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Auburn Primer for National Signing Day

By on February 2nd, 2016 in Football 6 Comments »
The Calm Before the Storm


It’s that time of the year when, once again, we turn our attention to those high school players deemed fit to play at the highest level in college football. These are the high school standouts who have numbers assigned to them based on their abilities at various positions.

These numbers seemingly reflect how “good” any given player is and the higher the number, the better the player. Or, at least this is the accepted myth. We’ve all seen players with 2 stars become heroes while players with 4 or 5 stars are no longer remembered.

With all of this said, however, National Signing Day is upon us, and it’s finally time to learn the college of choice for the uncommitted and unsigned players.

Track ‘Em Tigers will be here on Wednesday, starting at 6:00 AM CST, with a live thread plus announcements as player after player hits the big screen with hats, caps, puppies (yes, that has happened) or whatever piece of clothing adorned with his chosen institution’s insignia. (We will also be providing updates for those recruits not choosing the “big screen.”)

While our main focus will be on Auburn, we will also provide updates as announcements are made pubic. We will also be keeping tabs as each LOI (letter of intent) is received by Auburn. This matters because the simple act of announcing means nothing until the paperwork is faxed (yes, this is still the “way” to submit such). Without a LOI the announcement means nada.

Depending on the source you reference, Auburn is currently “ranked” anywhere from 16th to 9th and, with a number of highly-scored players yet to announce, could rocket into the Top 5 in the country should a couple of 5-stars sign.

My hope is that Auburn is recruiting, and signing, the players that Gus and company feel they need to compete at the absolute highest level. Competing and winning, after all, are the “rankings” that matter. To Acid’s point, it’s what one does ON the field.

Granted, I follow recruiting more closely than others. I subscribe to no fewer than three recruiting services, and I read, read, and read all I can find on every single athlete that “might” end up being an Auburn man.

So, let’s look at where Auburn stands right now with recruits on both the offense and defense. I will also list at the end those who have already enrolled but count toward this class.

First, let’s list the players on offense that AU hopes to have at the end of National Signing Day:

4-star WR Nate Craig-Myers – 6-3, 208 /40: 4.62   video

4-star OT E.J. Price – 6-6, 324  video

4-star OT Prince Sammons – 6-7, 266  video

On defense, here are the prospects from whom Auburn is seeking a LOI:

5-star DT Derrick Brown – 6-4, 322 /40: 5.28  video

5-star LB Rashan Gary* – 6-4, 287 /40: 4.86  video – See below on Gary as new developments have already occurred. 

4-star S Nigel Warrior – 6-0, 188 /40: 4.69  video

3-star CB Jayvaughn Myers  – 6-1, 177  video

3-star DB Stephen Davis Jr. – 6-3, 214 /40: 4.56  video

3-star S Daniel Thomas – 6-2, 225  video

3-star DE David Marshall – 6-2, 225 video

There are those who also think that Craig-Myers and Myers may hit the Plains as a “package deal.”  We will know on NSD, but my bet is that AU signs both, making the package deal a reality. After all, their only other school of choice is North Carolina.

Most recruiting sites think Auburn is “shooting for the stars” on a couple of these, especially the two 5-stars on defense, but who knows? And David Marshall, while I think he really wants Auburn, is still being overly pressured by UGA, and that pressure could win out in the end. (Let’s hope not…)

Those who are already on campus are:

4-star DE Marlon Davidson – 6-3, 280  video

4-star DT Antwuan Jackson – 6-3, 305 /40: 5.23  video

4-star WR Kyle Davis – 6-3, 218 /40: 4.63  video

4-star TE Landon Rice – 6-5, 250  video

4-star CB John Broussard – 6-0, 164  video

4-star DE Paul James – 6-0, 183 /40: 4.62  video

3-star QB John Franklin III – 6-1, 168 /40: 4.56  video

3-star LB Tre Threat – 6-1, 220  video

3-star RB Malik Miller – 5-11, 229 /40: 4.89  video

These guys are already enrolled and are officially Auburn Tigers.

So that’s it – National Signing Day is here, and TET wants to help by providing the most up-to-date coverage possible. Please join us on the open thread and, by all means, if you hear or see something we don’t, please feel free to comment. There is also the possibility – both good and bad – of an unexpected turn of events. This has happened almost every year and, if it again occurs, let’s hope Auburn comes out on top!

*And, an update as Rashan Gary has eliminated both Auburn and Alabama so an unexpected change has occurred. Gary now only lists Clemson and Michigan as options for the nation’s consensus Number One recruit.

Auburn previously communicated to Daniel Thomas that no scholarship was available. With Gary off the table, does this open a scholarship to Thomas or has that bridge already been burned? This, of course, makes the assumption that a scholarship was actually offered to Rashan Gary. We don’t know that such is accurate but it’s difficult to imagine otherwise.

Let’s get some players signed and, above all… WAR EAGLE!


  1. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    According to at least one online publication who quotes Rashan Gary’s mother, the Nation’s Number One prospect has not eliminated Auburn. We shall see – Gary is set to announce at Noon CT on ESPN2.

  2. Wise counsel: “My hope is that Auburn is recruiting, and signing, the players that Gus and company feel they need to compete at the absolute highest level. Competing and winning, after all, are the “rankings” that matter. To Acid’s point, it’s what one does ON the field.” Amen and amen. Winning the ridiculous, overwrought “star battle” in February is not the point nor is it a means to an end.

    • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

      You are accurate, of course, but it is the off season and, to me at least, following recruiting still allows me to stay in touch, to some degree, with Auburn Football.

      War Eagle!!

      • That’s the way I look at it too. Thanks for putting the primer together. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

        • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:


          I’m looking forward to it also. I’ve certainly enjoyed doing this so far. I cannot replace Koolbell so I’m only trying to help where I can and hoping I don’t embarrass him!

          I have two TV’s set up with three laptops and a tablet so I will try my best to keep everyone abreast as best I can.

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