at LB, middle or outside? He was recruited by several other SEC schools to play that “jack” LB position and others to play MLB, but chose to come to Auburn and got stuck in a 4-3 ( you know the defense we have not changed up at all for the last 3 years). At any rate he played more in his freshman year under Rocker as a backup, which I think that was just from lack of depth at DE, than he did in the past 2 years under Pelton. Maybe it’s because he was strong enough coming in (never got redshirted). Obviously Pelton didn’t anything to develop him, much less play him, so why not move him. We all know he can find the ball, and headhunt. We’ve all read the articles about him being a workout warrior. Sounds like linebacker material to me. Time to put some bigger Tigers on the field and let em’ hunt.

        • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

          …..I definitely have the same questions. Count me among those who thought Owens and Sanders both would be outstanding linebackers. I think we can blame Gene Chizik for those moves. I think his defensive philosophy is that you can totally control the line of scrimmage with a pair of sliding, athletic tackles, and fast corner-turning ends. That philosophy worked ten years ago. But offenses have changed…

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      Interesting. Thanks!

      I like Rich Rodriguez. No doubt that he’s a great coach.

    • almightytmc1 says:

      T 98,
      I read the article and actually it is quite good. I think Rodrigues is the perfect fit for the offensive personnel Auburn has to offer. And he does have instant name recognition with recruits. it would be a coup to get Rodrigues and then just give him some room. I would prefer him to Petrino any day. Hands down.

      Willie Taggart is just awesome. I did a lot of looking into the guy before Bama played WKU. The man is fearless and does not back down. He understands the x’s and o’s. And his players are very well disciplined. He is also a fearless recruiter and from what I have read he is pretty good at it.

      I dont like Malzahn so much because he does not give off the alpha male fearless presence vibe. It would be all but impossible for him to come in and riegn in the players.
      And Petrino just comes off as a self righteous hypocrite and jerk.

  21. restless6 says:

    Charlie Strong should be getting the official call from the committee right now. I’m impressed after seeing them dispose of another ESPN fav in Rutgers.