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National Signing Day – Short Wrap-Up

By on February 1st, 2017 in Football, News 9 Comments »
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National Signing Day 2017 is for the most part over, and Auburn appears to have done “okay.” For whatever it is worth, the Tigers seem to have signed another Top 10 class, coming in at #9 nationally.

Auburn didn’t end this year’s NSD with a 5* “Boom” announcement like last year but, instead, started the day off with 5* Calvin Ashley being the first to submit his LOI.

Auburn did, however, get a surprise when Markaviest Bryant chose Auburn over UGA and LSU.

To follow is the list of the 2017 signees and keep in mind that some of these are already on campus, so this isn’t just what occurred today.

Again, to the TET community, I want to apologize for having to abruptly leave the live thread as my dad was rushed to the hospital. I’m composing this while we are en route, but he is in ICU and appears to be resting comfortably.

I think Acid has plans for a more in-depth article on Thursday.

2017 Signees:

Calvin Ashley – OL
Malcolm Askew – ATH
Devan Barrett – RB
Nick Brahms – OL
K .J. Britt – LB
Markaviest Bryant – DE
Salvatore Cannella – TE
Anders “Legatron II” Carlson – K
Carlito Gonzalez – S
Noah Igbinoghene – WR
Alec Jackson – DT
Traivon Leonard – CB
T. D. Moultry – LB
Jordyn Peters – S
John Samuel Shenker – TE
Jarrett Stidham – QB
Bill Taylor – LS
Austin Troxell – DL
Tyrone Truesdell – DT
JaTarvious Whitlow – ATH
Alaric Williams – ATH
Malik Willis – ATH
Chandler Wooten – LB

That’s the class of 2017 as it currently stands. So, not a bad day for Auburn and let’s hope these young men stand out, work hard, and earn their place on the Plains.

Good night, everyone, and, as always…



  1. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Overall a good class.

    I've been on the road most of the day but, I wanted to say …

    Thanks for a great job Atl_AU_Fan and under stressful conditions too. Thoughts and prayers for your Dad.

  2. WarSamEagle WarSamEagle says:

    Yes, Thanks Atl_AU_fan. Hope your Dad gets better very soon.

    I’m happy with how we finished BUT the Jarez Parks fiasco is a bummer for the kid. One of the top recruits in the country and he’s treated that way? Kid was understanadibly heart broken.
    When some on the open thread were saying he might fIip to another school, I said that I bet they would sign him as a gray shirt. And they did.

    My question is how does little nickie get away with it so often? You know most of these kids can’t afford to pay their own way. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Red Elephant club and their big time boosters.

    • Lt.Dan_man Lt.Dan_man says:

      Believe your right Sam. It looked like Bama only offered the grayshirt when they saw Auburn and Georgia were trying to sign him when he was told there was no room for him in Bama’s class. Just looks like they did it to keep him off another team’s roster.

      • Tiger Tiger says:

        Exactly. Since their current coach arrived, our in-state rival has tried their best to keep Auburn from recruiting a D-line. Every year.

        The Jarez Parks drama won’t end with him, though. His HS coaches will spread the word about him being treated like that. You can bet a lot of his friends didn’t like it.

    • dyingculture dyingculture says:

      I know I’m being way too cynical, but this reminds me of what you will see in the corporate world. Reminds me of how certain large corporations will sort of expect their employees to accept lower pay and/or work longer and longer hours because Loyalty, you know. You could get an extra $15k a year if you worked somewhere else, but you’re staying with us because we will give you a pat on the back for your loyalty. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Loyalty. Betcha Jarez Parks is getting a real big pat on the back for his Loyalty.

      But hey, he’s just a kid. Ironically, this off-the-field experience will prepare him better for the NFL. That’s right, Bama prepares its kids for the NFL in every way imaginable.

  3. Lt.Dan_man Lt.Dan_man says:

    A good recruiting class. Coaches did a great job. l’ll take a No.9 class any day. War Eagle!

  4. B-REAL says:

    Glad these kids believe in Auburn & the coaches.Can’t wait to see them help the team win games down the road!Still hard to believe that Saban can recruit like he does.No matter the coaching staff,or if a kid grows up a fan of another program,or even if a kid has to sit around for 4 or 5 years before they play in a meaningful football game,they go anyway.Makes you wonder what the hell’s going on when bama coaches get around these 18 year old kids & there parents.

    • Tiger Tiger says:

      Yeah……………………..I wonder……………………………………………………..

      Haha, yeah right, we both know!

  5. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Great class, I'm especially glad to see the addition of two tight ends. CGM has done it again. And much thanks to TET for running the open thread every year. I check it off and on while at work. Good job Atl. AU Fan!